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DRUGS. í i. Tremaine i Ci. (3ncce.)B0r to B. W. ELLIS & CO.) ANN ARBOR, MICH. A FIEST CLASS Drug Store, DRUGS AND DYE STUFFS, Patent Medicines, ÍOILET & PERFUMERY ARTICIE8 Prescriptions Coinpoundod at All Hours. Cor.MainandHurons 1564 DraBfflTSTMH PÍLiSÍ IH (HÖWJ5A SH! A GREAÏ BXSCOVEKY, Bythe we of which every amlly maj giw iket Linen Ihat poliBh peculiar to fine laundry worl, at. ing time aud labe r in ironiun more than ite mlcost. Sold by grocore, or will be sent, poBtagefty, on recoipt of 25 cents. BOBBIWS, BRO. ÓL CO., 13 X. Fourtt 8t., rhilndelphia. TJiis ís thcfinest Zimmeni in thmrli, tnd will posiiivcbj cure in almosl cttrj co Frica $1. 00 per bottle. JOHNSON, HOLLOWAY & CO, 8 VEC1A LAfí ESTS, the niLWvriív.r. MEDICAL & SÜRGICAL INSTITDTE. EiUbliihcd 1867 and Chmitreil by the SUtelegjJ!" (or ihe improvcd treatment ol all Private ana CHnaui Diseaaes nientioued in this card. Just pubiiitid, -ffiSirm, "THE SILENTFRIEND1 iflp ni uld acd of both flexes on t. viKU nKÜBSIr o ' Private Nature, riiiojlrai nmaÊÉMË Early AbuiM or Inteotion, 6tmM IVpakncsi, and L ot Manhood, and the btlt m" olcurc; with valuablc advice to the Mamed ti tn contemplating .Marriaie ; including a treatilf on i smw DiBeose. ond Clironii; Aflectioni of the Thro.L a ml Skin, Catarrh, Cáncer. Rupture, Pilos, FistuliMWurn Habit te. It containB 260 iurge pages and numdool gravinps.ntailcd umler noal on recei[)t otft'cle. . A CLINICAL LECTFKE on the abovc diimOi" thepni.ciples ofnicdical practicein thcir trcttmect, Price lOcti. Addrcts, Atteiiding PhMn. M. &S. INSTITUTE. _Xo 435 Water ot.. _ _ MILWAÜKLÍ._ This is probably the trofft. purest and best preparation of W One trial uuül coma Price, SI. 00 per bottle. J0HNST0N, nOLLÖWAY&CÖ. Special Avenís, DISPEPSIA Permanently cured !u every instant by the EME DISPEPSIA TROCHES, Tbey will immediatcly correct a sooj stomach. check Tomitin? and heartbura. cure sickncss or pain in the stojnaí"' costiveness, liver cotnplaint. headacnj etc. Being pleasant, safe and liarmles, are asure cure for Infanta suflering W weak stomach. Price, Thirty-Pive Cents per Box. EARLY BIRD WORM POWDEB. At all times safe, reliable. strictly vegetable and tosteles, used by oíd and yomi with perfect safety, even when wonn " not present. Rcquires but one aox i eífcct a cure. Price, ÍS Cents per Ptiduige. Sold by all Dmggísts, or sent by Mail, on recuipt of Frice. XEBEKER & CO., Prop'12th oad Ellswortii SU., PhüadelpMí, P. FHICB, 35 CENTS. Jofeaston, nolloway & Go" fïpoolal Agoati, S'tM''1'


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