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Tliurt is a growiug feeling that Mr. Coukliug, witti all bis power and brilliancy, is a spoiled child of tho Republican party. His diguity has been ruilled in Home wny. He was not invited to make up the Cabiuet He has not beon ttsked to name Ministers, Consul?, and Collectors. He was not sent for and exalted in a wanner whieh he appears to believe to have been his due. He ├╝ssumes iufallibility. So, if he ia to be couciliated and appeased, tue President must maku all the concessions and all tho adrancea. - Buston Journal. The roaJ to conciliation is in the rorganization of the Cabiuet. The present is an auspicious moment to taue that action. The Cabinet was neoessurily fornied with great baste, the elements in it are incongmous, and a majority of the uien couiposing it do not care a whit whether the party is conciliated or not. More than oue of them gave no cordial support to the election of Hnyus. lf the President is as anxious to uiaintain the harmony of the pitrty as he professes to be, let us have a new deal. Let men be called as his confidential advisers who are sound Republicana, and opposition to his policy will melt as snow before the rising sun. If this is not done a destruction is inavitable. - Indianajiolis Journal. The mission to Italy, we believe, was the New Hauipsbire Chandler's great. object in life. He did uot get it. Per haps this will account for his attack upoq Hayes, with its damaging confession that Hayes was " couuted in." - Frce Press. Ii'ailver should return to its old ratio of valuo with gold to-moirow, tho silver agitator would vanish like a spook. - N. Y. 'l'ribune. If parties, like men, are to be judged by their works, then the Democratie, just at present, at Washington, is a better plant than tho liopublicitu. We hope and expect to see the President not disouuragcd, but firm and persistent in


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