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The Detroit Free Press In i t regular weekly review of the Detroit markot, uurter dato of Jan. 2, saya : There has been more or leas rain for the past two months and an almost spring like soltness has prevailed throughout the country. The result has been impassable roads and an embargo on the movements of farm products. The farmer, howevor, ia not the greatest sufferer by this detention. His producís can le marketed aa soon as transportation is possible, and in the meantime he has suffioient for a comfortable maintenance. The mnin loss falla upon the country merchants stocked accordinffly. Hut the unseasonable weather has prevented sales, and the merchante now find their note9 coming due with but littlc cash available to moet them with. Had the solt weather experienced benefited anybody to any groat extent it would be of aome aatisfaction, but excepting the saving ot' fuel it is deserving of no credit. Had it been anticipated, huilding operations could have been prolonged but the amount in progress is very light and the number benefit ed would have buen limited. A change of temperature is the only preventive of losses. The time is past to hopo for profits. Under the present circumstances. with apsuring in(iication8 of a chango of weather, it is politie for the joblrs to grant evcry possihle concepsion to their country dobtors, aa the measures are known to he in the country, with holders dolayed from realizmg only by the present mud embargo. Forced measures would be productivo of no good, and crcilitors by adopting harsh measures would causa bankruptcy to become almoat universal. The dry goods trade has exhibited an unusual lack of activity the past week. The holiday trado is over and omployes now have ampie time to take acenunt of stock. There is no important change in prices. The drug husinoss has been affocted less by the unseasonable weather than any other branch of trade ; still orders for the week will aggregate less than the week previous. Morphiue and opium have woakened a trifle, linseed oil has advanced lc per gallon, otherwise the market is steady. The hardware has been light. Grocries have been ordered sparingly. Teas are firm. Coffees steady. Sugars are very strong at 9 3-4 per Ib for " standard A's: " "off A's," 9 1-4 a 9 1-2 per lb; yellow 7 1-2 a 8 l-2c per lb ; hards, 10 1-8 a 10 l-2c per lb. Stock bought to-day in New York could not be sold here at ttie alovo (luotations with profit. The reeeipts of grain for the week under review were 7Ü.628 bu of wheat, 2,207 bu of corn, 4,183 bu oats and 6,844 bu of barley. The shipments for the same time were 82,283 hu of wheat, 8,027 bu corn, 3,397 bu oats and 1,865 bu of barley. The effect of bad roads on grain receipts is vory clearly sliown this week, the receipts of wheat fallini short 69,296 bu of the amount arriving the week previous. A like falling off is noticed in corn, aats and barley. At the same time the shipments of the cereals mentioned, oatu excepted, have yery nearly equaled the amounts forwarded the preceding week. The tollowing table show? the opening and .■liistng prices of extra and No. 1 white Janury and Febuary wheats at the noon session of the Board of Trade each day of the past week. WHKAT, CASH P RICES. Extra White. No. 1 White. Opein'd OloKd Opened Closed Wednesday, $1 8Sfl ïl 86 W $1 31W ?1 30U Thu rsday, 1 364 1 86 VL 1 :ïl 131 Fridrtv, ' 1 3Öl4 1 3GU 1 41 1 31 Saturday, 1 362 l H5U i 31 131 Mondny, _ I 36% I 36 1 ali :;il4 ""futubeb. I No. 1 White JanNo. TFebrüary. ■ Opeued Closed Oponed Olosed Tuesday, Wednosday, 1 31 $1 :si % Z% $1 32 Thursday, ' 1 31% l Z% 1 32 1 %%á Prklay, ' 1 31 1 31 1 32 1 32 Saturday, 1 31i 1 81% 1 32 I 92 Monday", 1 31J4 1 ?% 1 22% 1 32 Tuesday beiug Christmas there was no newton of tin Board. Catth and future deals as cuiupariHl with the week previous have ruled higjier. Tln;rn ha.s hoen a very fair and steady trade at tlie adranoe, and pricea rulüd mode ratel y fntn. dom has i ruled quiet. Tliere is no high rnixed oilering. No. 1 uiixcd st-eady at 50c per bu.; do. new 41348o per i bu. Oatsdull; Monday, 30c bid and 30c nski-rl for No. 1 white ; No. 1 mixed, 22%e bia and 29%c ' l:r lm. aukcd. No sales. Barley is quiet and ap - parently sttiudy atSl-VxóJl.GO per cental tor No. 1 State. No. 2. State, Si .25 per contal ; No. 3 State, Sl.OáfaU.OS per eeutal. The luovemeut in rye la very light, and choice stocks could be placed ut 56( w) per bu. The general produce market has been very dull, the demand for leading comniodities being entirely local. Applee 3.0O(ó,3 50 per bbl. with choice repacked fruit held at t-'J..7-" per bbl. lieana quiet at $1.90(uU.9.r per bu. for city band plcked ; couutry do., 91.7(1.75 per bu.; uupicked, fl.OÖQ LfiO per bu. Butter dull and depressed ; best lois freely ofFered at 17 18c jer lb.; medium grades neglected ; groase stock in fair deiuand at 6f (ïVc per 1b. The dreasod bog market has been lifeless and receipts confined almost wiiolly to farmers' wagons, from which light sale were made to butchers at $4.25 6.00 per cwt. Mimday's range was $426@4.75 pet cwt. Cheeae steady at 1313c. Clovef aeed in , fair demand at $A.6i per bu. Stocks of eggs exceed I the deinaud at 17(g)18c per doz. for the best receipts. Ventson dull at 8tój9c per ib. Birds scarce atuí in fair request. Poultry has been good si(K;k, and on Monday turkeya brought 12}aVSc per lb.; . ens, 9jilOc per lb.; geuse, 8a'Jc; ducks, 11a 12 per lb. Hrovisions are lower : mess pork, 1 2.00a 1 2.25 per bbl ; efear, S13.50al3.75 per bbl. Lard in tiereen, 8c pur lu. ;


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