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Títere have been 252 Popes. Fox-tail brushes for clusters are a new idea. The subsidy projecta before Congrcss iggregate $635,000,000. Ax opium-smoking house has beeu esiablished at Deadwood. Amekicax ivomeii, according to a Freuch journalist, live on candy. A Baltimore paper wonts to oblige cvery quack doctor to wear a bell. Quabtpot sireet is the name of an avenue in Northampton, Englancl. The coming dresses for ladies doesn't xmch the pavement by about three inches. A Society for tlie Preservation of tho Irisb Languago is now in full life in Dublin. In 1797 the British Government was supporting 5,000 clerical and 2,950 lay emigres. Pennsylvania reports a man six feet eight inches iu height, with a weight of 270 pounds. A C5-TEAR-OLD father in Iowa has just kissed bis latest girl-baby. It is his twenty-first. In many parts of Germany taxes now amount to from 17 to 20 per cent. of ascertained income. A camel race is to be run in Sutro, Nev. , which will be followed by a fivemile race against horses. A Georgia paper asks the State Legislature to pass a law making it an oflense to give tobáceo to minors. TnERE are 150,000 Chinese in California, one-fifth being wonien brought Üiere for immoral purposes. A babt elephant in New York is brought up on the bottle. Tho baby's bottle bolds four gallons of milk. An English musical journal says that 15 per cent. of the inmates of lunatic asylums are musicians and singers. Fobty-five miilions is the estímate of the St. Louis lïepublican for the populationof the model republicin 1880. Nearly all the distinguiahed Californians of the day are said to be self-educated men, guiltless of college training. During the year 187G 108,771 Italians carne to America. Of this number 89,000 are set down as temporary tourists. The Cherokees constitute an independent civilized nation, with a public debt of $187,000, and $566.66 in the treasury. Font buffalo hunters havo contracted with a flrtn in Comanche, Tex. , for the flelivery, wiÜiin the next six months, of 20,000 buffiilo hides. A lettek mailed in Utica, and addressed to " Borry, Caug. Co., N. Y.," was sent to Aurora, Cayuga county, and reached the man it was intended for. An English ecgineer, while eurveying the Isthmus of Darien, had liis blood 3ucked during sleep by a vampire bat, and died from exhaustion. ConstantikopIíE contains three-quarters of a million of iuhabitants. The old Eastern empire walls, twenty-one iniies in circuit, still surround it. It is a singular coincidence that all of the national ships lost in the last decade were named after Indian tribes, viz. : the Saranac, Saginaw, Idaho and Hurou. There are now over 5,000 miles of telegraph linea in Iowa, the most of which consists of two or more wires on each line, witü a total valuation of at least $1,000,000. Tiie cost of the transpoitation of horses from New York to Liverpool is from $60 to $70 per head, and the price of good carriage or farm horses in Englaad is from $400 to $500. The largest mimber of bushels averaged per acre in corn in any county in Illinois is given to Schuyler, which is sixty-two, while the smallest number is given to Mason county, aud drops down to twenty. Indiana has suffered to the araount of about $20,000,000 by business failures during the past tivo years, and more than ten times that amount in the shrinkage of values and the prostration of her industries. ïou can't depend on Kansas flour. A loaf of bread passed into Leavenworth jail contained two files, a bottlo of aeid, and a roll of money. A country which grows Ruch wheat as that cannot expect to get ohead very fast. The mesquite gum of Western Texas is almost identical with gum arabic. During the past year it bas become an articlo of export, some 12,000 pounds having been gathered in Baxter county, and as much more betwecu that and the coast. A seeies of deep-sea researches, aftei the manner of the Challenger iuvestigations, is to be institutedtoward the close of next year, ia the Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean, by an expedition under the direction of the Government of India. Tiiere were only seventy cats at Philadelphia's recent cat show. The other 7,000,547 sitting on baek fences and sheds o' nights growling at the small amount of the premiums oft'ered and discussing methods to avert the dangers threatened by the Hvely sausage season. Mobtar does aot reach itfl usual flrmness when dried in the heat of summer, and one of the best authorities commends the cnstom of the masons of Nortliern Italy, who, in construetions of importance, water the masonry during the summor months to prevent itsdrying too rapidly.


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