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The Chandler Manifesto

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Tho Hon. William E. Chandler, of the t niblican National Committee, lias addressod f a leíter to tho Republicana of New Hampshire. ] Che following werc the salient pointe : ' On the. morning of tlic 7th of November it was 1 apparent tbat Hayes anti Wbeeler were elected by one í najority, if South Carolina, Florida aud Louisiana , ïad given them tlieir votcB. But ünmedlately tlie ' rilden forcee - hiiugry Northern and desperate 1 Sonthorn Democrats- de termini d to prevent the ■ounting of the votes of those States for the liep ubican candidatos, and threats, attemptB to bribe, i aud all inanner ot foul iiiflueuccs werc arrayeú to j feduco ór intimidfttii tho lociil ' Republican officials who were tö declare the result. To counteract these niachinatione, Gov. Hayce sent a large array of dlptinguithed penions to the. conteeted Htatee, from Ohio notably the following : Messrs. John Shcrman (afterward made SecTetary of tho Treaeury), S t a n ley M att hews (private couuscl for Qo v. Hayes; afiorward mado United Ktates Senator by hit influencr). Bdward I1'. Noyes (afterward made Minister to ). John Little (Gov. Hayes' Attornf-y General) Samuel Shcllabargcr (Gov. Hayes' private counJames A. Öurfield (member of OomiüisHioii and adminintration candida te for Speaker), Ami many others went there from other Rectiona. In South Oarolina and Florida, owing to the manifest factR and to the noble fcarlCBEmot-s of Gov. Daniel H. Cliamberlain and Gov M:ircllus L. Stearns in proteotiup tbe canvaesíng boards, the correct rtBiüt of the election- the choïce of Hayes electore - was deelared, without extraordinary issuraneee from the Northern visitors. In Louisiana, however, there liad boon thrown into the ballot boxen over T.000 moro votes for the Tilden than for the Hayea electors, and to niakfi liaycK (President it becaino necessary for the lïeturning lïoard, actinff under peculiar loeal laws. to throw out naore than 7.000 Tilden votes on account of alleed raurder, riot, aud intimidaiion, preventiiiír a fair aud free election in certain parishes. To perform this extraordinary, even if Jus tiftable, vork in tlie face of au armed and infuriated Deniocracy required mon of undaunted courage ; and siieh courage the Rei umin? Board poFses! ed. It required aleo that the board should have EtBsuranccs that the natlonal exigcacy demandeil lts performance; iliat the moral sentiment of the North would approve it ; anti that tho.y themselvee shoulrt be protectfd from evil couseíjuencea to bc apprehended from the violenco of a mob Government, which it was known would bfi establjshed by one ïficbolls, a pretender to the oiïice oí Governor agiünpt Stepht-n B. Packard, who was stire to be elected Governor if the Hayes electora shouUl ' be fouud to have been choseu. All these asurances wero freely and forcibly qiven by Mr. Senator Sherman and hls assoeiates. Mr. Stanley Mattbewe declared to Mr. J. E. Leonard, and on more than one occasion, that Hayes and Packard Fhould stand of fall together. A reportcd interview oí Gov. Hayee, Dtc. 3, wilb, V. R. Roberts, of the New Orleaiis 7Ye$f having occasioneel alarm as to Ihe future conree of tlie propective President tow:ird Souther Republicana and thc Louisiana and South Carolina Govermtifnt, Gov. Haycs, through hiB Private Seeretary, Capt. A. K Lee (siuce made. Consul Genend to Frankfort), and Qcn. James M. Comly, of the Okin Statu Jourïtaf Chinee njade Minister to the Sandwioh Islands), deuied the reported interview, and all Byiïipathy with the scntiments thersin expresBed. Kocouragcd and fereed forward by tbeee assurancE8, the lteturuiiiíí Iícard boldly performed it -i duty, gave voice to thc murdereel Republicaus of the bulldozcd parish1 of Louisiana, and made Hayee President, and l'ackard Governor of Louisiana, by titles iudiseolubly connected in law, in moráis, and by every rule of honor that prevailB among civilizad men. Th1 name tender regard for the LorisianaRepublicane and for tho result which thry had achieved continuad durinc the ensuiog stmggle in Coiiltcsíí. The IlcturninK Board were arrested and coniincd at Washington by the Confedérate House of ReproRfntatives. Sick, and in prison, they were visited by Senator 8hcrman and his associates, ani nrí-:-d to stand ñrm until rehef ehnuld come frota the advent to power of the President whoni they had made. ■- k # With eubstitntial unaniuiity thr Republicans of me couniry soconueu me aetermiuation oí thclr representatíves in Congrese to declare and achieve the election and inauguiation of President Hayas; and the Republican party was nevcr more couratíeons, harnionioiis or uuitcd than on thc day of bis accesión. Ooarfng to the Presidency under these reraarkabln eircxi matan ees, Mr. Ohandler Baya the President Bhould have maintained íaithfiil and scrupulous ailegiaucp to thc priuciples of tiie Bepublican party. ButalmoBt the flrst act of the new administraron was