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Fair Play Hurts No One

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Sao. 3d, Title 3d of ths charter oí the city of Ann Arbor, makea it the duty of all aldermen " to order the arrest of all persons violating the laws of this State, or the ordinances, by-laws, or pólice reguiations of said city." Now will any one give a good reason why Aldermen Page, Cate, and Sprague did not do their duty in regard to the saloon ordinance when in forse ? It cortainly was their duty to see the ordiuance enforced, and they have spent a great deal of wind about the streeU ! in telling what the Mayor ought to do, and all ! the time have been persistently refusing to do their duty in the preinisej. What cy ! Let us sum up the excuses gtven and see how they will look on paper : Mayor : Onpascil to Hw siuoe passage of State luw, umi tliinks the law unjust and not a question of KMiionranoe in any respect. Recordor: Novi i believed in the ordinance. Aid. : Ouiil. U le $25, but not repoaled. Aid. Woodiult : Belirri.s in the orilinance, but retuaes to on toros it, for fear of m&king enemfés. Aid. Sohmiil : A!ways npprysoil to the nance. Aid. Bojiniflr : Opposod to ordinuncd, nd don't want to pi y. Aid. Bnwer: D'innii election opposed to ordiuance, sitifo election rather in favor, generally doubtful. Aid. Kyer ; Thmks the ordinance ought to be repealed or enforced, but wants ome one else to enforce it. Aid. Bogers: Thmks the ordinance has been a constant souice of dispute, and tirud of it. Aid. McDonald : Opposed to ordinauce as unjust., Aid. Sprague : In favor ot ordinance, but does not enforce it, for fear of enemiès. Aid. ürtman : Opposed to ordiuance, and thtnks the State law sufficieut. Aid. Page : In favor of ordinance, but don't want to enforce it. Aid. Cate: In favor of ordinance, but thinks his seat as Alderman doubtful if tco active. Marshal : Will enforce it wIipii directed by ;he Couimon Oouncil. CityAtty: Thinks the ordinance unjust since State law, but will pvosecute when directed. With such views existing in the Coramon Council, it is easy to see why the law was relealed. JtJSTICE.


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