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We iuvc vo'tiniuerc;! flr ihe war. and wülsay a word, in paráng. to our friends. We havo denounced iuisp;innly ilic anncxnlion of Texis, asa bolclly (l.ijjitious tc-hcme. and i war wiili Mexico as kitidicii witli tl;:ii disyraccful ond degrading net - degcading ahko id dnGover nmeni ihnt consumuiarcd. auditie ptoplc that submittud to it. The one i perfectcd; Texis, unfm t-jii.itvly. i a part of our Uuion. Tlie oilicr is jus bugun. Thai the war wiili Mexico mighi c-nsily bovo btea avuided - that tlie cominoiiest rea:d t'-jr jusiice, and a modurntu s'inre f prudencü. oti 'lic partof ihe Govcrnuicnt, Oüiild have jirovetued it - is p.ilpaWu as ilte diiyBut ih'Hlgh this !io Bu, wo cannot clianni; tho fnct. W ir tx sis. It heen decl.ired hy ;■ Government cliosun by du peuplc tliunisclves. We subm t, thereforo. aa gooi to the law of ihe land, and give ihat govornuierit ui support, llcsistance lo it would bc reiie!lii)ii: ifgencrai, anarchy, in i:s woist lonn, would be liie recuii. C'n-re8. as wc'l aa the couniry, is of ilii. n. The Whigs, prediciiii i!ic tcsult long igo. liuvc sieadily oppi-sctl ilur polu) that cd to iliis war; ye', wlrn it wns fuc--d upon tlicni. ind h stiliucs avuned, t: ey rallied as onu man O support of the government. Tiie prcamblc to the resolutions in Congress, dcdaring tint wai e:;:sts by tho act of Mexico, is a lic - a ne a-iou trap set by demagogos to catch their oppbheiHB. As such we have denounced. and do dcnouixa 't; but, making this protest, wo should have Jone a? the W.iigs diJ - 'nve vjteJ wiiatovcr sipphej of men ind money asked for, lio Idin ihe President re3pons:b!e beforc the country and the world. Our opinión is, that the war, bo unjusily aud wickedly begun, should bo pressed wiih vigor. It is the only alternativo left. Clouds of darkness, in conscquencc, rest upon our path in the future; but it has to be trod. We act upon tuis necesfcity, ond do not hcsitatci to support the Government; - t'j pe:i'. all to suslain it; - (et we war not agninst the South, nor the people of 'the South, but ngatnst slavery; and when ihere s a comuion foe in the field, and the 6ummoii8 comes to the citizen soldier, we know, aid can know but one country and our duty, ard would oot urge another to 50 whcre w are not wülin our9a!vc8 to go.Hut ia taking this '.ep, we shall neithcr shu' our eyea to a víle and wicked policy, nar clos? our lips against ilie merccnary spirit whicli has involved the country in the horrors of war. - Witli our hnrness on, wc feel, indeed, a more unconqucrable determination 10 resiat ti.c cause of all this niiscïiief ; a stronger will thiori ever to overlurn a corrupt dynasiy, anl clect as rulers, freemen wltö will stand by and defend tinfree. Not a jot of principie do we ga e up! - Not a hair's lireath of semiinent, of opinión, or of oppoaition. shull we yield to the curso whioli. vampirc-like, is suoking away the lifc blood of iho natiën, and wfaicfa, unless shaken ofi'forever. will destroy the Republic, while glutting its infernal lust The pcoplo of the United States have a hard task before them. The pubüc ofiices of the country, these many yeare, have been fiiled, lor the most part, by clcmagogües, who have sported with tbc public weal, as clnllrnn witli their holiday purchases! And paid adherents, and ■ hireling pre?s. have Iabored to gloss and gloiify their sclilshness, andeven wüile perpctraiingand perfecting iheir gigïjntieschenies of fraud. u einbody their mines in the public inind, as the essence of American greatness. We must he purg ed oí ihis rottenness. Tiiere can be no sa.'ety, security, or stability 10 liberiy or propttty until we are. Now as the on!y consiiiutiona rc.nedy the peop!e have is ihrougi. the ballot box. iherc must be Cstablisiied a sound and hcalihy public opinión, whereby worthy and honcsl men ahall be put in the places of the umvorthy and dishoneet. For thie end, let all who are for pence nnd progress - let, cspccinlly, evcry friend of freedom, to whatover pnrry ho may belöng - unite, and. heart to heart and liacd in hand, abor with lusty sit:ew strid ded3elnss eriergy. until the CoNSTiTurios and Untyiaííxi Libkrty shall be acknowledgcd of all men.Good friends for whom we can rouch, who tnaw us, and who have stood ly ub froni ihe beginning, wlll cnnduct tlie Truc American while we nre away. They wil! be trammelcd in notliing. No posiiion taken by us, or necessary to bc taken by them. inbehaifof freedom, will ihcy abandou or hesilate to nssunie. Vvr tlit righr, for justice, for universal libcrty, thcy will plead as strongly and fearlesely as ever ? Our paper is dl in this Sta'e, Ëistern Tenncssee. in ihe mountain of Virginia and North Carolina. Let the reader glanccat his maji, anJ see what fin inrond would bc made upon elaver { the people of tliis large región were roused against it? That they can be - thnt in oir humble wny we nre hastening on ihi& rcsult, we huno. Nut. for Durselves. then. bui tor the cautie, do we ask ihe fricnJs of frecdom to sustain the True A mercan. "Phiiïy'four plíorty haa now phor:unately phell in a phinnJ. phlat-phoothïd, [iiiixing al pborty-niné, the