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Thursday noxt, January 10, and then look out for fun. " Uncoxdii'ioxal Burrouder : " that is what tho Republican leaders demand of Hayes, - of the afficea aud spoils. Witll.E silvor is a full legal toudor in F ranee, the Bunk of Fianoe holds $305,000,000 in gold and only $130,000,000 in silver. "1 S1IALL suggest a renewal of khe tax on inoomes : " that is what Ben Butler doclarea he will do provided froe trado is presaed. AU right Ben, do your prettiest. The GAY and festivo Siiuou Camarón has eoinpromised that breach of promise suit by paying tho widow Oliver $1,000. When Simón gets older ho will ue wisor, perhaps. Now that the President has eclobrated hi8 Silver wodding, the silver reinonetizationists are hopeful that ho will sign the Silver bill ; espaoially Senator Jones who sont him two new and bright silver dollars. " The tkuth is never spoken at the White Ilouse " is Ben, Butlei'a apology i'or the ignorauco of the President touchiug the public sentiment, moaning tho sentiment of Kepublican politicians. We didn't know that tho Whito House visitore were all of the Butler type. It is anuounced from Plint that Hon. Sumner Howard, of that city, Unitod States District Attornry fbt Utah, propoaea to resigu, and that Hon. Leltoy, Parker, also of' Flint, is a oandidate for the placo. Of course Parker expects the support of Senator Christiancy. DON HENDERSON, of tho Allegan Journal, aspires to ba chairman of the Republicau Stato Committoe, vice Uiugham who chose to rosign rather tban lose the L'iusing postoffiee. Don is thoroughly ooinimtted against Huyes and his Southern policy. IlAYES "must take tho back track or go to tho bow-wows : " that is the way the Post and Tribune puts it. That means that Zach. Chandler must be put in charge of the political machiue and " holl lot loose" again in the South. We shall seo whetlier or no Hayos will c. o. d. WiLLiAii ;E. Ciiaxdi,eb wanted to go to Madrid, but having seen that nice l)lum drnp into the mouth of Jamos llussell Lowell, hu forthwitli procceds to let the public know that Ilayes liever was honestly electod President . anyway. Bah ! Chandler: telj the world samo newB next timo. The Coldwater Repuülieah does not look with favor upon the proposition to make Don Hondeison chairmau of the Rapublican Stato Comiuittee. It regards Don as a malcontent, as one of the nies in tho prusidential ointment, - though that is not just bow the Republican puts it. Tuis is the sad fute Chandler (Wna. E of Nüw Hampshire), the man who munipulated tho Floridare turning board or canvassers, marks out fot the once great Kopublican party, provided that it don't put its elephant-like foot bquare and iminediatoly down on Hayes: " The Republican party h;is livcd long and survived many assaulta and many troasons only because it has been a party fouiifled upon high principies, sustained by lofty sentiment, couragcou.sly acting up to noble conditions. If it now disgraces its record, and indorsus or fiiils to repudíate tho Hiiyes surreuder, its voters will leave it by thousands, its days be numbered; it will die a doscrved and unhonorod doath.' Let the undertaker got out hia liuarso and proceed to bury the oorpse out of Chandler's sighl. Senator Cockkell, of Missouri, proposes to introduce a eonstitntionn) amendment which, adopted, will effectually knock the wind out of tbose radicáis wlio profese to bulievo that the Dumocmts man, as soon as they shall get control of the Govornincnt, to pension the rebel soldiers and swainj) th(3 treasury by tbo paymeut of claims to rebels or rebel synipathizoiu. The Coustitntion now protiibits payment of the rebel dobt, and the amendment Senator Cockrell proposoa will prohibit pensiona to rebel soldiurs or the payment of any claim to any persou whoso loyalt.y is not f'ully estftbliflhad. 11e says the entire South will sustain him. Look out for llepublicau opposition. W'k DO NOT favor the full reuioiu'lization of silver becauso we believe it an utter impossibility for this nation or any other to maintain the equality of throe kinds of legal tender. With gold, silvor, and gieenbaeks each a legal tender thé bost will be sent out of the oouutry to pay our dobts to other natious, whoso citizens will be master of the situation, or monopolized exelu sively by largo doalurs and capitalists who c:vn make thoir cuntracts payable in gold Tho poorest legal tender atioat will invariably bo that which the stnall dealer, the nieehanic, tho day laborer will have to accept tot his wages. This poorest logal tender, or " cheap iiiouey," will be purohased in the market at a disoount and paid out at par by tho contractor, the manufiicturnr, aiul the umployor of large torces of men. We oppoae silvor remonetization not iu the interest of tho largo bondholder, who will find a way to care for himself, but in tho interest of the widow and orphan whoae little all is invested in bonda, and in tho interest of the laborer who ought to roooive the best dollar known to the law for his earnings. To insure this always, golil should be tho only legal tendñr, with silver as a subsidiary coin; and tho greenback.or papor tuoney of whatever kind, sliould bo redeemable or convertible into gold. Givo that quality to paper and the poor man's monoy will be as good, and will buy as much as the rich nian's money, and thero will be no favored class. In New York City aud vicinity on Siiinliiy last a dozen or so leading preacher8, moved thereto by Beecher's recent discourse, preached ou the exciting tópica: "Heil" and "Eternal Bunisbment." The Bev. John Cotton Smlth, rector of the Churoh of the Ascensión, Episcopal, thought "everlasting " niight be construed to mean " a long time," and that the punisbiueQt of the future " uiight be an evei lasting deprivation of bliss : in other words, a deprivation of iininortality. Aneterual doath would effüctually shut one out trom the joys of hoaven." Eov. John E. Searles, Methodist, of Brooidyn, is reported as saying : " Eterna! deprivation of the life everluating in heavon 18 otoinal punishmdut. Thu nution ot uu etornal heil is revoltinj. It' the ministors oï this country and Euiope would expresa Ihtrir cunvictiona, a vust mujority would dlseeut fiom the revolting mul ifipulnive theory of uturmil bu'inng. speaker added he couid not blaino Mr. Beeoher ior protestin aainst buch a charge againstttieineruiiul God. Wme tlio notion true all nature wunld revolt and cry out. Moral evil is not, as l'Iato said, co-existeut with good. It is an intruder ui God's univtjrse, and shall lm wiped out. fjrod wi.l uot keep iorever a pest house, where devila yell aiii lost spirits howl m agouy. The true heil is to be a lako of unquenchabJe rite, whure all the retase ot' the univerxe will be burned. Lost devils and men will there perish, aud the place be wrapped ín eternal sileuce and death. üthors, MothodÍ8ts, Baptiats, and Presbyteriaus, proclaiined a literal and etornal heil, while Rev. C. Steele, Methodist, declared that " the general orthodox beliof is that each siuuor bears in nis heart the fiiül for his owu heil " - such fuel to burn eternally. Tuk recess of Congress bus givon the leading political journals of the country time to tuin their attention to religious Uu-mes, and for a few days leaders on " Heil " and " Ktciiml Punishment " have taken the pltiee of those on silver remouetization and resumption repeal bilis. And the ignorauce and dogmatism displayed on the new gubjects is fully as great as on the old onee. Howevor, tho chauge is refieshing.


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