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Strange Case

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A young woman uamed Melissa Shipp, j whoso residonco is in Martin county, i Ind., nrrived in the city by tho Ohioaid ' Mississippi road, this morniug, for the ' pnrpose oí receiving medical advico. ' About tliree years ago, whilo walking ' across the carpet of her room at her ' father's residence in her bare fect, she ' stepped upon a pieco of broken needie, ' which penetrated the hollow of tlie left foot, sinking deeply into the flesh. Herself and methor made repeated efforts ; to draw the fragment f rom tho wound, ' but without snccMss. Pinally a piece of ' bacon-rind was bound on the punctured ' part, and in a day the pain subsided, : and a week later the wound seemcd . fectly healed. Miss Shipp continued to go about and attend to lier domestic duties for several ' mouths aftor the accident, entirely free trom pain. Gradually, however, her aukle began to pain her, and this eoninued for two or three months, she at ' imes suffering intensely. She ' osed, as did her friends, that the pain : vas caused by acute rheumatism or a [ prain, and bathed the part affected in pid water and soothing liniments. Alter about threo months of 'suffering he pain began to subside, and a month ater had entirely ceased. She suffered no more for abont fifteen months, when the acute pain again set n, this time in the knee. For two or bree months the same treatment was 'ollowed as when the aukle was affected, the young lady and her parents still supposing the pain was the result of acute rheumatism. Then the pain be;an to subside, and in three months had entirely disappeared. For nearly a year Miss Shipp's health ias excellent, and she supposed she ial eutirely recovered from her singular afflictioD. But she was mistaken. About six weeks ago the pain returned witli great acuteness, this time in the lip. Her sufferings at times were innae, and the remedies formerly used seemed wholly without efficacy in her emergency. On Wednesday last, however, the secret of all ker suffering was oxplained. While adjusting a skirt after arising from bed, she discovered that a small spot near the hip-bono was particularly sensitive, and her mother, being called to examine it, feit the sharp point of something in the flesh, and protruding through the inflamed skin. Á pair of tweezers was obtained and the obstruction removed, when it was found to be about half an ordinary-sized needie, so corroded by rust as to be but little thicker than an ordinary horsehair. The fragment had travoled the entire length of the limb, from tho center of the foot to the hip-bone. The young lady suffered very greatly after the needie was withdrawn, and is still a sufferer, and comes to the city to consult a skillful surgeon and seek such relief as medical scionce can nfford. The case is certainly a very remarkable one.


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