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Since our last report deeds have tieen put on record u the Register's office showiug sales asfoilows ; Anna M. Galpin to Wm. Busli, 18 acres off section 18, Superior. 8666 W. H. Davenport to R. H. Bickford, lots 82 and 83 iu Bennett's additiOD to Saline. 8900. Euny C. Witherell to John Grossman, 50 acres off' section - , Manchester. $1,800. Edward Gotts to Minerva L. Heatb, 9% acres off sectiou 11, Augusta. $800. Vinetta Sanderson to Charles W. Alban, part of section 2, Augusta. 81,000. Ksau Mitchell to Edgar M. Easton, 80acres off section 1, Salem. $3,600. Jesse Scott to W. II, Ayers, 80 acres off section 36, Dexter. 84,150. Wm. liurKe to Jeremiah D. "Williams, GO acres off section 33, Ann Arbor. $10,500. llose Long to Wm. Wcsthoff', 30 acres off section 1, Scio. $1,140. Theodore A. Carter to Mary Archer, 35 ao-es off section 19, Ann Arbor. $1,600. Hanry Vinkle to Leander Easton, 40 acres off section 14, Lima. $2,400. John Armbruster to Wm. Burke, 1(10 acres off section 8, Pittsfleld. $14,400. Wm. Burke to John Armbruster, lot and store on Aun street, Ann Arbor. $5,400. Robt. M. Lamkin to Emil Beier, 40 acres off section 15, Augusta. gl,600. John D. Doan to James Hopkins, 40 acres off sectiou 1, Lyndon. $650. Ferdiaand Brennaycr to Stephen Schneidcr, land on section 27, Freedom. $1,700. Wm. J. Purdy to W. Smith Wood, lot 540 in Norris, Follett, Joslin ASkinner's addition to Ypsilanti. $1,400. Jane Soulier to Wurthner, lot on Exchange Place street, Manchester. $2,100. Ann Eliza Howard et al. to Kdgar Brake, 30 acres off section 27, Lodi. 81,425. Cornelius H. Kendall to Frank A. Lampi-et, land Ou seclions 10 and 11, Sharon. $2,500. Kliza North and T. B. Freeman to Fred. Kim, 95 acres oü" sections 12 and 13, Scio. $2,800. Rusan Falconer to Pliebe ,T. Faleoner, undivided huif of 133 acres of secs. 20 and 29, Hharon. $1,000. Ij. D. Ball et al. to Alice O. Alsaver, 40 acres off" section 9, Webster. 81,800. L. D. Ball et al. to Elvira Abbott, lots 1 and 2 in block 16, Dexter. $1,200. Merrick F. Crafts to Chas. Kendall, 55 acres off section 14, Sharon. $825. Sanford II. Wells to Simón Welch, two aeres In Cross & Bagley's addition to Ypsilanti. $900. Wm. McCreery to Bernhard Ahrens, 0 acres off section 26, Sharon. $4,960. Clark M. Sly to Peter Van Voorheis, 40 acres off sectiou 36, Salem. $2,100. Bach & Abel to James A. Campbell, part of northeast quarter of section l.'i, Ann Arbor. $1,200. Philip Bach to Peter Cook, 12U acres off section 5, Pittsfield. $900. Elizabeth and Margaret Conaty to Oeo and Jolm Kalmbach, 60 acres off section 10, Scio. $2,200. F. L. Hotchkins to Geo. Brown, 30 acres off sec tiou 10, Saline. $1,700. Sarah Kniekerbocker to Amarían Hammond, lots 12 and 13 in block 9 of Brown .6 FuUer's additiou to Ann Arbor. $600.


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