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The following is the "score" made )y the Circuit Court since our last report: Harrison Vinkle ts. Nathan E. Rumsey ; by consent judgment entered for amount of ju3gment beiow, $40, without costa to either party. In the matter of the appeal of Joaeph and Williara Eider, from the decisión of the commissioners on the estáte of Horace Rosier, disollowing their claim against said estáte; jury trial ; verdict for claimants for $69.32. Waldo M. Johnson and Richard O. Wheeler vs. Wm, M. Brown ; plaintift' submits to non suit. John W. Babbitt vs. Wm. Puttison ; promisory note ; jury trial ; verdict for defendant ; judgment entored against plaintiff for costs. Clara H. Crouch vs. William H. Crouch ; decree of divorce granted. Cornehus C. Collius vs. George Moorman ; asRumpsit; jury trial; verdict for plaintiff for $87.47 ; judgment entered agamst defendant for verdict and costs. William D. Simmons vs. Nathan Bordine ; replevin ; jury trial ; verdict for plaintiff, 6 cents damages ; judgment entered against defendant for costs. Thomas D. Hawley vs. John A. Volz et al., judgment on default for plaintiff for $599.53. People vs. Wm. A. Lovejoy ; embezzlement ; continued on motion of Prosecuting Attorney. UUILUUUQU VU JUUU1VU VJk .m. 4UhfVVUbLil& ii.bli.'i UUT People vs. Clark Fralick ; obtaining monej 1 under false pretensos ; Frank Eraerick ap- poiuted to delantl ; case tried and defendant tound guilty. People vs. John Iiock ; traudulently obtaining signatura ; case tried aud defendant acquitted. People vs. M. C. Baun, Fritz Morris and B. üalo ; malicious injury to property ; case tried and defendants acquitted. People vs. Charles Woodruff ; malicious injury to property ; recognizance declared forfeited. People vs. Peter Leopard; assault aud battery ; recognizance declared forfeited. Peoplo vs. Newton Crisher ; withdrew ptea of "not guilty," and eutered plea of "guilty ; " sentenced to State Prison for one year. Elisha Jones vs. Mortimer Root ; case sottled and discontinued. Orson A. Sober vs. James M. Nichols ; time extended to 17th day of January in whicli to settle bill of exceptions. A. H. Pattenprill vs. Alfred J. Buchoz et al.; chancery ; decree of foreclosure granted for $1,170.82. William H. Wauty vs. Addison Childs ; case ordered dismissed. George N. B. Renwick vs. Michael Fleming, under sheriff; replevin ; jury trial; verdict for plaintiff- 6 cents damages. John O. Self vs. Luther E. MeUee ; replevin; jury trial ; verdict for defendant- assessment of $120 costs and damages against plaintiff. 10 days granted plaintiff in which to move for a new trial. People vs. William Searing ; rape ; on reading and filing the reasons for not filiug the iuformation in the case by the Prosecuting Attorney, and the same having been approvecl by the Court, the detendant was ordered discharged trom custody. Query: "Why will men smoke common tobáceo when they can buy Marburg Bros. ' Seal of Nortk Carolina,' at the same price ? " 1068


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