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- In University Hall, last Suuday afternoon, Dr. Palmer discussed the temperance question froni a purely medical standpoint. It was au able argument agaiust the eo-called empetate use of alcoholic beverages, and ught to prove a warmng to the hundreds of 'oung men who heard him. - A very large audience liotened to the Swedish Lndy Quartette on Sutulday evening last. Their singing Was fine, buf, n our opinión, scaioel3' np to that given by their countrywoajen who gave a concert in the Opera louse some weeks ago. The "fiddiing" of lir. Allen was A. 1. - Rev. David Swing, the popular Chicago preacher, will appenr before the Students Lecture Association ou Tuesday evening next, Dec. 18. Subject : " The Progress of Man rom the Beautiiul to the Useful." - Wednesday evening next Prof. Steere is 0 lecture beiore the Detroit Scientiflc Associalon, and will give some account of his travels n South America. - The PaHaclium is billed to appear tomorrow, and riohuess is promised. - Prof. Morris has made an arrangement by which he will next month dehver a course of ectures at John Hopkins TJniversity, Baltimere, on Philosophy and Metaphysics. - The Lecture Association has failed in its ïorts to secure a lecture trom Senator Lamar, 1 Mississippi. - Since that hï the Glee Club does its iracticing at the Gregory House. - Work in the several dep:irtments will top on Friday next, Dec. '21, to be resumed on Monday, January 7. - The Sophomores have passed in Trigooraetry : provided alwayfi that they wera not onditioned. - In that Opera House wrestling match on riday eveniug last, one Smith (is it John ?) cooperl in the medal, and is now the highockelorum of the junior law class. Sich is ory. Tpsilanti Union School House Burned. Ou Sunday eveniug last the Union School uilding at Ypsilanti was totally destroyed by ire, including school tumi ure, laboratory aparatus, library, and the books of the pupils. iarly in the day attention was called to a urning chimney, but an examination failed o disclose any danger. About 6.30 p. m. an arm was sounded, the fire department turned ut promptly, and after worliing hard for an ïour the fire was supposed to be subdued and ie flremeu (leparted. The alarm was agaiu oon souuded, and this time üre Droke from ie tower and cornices, having run up, it is upposed, a wooden ventilating flue in the alls. AU efforts of üremen and citizens ailed to check the flames, and soon nothing of ie noble building remaiued save the bare alls. The building was orected about twouty years go, at a cost of nearly $50,000. Of late reorts discrcditing its safety had been in circuation but a committee of expeits had just ompleted a thorough exanrination which satsfied the public of the groundlessness of the omplaiuts. There was an insurance of $30,000 on the juilding, $1,000 ou library, Í700 on apparatus u laboratory, and $500 on piano- which was emoved in a damaged coudition. Cause of re a detective flue. The schools are to be coutinued in Good 'emplars' Huil, and in the lecture rooms of he churches. The crork of building anew ill bo entered upon as soon as possible.


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