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DRUGS. ï. A. Tremaine & Co. (Succcwors to B. W. FXLIS & CO.) ANN ARBOR, MICH. A. FIRST CLASS Drug Store. DRUGS AND DYE STUFFS, Patent Medicines, TOILET & PERFUMERY ARTICLE8 Pi-esoriplions Compounileil at A.11 Hours. Cor. Main and Huraña 1584 DOBBINS' STAECHlOLiSÏ! A GR.BA.T DISCOVERY, By the use of wbich evcry family may ive their Lineu that polish peculiar to fine laundr.v wort, eavliig time and labor in ironing more than its entlrt cost. Solrt by Rrocein, or will bc sent, postagc paid, on receipt of 'X ceuta, DOBBIVTS, BEO, & CO., 13 N. Fourth St., Philadelphia. I%ft ís the fincst Liniment in the uorM, n! iï.'.'Z positivdy cure ín almost evcry cmt. Jfiricö $1.00 psr bottle, JQHESOIÏ, HOLLOWAT & CO, L fJSCIA E -4 O JT-VTS, Thiladelphi _ THE JIll.WllliEí: MEDICAL & SURGICAL IKSTITDTE. Establ iihed 1867 and Churtercd b? the State LesIiUttire fortheimprovedtreatment of nlï Private and Chrúnic Siseases mcatiooed iu this c&rd. Jus: pubhthcd, -srx- "THE SILENT FRIEND! fjJfiMi&R. A confldemial Adviser fortheyoungam #i4SMf middle aged of both bcxci -,on a!l DisealnMfWír es oí a Private Nature, arUinisfrom w ÊW Early Abuses or Inícction, SemiD! Wraknro, and Lou ol Manhood. anii the best menu Of cure; with valunblc advice to the Marricd and [iioie contc]np]ating Msrriape; includinga treatiseon Fcmaia Siseases, and Chronic Aftection of Uw Thrcat, i.n"Sf nd Skin, Cotarrh, Cáncer, Rupture, Piles, Fistulwhc Opium Habit c. II containa 260 largo pago and numcroul aagravincs.maiied under scal on reccipt oföHets. A CLINICAL LECTURE on the abovc dicas, a the pnnciplet of medical practico in thoir treaiineDt, Price lOcts. Addrcss, Attcndinf; Phvsicifln. M.&S. INSTITUTE, ífo 43B -Waterjt. MILWAPKEË.Wi_ Uiis is prohably the sfrengest, purest and bent prrparation of Irrn One trial tvill comineePrice, 31.00 per bottle. J0HNST0N, H0LL0WAY & CO. Special Agenta, FIMadtlphia. DISPEPSIA Permanently cured iii every instance by the EA&LE DISPEPSIA TROCHES. They will immcdiatcly correct a sour stomach, check vomiting and heartburu; cure sickness or pain in the storcifief1coRliveness, liver complaint, headache, etc. Being pleasant, eafc and harnik'ss, are asure cure for Iafants suffering flrom weak stomach. PriceJ Thirty-Five Cents per Box. EARLY BIRD liYORM POWDEB. At all times safe, reliable. strictly vegetable and tasteless. uscd by o!d and yoong with perfect snfety.even hen worins are not present. Kequires but one dose to effect a cure. Price, 15 Cents per Pacttage. Sold by all Dniprpists, or sent by Mail. on receipt of Price. NEBEKER CO., Prop'12th :ni ElUvjr'.ï S'.s., Piüadelphii, Ta. IttoiMIi wm5i(3tthlilliiil i rV FBICE. 85 Cr.E-TS. Jolinston, nollc-ray & C Spooial Agoute. Philsd'a.


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