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A Chinese Thanksgiving Dinner

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At 36 Mott strect (Jhinamen gathered q the dining-room before the uaual diner hour, becauso tho dullnesa of busieas at the cigar-stands and iu the launries cansed many of them to suspend perations. Thero tvero seven small blong tables, -without cloths, arranged bout tho room. By the side of eaoh hina plate were a pair of chop-stioks, a poon, and a minuto china cup and sauer. The spoons wero also of chinaware, picturcd like the platea and cups. 'ho bowl of each spoon was drawn out it one side into a handlo three inches ong. Ueside one of the Windows some ried ducks were suspended by their ecks. Thcy had been opened on the jreast, and flattened with a broad weight, so that the plucked wings and mrt of the legs were preased into the .esh of the back. They had been dricd n the roof, and preserved without aalt. n a largo dish in the middle of each able was a stow which had been made of one of these dried ducks, cut up into mail pieces. The guests helped themelves to the stew with a china ladle. ?hen they picked out the pieces of duck with their chop-sticks and eipped the iquid part from their china spoons. A argo dish of rice, which had been )oiled with bo littlo water that the kernels had swelled almost to drynesa when ,hey were taken from tho kettle, was laccd beside the stew. The third and mly other dish was composed of broad scalloped red leaves, served as a kind of greens. These leaves are dried in China and imported. There was no sugar or milk on the tables. The tea, which was made .by pouring hot water over the dried leaves, was drank from the little cups. When a vieitor to tho diningroom asked how potatoes were dressed, ;he caterer laughed in scorn, and said : ' No havum pótate." The room was illed with Chinese patrons. The odor of burning opium issued from several rooms in the building, but was not perceptible in the dining-room. The little )ox of white sand bristling with halfiurned Joss sticks had been placed on :he floor uuder a side table. The walls were adorned with clieap American jrints, and several Chinese pictures illed with symbolic mountains, trees ■rnd men. - New York Sun.


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