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How Mr. Emery Nominated His Wife

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Enosli Emery is editor of the Peoria (111.) Transcript. A few monthsagohe ínarriea a Miss Mary Whitestead, who at the time was Superintendent of Schools iu that county. In the course of time the election seasonrolled around and the lady aspired i'or a renomination before the Republican County Convention. Her busband was a delégate, and the foliowing accouut of howhe present ed her to the convention is given in au Illinois paper: " When Enoch Emery arase iu the Peoria Couuty Cunvention to nominute the oaudidate ior Oounty Superintendent of Soliools, there carnea Bodden lull in tiie proceedings. Every one beeaflie interested, and the delégate leaned forward in breatbless attentiorj. Oue oould imve lieard a horse oough in that awi'ul stillness. The enxotion extended even to the. good Eaoeh hims( lf. He arose, düiidontly toyiDg with bis spectaeli-s, tirst cleauing them with a uew eambrio handkerehief. aud tijen, plncing them on his forebead, aaid: 'I put in nomination for the office of County Superintendent of Schools Mrs. Mary VVhitebtead [a long pause] Einery. [Fiattering araong the delegatee.] I uominated her four years ago [sensation}, and, as I was in some sense responsilile for her as an official, I gotfo watobiug her. [Cheerf. ] I watched her close and saw her real wortb. [Encouraging cheers. ] I was drawn nearc-r and nearer to her [Cries of ' Good! Go on !'], and the oloserlgotto her the bettei I likedber.' [Storm of cbeers and yelïs and cries of ' Whoopee !'] She was nominated without adissenting voioe." The Michigan salt inspector's report shows the product of the year to be as followB : Fine salt, 1,590,8-11 barrels ; paokera' salt, 20,858; solnr salt, 22,949; üecond-quality snit, 2(1,249 ; total, 1,660,S97 barrels, '


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