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Steam Power

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Accordmg to the statement iu the Polytechnio Review, the aggregate steam motive power at present in use in ;he world is 3,500,000 horse-power employed in stationary engines, and 10,300,000 horse-power in locornotive engines, makinga total of 13,500,000 horsepower. This force is maintained withjut the use of animal food, except by the miners who dig the coal and provide the Euel, and the force maintained in the muscles is to thut generated by the product labor as about one to 1,000. This steam-power is oqual to the working force of 25,000,000 horses, and one horse consumes three times as much food as one man; the steam-power, therefore, is equivalent to the saving of food for 75,000,000 human beings. Again, three powcr-looms, attended by one man, produce daily seventy-eight pieces of cotton fabric against four pieces produced by one loom worked by one man in 1800, and so the list might be indetinitely extended of what is accomplished by the use of steam-power and labor-saving machinery.


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