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The Last Scene In The Louisiana Farce

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the resignation of Pinchback. Now let ex-Gov. Packard resign. The Senator who has wou the least fame, and the belt for inconsistency, in his votes on the Louisiana seats : Christiancy. To morrow Congress adjourns until January 10, so that the members niay go home and discusa the situation with their constituents. Ervin Palmer turns up a candidato for Judge of this circuit : that is if there is any confidence to be placed in Washington dispatches. O, Lordie ! EüSTIS, of Louisiana, was adniitted to the Senate on Monday, by a vote of 49 to 8. The Senate is now a full body, (barring absentees), for tbe first time since March 4, 1873. TlIE Board of Education of New Haven, Conn., on which is a professor in Yale College, has, by a two-thirds vote, directod the discontinuauce of the " opening religious exorcises iu the public 8ohools of that city." RErRESENTATIVE SMALLS, of South Carolina, having been enlarged on bail, pending the hearing of his appeal by the Supremo Court, is knocking for adraittance at the doors of the House. The answer ought to be, " Stop dat knockin', you can't come in."' With Judge Cooley consenting to accept the position of Judge of this circuit the President can scarcely be a model civil service reformer to listen to the objections brought against hiin by the politicians in or out of the House. Is it partisanship or legal attaininents what fits a man for a high judicial office ? It 18 n't the first time that Deraocrats have gained a vote by negloctiug to send alloged thieves to State prison. That is one of tlie most reliahle ways of strengthening the party tbat they kuow of. - Post and Tribune. Even the 8 by 7 corps of the P. and T. ought to know that the Democrats would have taken great pleaaure in coinmitting Patterson to prison before the opening of the late special seesion, had not a Republican judge interposed a writ of haheas corpus. Try it again. - ' - . - -- ■■ n- Hereabouts it bas been supposed that the panic of 1873 and the subsequent hard times wore caused by the fuilure of Miller & Webster, carrying down with them. Jay Cooke & Co. and the other financial " bricks" in the row. But now we are told by the greenbackers that the aforesaid panio of 1873, and continúenla depression in business of all kinds, are chargoable to the passage of the Resumption act in 1875. A sort of " back action " that, we should say. - -" - - ►- - Pexdino the oanvass of the electoral vote during the last Congress, the sharp Kepublicans of the House suddenly discovered that there were no "joint rules," but without any having been since enacted wé find Eepresentative Frye, a representative Republican, appealing to the Speaker to enforce the "joint rule " probibiting liquor selling in the Capítol, and no Republican member objected to that officer's recoguizing the rule as in forcé. The rule sought to be enforced is a good one, but when or how did it become a rule ? That's the question. Will the average greenbackor, the man who clamors for an indefinito inflation of the greenbac.k currenoy - an indefinito increaBe of the Government debt, for the greenback is but an evidence of the maker's indebtednpss - teil U8 how a man with nothing to sell in the markets of the world except the labor ot his hands is to be enriched by putting tho greenback mili in operation 't Is the government expectod to deal out a hatful to every citizen, and repeat the gift whenever, by misfortuno or improvidence, the first supply shall be oxhausted ? That is what interests the coramon people ? m I-. ll il Those fearful Kepublican journalists who imagined that Hendrioks' recent lecture on " Revolutions " had a brimstone odor can now shake of their gnilty fuars and sleep quietly o' nights, that distinguished gentleman having recently said to an interviewer who was anxious to know whether he and Mr. Tilden had already " sworn in " as Prosident and Vice-President: "I know nothing whatever about these statements. Of course I cannot know Mr. Tilden's action - what he has been doing or what he intends doing. So far as I am concernnd, I am informed that Mr. Wheeler has been sworn in for the offiue of Vico-President, and he will stay thero for four years, - and that endsit." One ghost laid. " If the Government can place its stamp on a pieco of metal, suying ' this is a dollar,' and thereby make it a dollar, why can it not do the sanie on a pioce of paper! " is a question askcd by the Jackson Sun - a full-blooded greenback or soft-money organ. The Sun ought to know (but judging by its utterauces probably does n't) that the piece of metal is worth just as much, or within the smallest fraction, without the Government stamp as with it. The intrinsic valuo is in the piece of metal and not in tho stamp, and the stamp is only the Government's certifícate of weight and fineness. The intrinsic value of thö " pieco of paper" is the smallest fraction of a cent : the stamp iu no sense makes it tnoney, nor does it claim to do 80. It is simply the Government's promiso to pay a dollar, as our friend of the Sun can easily discover if he has a greenback at hand : and eau or ought the Governmont pay its promises in other promises, whether the holder so asseuts or not, or should it pay its notes of hand in real, money liku tho honest business man and citizen ? By the way, will the Bun cite us to that decisión of the Supremo Court on whioh it bases its singular assertion or argument ' The Union League of Philadelphia has indorsed the Southern policy of President Hayes aud commended nis eft'orts at civil service reform. The Union League, of New (York don't see it exaotly in that light, but is haggling over a proposition to invite the President to a re-union : fearing the invitatiou may be considered an indorsement. Barnum'8 " Happy Family " couldn't hold a candle to the latter day Republican politioians. The New York World suggests that Piuchbacfc would have been admitted to the Senate duriag the last Congress if he had beon a white man instoad of a " stuart and ambitious inulatto, with a wife of the same origin," and both "bent upon social raco ition." The Demócrata votud against him bcoiiiise of the illegality of bis claims, the Republicans because thoy did n't want to recognize Mrs. Senator Piuchback. The prompt adiuission of Kellogg, with inferior claims to those of Pinchbaok, is an indication that the World is correot. "Senator" Pincubaok has written a spicy letter, resigning his claims to that seat he " long has sought," in which he provos, beyond cavii or dispute, that his legal claims to admission to the Senate were better than of Kellogg. He puts those Republican Senators who kept him out in the cold for years, but made baste to let Kellogg in, in a tigbt place. Fools or demagogues, wbich 'i those Michigan Bepublicans at Washington who are opposing the appoiutment of Judge Cooley to be Judge of this circuit, eithor because of his able article on the Louisiana question or general political unsoundnt'88, - and this within nine inonths after a unanimous indorsement by his party, both in conveution and at the polls. Too thin. Conkling ahead : Eoosevelt was rejected on Wednosday, by a vote of 2ó to 32, and Prince without a división. Only sis Republican Senators voted for confirmation. Christiancy voted yes and Ferry no. Boni Senators Chriatiancy and Ferry voted for the admission of Kellogg, and also for the admission of Hastia. " Consisteucy ! tbou art ajewel." The fall of Plevna on Sunday, with the loss of 30,000 prisoners and a large lot of arras, is a severe revarse to the Turks.


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