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Consideradle cxcitement has been oaused iu New York nuancial circles by tho failure of Bonner & Co., ouo of the oldest stock ( iug firnis in tlio city. Liabilities heavy. A KiiocKiNO tragedy was enacted iu tho village of Ferudale, Pa., last week. John Haddock, erazed by love and jcalousy, shot and killed the object, of bis affections, Sliss Lizzic Da-is, a beautiful and acoomplished yomig lady, and then blew his own brains out J. H. Youug. a New York stock broker, has been robbed of $100,000 worth of bond by some iDgeniona thief, who ectered his office and cabbaged them iu broad daylight. TnK Pittsburgh Saviugs Bank has closod ita doors; liabitities about $100,000 üp to the 5th inht. fourteen bodies had boen rccovored from the rninB of (lie Barclay street, New York, eandy faotory. The cause of tho ilinaster still rémains a mystery Iudictments have been ruturned by the Grand Jury of Hartford, Ct., agaínst Wallu-ly, White, Wiggin and Fuiber, late ofiicere of the Chartw Oak I ife Ii.surance Company, for conspirnr.y to defrand polioy-holders Capt. A. H. lí.igardus lias jnst accompiished at New York the remarkablo feat of treaking 5,000 glass balls inside of 500 consecutivo minutes, with líminutes and 25 seconds to spare Olarence Boyle, oqo of the firnt " Molly Mguires" convicted, has ecaped from tho Eastern (Pa.) pcnitentiary. Ho was nnder a ten-yeara' sentenco, and Íia4 served about four. The returns of the State census of New York show that tho total population of tl:e State is 4,698,958, of whom 1,195,658 are for (ign-born. The total State dt-bt Jan. 1, 1875, was $244,079,859, from which should le d. dncted a siuking fund of $32,508,855 Heavy gales are reported ou the eaat Atlantic coast, resnlting iu considerable damago to nhipping and some loas of life The nierehmits of New Y'ork are discussing tho queetion of abolishing the system of sending out "drunimtra.' The coninüttee of New York Aldermen appointcd bytheCouucil to investígate the Tweed ring robberies hava presented an extonsive report. Iu conclasion, they givo thcir opinión that there is sullicient evidence to enablo the Corporation to defend actions uow pending agaiiwt them to an amonnt aggregating at least 2,000,000: also, that there are no legal obstacles in the way of a vigorous prosecution, wh ch they recommend, of sueh riuR thieves as aro i-till living in the city in tho enjoyinent of thoir stolon goode. The report was accepted, and, in considerauon of the portion of it which treated of Tweed's fato &a too harsli in comparison with the uuwarrantable leniency to his associates, the Couucil passed a re-olution in favor of Tweed's release, the voting being 17 to 7. Tho conditions are that Tweed Btirrender his property as he has agrecd, and hold himself roady r;s a witness. The total amount of the rinf; robbcrios is estimatcd by the Aldermen at $50, 000,000, 1, 000,000 of which has been recov ered. THE WEST. The Germán Savmgs Bank, of Lafaycttc Iud., has failed The reported discovery 01 oil in the Black Hills is fnlly confli-med. A FiuoHTFrjL accidont occurred in the vicinity of Negaunee, Midi., on the morning of Jan. 2, by which seven men lost their lives and severa! others were slightly injured. The Lake Shoro Nitro-Glycerine Company were preparing a car-load of nitro-glyeerino for shipnicnt by railroad to the Repubïican mine, and while the explosivo vas being leaded, by some ineana wholly ttijkaown, the entire lot of 4,800 pounds oxploded with a temfic crash, demoihing the car, engine, and everything within a radius of 500 feet. The coi:cus.-iou shattered the ?las8 of nearly all the stores in NegaiiLee, and all the dnelling-houses were left without a single wiudow-light uubroken. The names of the nnfoituiiates who have lost Lheir lives are: Wilt Myers. ongineer; Wm. Spellman. ñreman; Cuas. Miller and Jerry Foley, brakenieu; Ira Hiuckley, Séneca: A. íheeler and Walter Wiheeler, employés of the Glycerine Company. The last three named wero blown to atorus, their reniains fcattered in all directions. and were picktíd v in smull pieees, the largei-t pieco found not weigliing inore han a pound and a half. The well-kuowu banking house of Jacob Bumi, at Spriugfield, 111., lias failed. Tho liabilities are placed at about $750,000, and the ansets at a quarter of a inülion 1jss. . . . Hickox t Spear, bankurs, Sau Francisco, Cal., havo failed The State Savings Bank, ludianapn1Í8, Ind., bas closed its doors ; L84,000 due depositors. The bank of J. A. Thomas, Des Moines, Iowa, has failed J. D. Easter & Co., cago, dealers in tne alaran barraster;), have collapsed, owing creditors about a million ani a half, and with nominal nssets of about an cqnal amount Samuel Bliss fc Co., whlesale grocero, Chicago, have faitea, with liabilities of $130,000 TI13 onemplpyod workingroen of Kan Francisco are clutnoring for bread or bleod. ïticii coal diacoverios are reported in the vicinity of Deadwood, Black Hills. Tho nevvly-discovered oil regiona of the Hills are bo giuning to attraet considerable ttttentiooJ and I many parties are locuting claims David i Gib30ii, liqncr merchant, and W. F. Iteimor A Co., candy ininuf actui ers, Ciuciunali, liave failed Clement, Mortou & Co., oue of the leading wholesale clothing honsee of Chicago, have failed. Tbe Grand Jury of tho Chicago Criminal Court ha indicted Maj. It. M. Woods, Iusurance Examiner for tho State of Illinois, cqarging