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Weary Amid The Glitter

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A lady -whose husband held one o the highest places in the Government stood in her magniüoent homo attired For her weekly reeeption. " IIow gladly wonld I give up UI the finery, show Mid iusincerity of this public placo and o;o back to the rooms I livod in wheu wo wero flrst married. I would throw my silks and diarnonds away aud sit dowu to my suppcr of chip beef and tea at suusot, anti afterwards take a loug, quiet walk with Will, and rest on the stump in the moonlight and teil my little plans for the future, and what I hal dono every hour while he was gone, and know tliat we were alone in the world, living ouly for each othcr. Those days secrn ! ike i iays in heaven. I woik harder now than Miy Rlave ; often !i()0 calis to return in a single week, reeeptions at partios evcry night ; see the same people, hear the same talk, eat the same things, come homo disgueted, wonder what I nm living for, where I will go -when I die. ' Bettie, I nmst have Hou. and Secrctary here to-morrow ; I nmst get their influence ; you must talk music to tho Secretary, and yon must ask Hon. about monoütii ; monolith is his hobby. ï)o your best, I need their help. ' So it is always. Help, influence, pcwer - a smile in my face, interest in my iLauncr, living a lie ; feeding my sculonhufcks." - Chicago Times' ffáshington Letter,


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