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Iowa has thusfar expended $1,250,000 an her State Oapitol. A toman in New Albany, Ind., has been married eight times. The total cost to the State of New York of suppressing the railway riots was $206,000. Forty-two days per year are deducted for good conduct from the terms of Virginia convicta. Irish people in Boston have the past year sent to their home friends, through one office alone, $114,579. School savings banks, first introiluced by Prof. Latirent in 1866, have proved very successful in France. Wade Hampton is soon to be married to a beautiful and wealthy widow, prominent as one of the leaders of Louisville society. The first foundry in Pittsburgh was erected in 1803. The first cannon made west of the Alleghanies was cast in this foundry in 1811. Ixdian custom makes the squaw property, as much as a pony or a blanket, and the right of the lmsband to kill his wife is never disputed. Senator David Davis is said to be one of the most popular men in Congress. He is a teller of stories, and is sought for dinner-parties. Messrs. Flood & O'Brien, the great mine owners of Nevada, propose to send to the Paris Exhibition one solid brick of silver four feet square. Hawk shooting forms quite a business in Ouster county, Col. Sixty cents peí head is paid by the County Treasurer. One man brought in sixty a few days ago. There is a crusade against dancing in Baltimore social circles. Many young ladies who are church members are dropping the amusement from their party engagements. The Bussian debt was, in 1831, 220,000,000 roubles; in 1847, 315,000,000; in 1860, 515,000,000; in 1875, 700,000,000. In 1878 it will have reachecl 1,193,809,950 roubles, equalto $501,557,700. Through the prosperity of its tobáceo industry Lynchburg, Va., now boasts a population of 17,000, a property valuation of $6,530,476, and many handsoine buildings in what used to be the suburbs. The Bulgarians are the most ignorant people of Europe. Their ferociousness is said to have originated the worn term "bugaboo" witli which Vienna parents formerly threatened their offspring. It is bclieved by the Chinese that the inventor of ink is charged with keeping an account of the ïnanner in which all ink is used here below, and that for every abuse of it he records a black mark against the offender. A young man at a rifle-match in Portland, Ore. , when his turn came at the target, shot a bystander through the heart. The killing may have been accidental, but the two men were bitter enemies, and there is doubt on the subject. Papa Wrangel, as the Berlin gamins called the old General to his face, persisted to the last in lying on a sofa in full uniform instead of going to bed, saying that a soldier must always hold himself in readiness to wait on his sovereign. An iron mountain, 10,500 feet high, and rivaling the famous iron mountain of Missouri, has been discovered in Colfax county, New Mexico. The ore is almost entïrely pure iron, and in con - nectiou with the immense quantities of coal found in Colfax county this huge deposit of iron ore must at no distant day become the source of industries which will gather and support a large and thriving population. From the census taken at the close of last year, it appears that France was divided in 1876 into 362 arrondiesements, 2,863 cantons, and 36,056 communes, with a total population of 36,905,788. This population waa made up as follows: 18,373,639 males, of whom 9,805,761 were unmarried; 7,587,259 married men. 980,619 widowers; 18,532,149 females, of whom 8,944,386 were unmarried, 7,567,080 married women, and 2,020,683 widows. Next to wine, cider is the liquor most ionsiimed in France, but, within the last ;wenty years the consnmption has fallen 'rom forty-two to thirty-five gallons per aead annually. lts use is now confined io the northwestern departments. ïhe 3onsumption of beer steadily increases, but is almost entirely conflned to the Jepartmentt cóntiguous to Belgium. Expeiience has demonstrated that -white wines are much more likely than red to act on the nervous system. Wm. Dooiey, an amateur detective in seareh of two cattle thieves, found them at church at White Sulphur, Ky., whereupon, pistol in hand, he informed preacher and congregation that they ware all under arrest. While everybody looked astorished, he picked out his men, marched them out of the building at (he mnzzle of his weapon, and, turning on the step, ahouted to the minister that he could go on with the benediction. Pbbhaps about the bcstpay ever given a doiitor was that of Dr. Willis, a "niad doctor," who, for attending the demented Queen of Portugal, received L10,000, and L1,000 a month during his stay. George III., then mad, said in anger to Willis that he was astonished to see a respectable man like him playing such a part. "Why, sir," replied Willis, "ourLord himself went about healing the sick and doing good." " Yes," replied the King, " but he wasn't paid L1,500 a year for doing it."


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