to fuifill a bargain that bad been made during the Pre-ürtentinl count, by which, if Hayes should be President, the lawful Govcrnmonts of Louieiaua and South Carolina were to be abandoned, aud the Governments in thoBO States were to berecognized and PRtablished. Ccrtaln Demócrata in the House of Reprefientatives, seeinp that, by the recurriug deciniong of the Electoral Comnjiasion, and the recular proceedings of the two bousi's nuder the Electoral bilí, which tbey had warmly supported, HayeB wotild siïreïy be Prceidont, had concrived the plan of eaviDR somrthing from the wreek. They had, therefore, threatened by dilatorymotionsand riotous proceedings to break np the count, and then opened negotiations witb Euch timid or too esgorly expratant Bepublicansas they could find ready. They had BUpoeeded beyond their moet sanguine expectatious. Senator Sherman had %isited Ohio and coneulted Gov. Hayes. Tr. Henry Watterson, a Democratie member. and a nephew of Mr. Sianley Matthewe, had acted as go-biaween; and 011 thn one side, MeserB. Matflicws, Otarlos Foptrrf John Slierman, James Garfield, and on the othor, L. Q. C. Lámar, John B. fiordrn, K J. Ellis, Ramiail Gibson, K. A. Btirke and John Youdk Brown, had agrecd : I. That thf count ehould not be broken up in the Houpo, hut that Hajcs ehould be declared and inauurated Preeident. 2. That upou Haycs' acceaBÍon thc troops should be withdrawn from protecting Govb. Chamberlain and Packard, and that the now adininistration ehould reooffnize tho ÉfovernmcntH of Wade Hamptou Ín South Carolina, and F. H. Nicholls in Louisiana. By certain general and indefinito letters since given to the public, by a secret writing now in the hands of E. A. Burke, and other ways, the agreeuient was authenticated ; and President Grant was innnediately requealed by Gov. Hayes' counsel on no accouut lo recognize Paekard or Chanibcrlain, but t) Iravn thn ultímate deoisiou as to their fatc to the incoming President. After the inauguraron the bargain was spreñMly futfilled. Ar pooii as tlie electoral vote of their States was safe, Govr. Packard and Chainberlain had been nctifted by Mesern. Matthewi and Erarte to pet out. Gov. Chamberlain was now summoned to Washington and informed that bc must Rurrender. He protested against bis taking-off. The President hesitated, but Wade Hampton demanded the performance, of the bargain. Mr. MatthcWB waK sent for, came froni Ühio, and tweuty-four hour the United States flap was ordered down in Charleston and Gov. Ohambei'laiu fttampcd out". As to louibiaiia, the filiilünent procpeded more Blowly, but none the Ifhs surely. Packard had made, March 21, a constitutional cali for Federal aid, which it was difficiUtto tvltbhold froni oneas snrely öovemor as Hayes was J?resident. And yet therc wan the bavgain. As a subterfiiRp, an uncinatitntioual commisfiion, eonsiütiug of Mossrs, Johu 1. Hurlan, Joeeph li. Hawley, C. B. Lawrcnce, Wayne McVeagh, aud John C. Brown, was sent to New Orleanp; iuRtructed to graduaily destroy the Packard Lcgifllature by educiüíí or fdming itt membern into thf. Nicholls Legiplaiure. But, tht;y proviog too Btnbbornly IU1publicau, the commission telegrapbed the President that nothing would destroy Piickard bnt the actual order withdravriug the troope. At tho word the President gave the order( Packard was cruehed. and the com ni i fision relurncd triumphant to Washington to be reccgnizod"- one of theni, Gen. Harían, by an appoiKtmcnt as Supremo Court Jiidge; anoüier, !r. Lawrenoe, by the release of Jake liehin, Ubo great whieïcy conspïrator and defraudoroí the reverme at Ohicago : Gen. Ifnwley wal pffered the appointmeijt a (Ihief Coiumiioner lo the Paris Exhibition, but decllned brcanso the BaJarywae to beonly $5,000; and three offices wer tendered to Mr. Mat-Veagh, but declined on the ground that bis sigiial services deiuanded more aniple recognitiou ; the English miysion wa next assigncd liim, but circumstiincfs have made its drHvery InexpeUient or imposBible Silence is a crime; acrjiiienoenco atíñ inaction are poJitieal death. Can the Republican party, of heroic achicvcmcnts, be bouud to au administration which is noe a free agent, but ie bound by a bargain to Gene. John B. Gordou, I. Q. C. Lamar, Wade Hampton, and the Southern Democrats now in high office only throngh the blood of niurderfd ltepublicans? Do?e not evcry voter in the land know that Hayes and Packard werc elected fcimuitiuieouBly, and held by the same title, an.l that %hen Hayes abundoned and trampletl down Packard hc put an irremovable stain upon bis owu title? The Ilepubliean party has livcrï long and survived mauy assaults and many treasonp, ouly because it has been a party founded upon high princip!er, animated by lof ty sentlmont, conraeous!y actiug up to noble convictiono. If it now disgraces its record, and indorsee or fails to repudíate the Hayes surremïcr, itö votern will leave H by thouands; its days are numbered ; it wiJl die a deservid and uuhonored death.


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