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A Dream Of Anglo-saxondom

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Ihe story is everywkere the same - the Anglo-Saxon is everywkere a conquoror. Always acquiringand never relinquishing, he sufteisno limit to be put to liis possesBions. It is not without the rauge of probability that witkin ñfty years the whole of the contiuents of North America, África, and Australia will be eutirely in the possession of meu of Anglo-Saxon blooil, besides the Britisli isles, quite a third of Asia, New Zealand, nearly all of the island of Polynesia, and such fragments of territoryin other parts of tlie globe as are already in British possession. ïhis vast aren will inclnde more thnn half of the fertile and productive soilof the globe. It will dominato all the seas of tho world, aflbrding a coast line greater in extent that the shores of all the remaiuing eountries of the globe. It will contain nearly all of the vacant and uuoccupied lan3s to wMoh the crowded populationa of other eountries must resort. It will present, in Rhort, almost a monopoly of the undevtloped resources of the globe. - J. JCdcar Chamberlain, in Dcconher Galaxy.


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