him with willfu'ly makin' an antruo report of the condition of the Protéetion Life Iumuancc Company, of Chicago. Tbeolticeis of the ' company are also nndtr indictmeut for j perjiiry A largo number of i mercial failnres have occiirred iu Chicago since the beginuing of the New Year. Among tho suspensions is thal of Abc ijpinan, for many years the leading pawnbroker of tho city. It is a curious dévelopment of thia case that all the time he has been exactmg a heavy per cent. from bis customers. Jie himself han been paying 2}-. per cent. ■■: moitth for borrowed c.ipital . . . Prof. Swing, of Chicago, in his last Sunday'd sermon, astonisbed bis audience by taking grouiid with Henry Wará Beeeher and Canon Farrar and rcj.udiating the doctrine of an everlasling heil. He coutended tk?.t in I ology as in the other affairs of life the meaning of words has undtrgona a marked chango within the past few hnudred yeaia, and that it is altogether possible to btheve in the Bible and not belieye in the creed and dogmas that have stood otill while tho world kept nioving. TBE 8OCTH. A Nashviiíe (Tcnn.) dispatch 8ays a frihtoned team backed a wagon containing Mrs. Morris Goodloe and fonr children off the bridge over the Obion rivor, resulting in the drowning of the four children. A DisPATcn from Anstin, Tex., to the Galvcston Neust says : "Gen. Reynolda, of the Bangtrs, and a qnad of his men, acting as peace offleers, attempted to arrost three negroes, chirged with felony, In Menard county. Thcy were reiöted, and killed the negroos. One Hanger, named McCarry, was woundcd." Portions of Virginia had a severo earthqnake shock on the 3d inst. GENERAL. At the req-iest of Eepresentative Mills, tho Prosident has ordered a commiH.-ion to investígate and report tho facts in regard to tho El Paso troubles. Gen. Ord is directed to detail two oflicers of the army to act in conjunction with euch person as Gov. Hubbard may appoint, the three to contitute the comniistion. They will snmmon witneíees, tako tentimony, and report all the fact, and whether or nöt Mexicans from Mexico, and what number, took part in the affair at 8an Elzario Tho yield of preoious metala for the year 1877 in the Staten and Territorios of tho United States, British Columbia, and the western coast of Mexico r.ggregates a valuó of 98,500,000, which is au increaso of $7,50U.O0O over the yield of 187G, the largent known previouely. Duriug the year the heathen of In iia and China got il9,00(),000 of shipped from San Francisco alone. A disi'Atch from Halifax, N. 8., says tho ship Nebro, from Cascumpec, Prince Ednard's island, has been lost, with nine men on board. Three of the bodies washed ashorc at New Frage. The General Superintendent of the United States Life-Saving Service has snbmittcá his annual report of the operations of that service for the last fiscal year. The report showx that there have been dming the year 134 disasters to vtssels within tbe limita of the operations of the service. Oa board these vewela there were jnst 1,500 persons. Estimated vali;c of tho vesself, SI, 986,744 ; and of tho cargóos, $l,306,S8H. Number lives tavt-d, 1,461 lo t. 39. Ami.unt of property saved, $1,718,647 aroonntlost, tl,57!),6S5. Bcbnkd : The Vulcan iron worls, Cairo, Hl., loss $15,000; the malt hou-e of Ii. M. Grrderft Co., Harrisbnrg, Pa,, Iofs 570,000; Wood k Co.'s fnrnituro irareroontf, New Y rk, loss 25,000; overal houses ut Salem, N. J., los? 350, 0OÏ). Tuk Ooyarnment Commisnion to be appointed to investígate the recent diaturbances in Texas is intended to be a seoret kjl":r- go much fo that not even the names of the Commifsioners wül bo discloeod. Advice6 from Lima, South America, give particulars of tho loss of the steamer Atacama, on the ChiJian jojst, somi, irftekii ago, In all, is estimated tliat 101 persona were drowncd. 1 'wenty-uiun were savtd. lbo snip was on a 1 ripfrom Valparaíso to Callao. Sho stuick at i p. m.,whentho niajority of tho pasaongers rere below, and ho intantaneous was the 1 miking ap of the hip that dp lime va giren i n Rain the deck. Tho passongera were mostly Mlians, journeying beureen tho porta. WASHINGTON. The óecretary of the Interior has issued hip eport upon tho Pacific railroads, called for by 3ODgre88. Tho total indebtedness of the Paiflo railroads to the Qoverunient on Oct. 31, 877, amounted to: Principal $64.623,512 iltoreat 28,492,080 - $98,117,148 Total amouiit oarncd by conipaotea in tnui-i.orting troop, mailrt, Biipplica, eto., to Oct. 31 Í15, 407,395 Of which the I'iutcd StateB has paid tho coinpaniea 4,183,981 Balance duc tho couipanien 11,221,414 Total amonut duo the aoTernracnt.. $81, 895,78 Gkn. Adam Badeau has been dropped frorn ho rolla of the army retired list, iinder the decisión of tho Attorney General that he was not efjally entitlod to bo canied on thiB list and jold a civil ofticu at tho samo time The wedding amnvi-iKaiy of President ,ui(i Mis. Hayes, which occurred on the 3ilth uit., jiroves to have been an afftiir with uo prolensions as to display or social Bplendor. Tnie to announcemunt it was a quiet, unosttutation.s and thoi"onghly plcasant celebratiou of an evtut of general interest. . . .Tlie following ia the oflicial statement of tho United States cunency i ntst acding : Olddemand notca $ 03,532 Onc-ycar notes of 1K63 64 162 Two-ycar notes of 1863 16,050 Two-yeir coupou uott-B of 1863 23,950 Oomp' unil-inlerest notes 238,610 Fractlouul currency 17,761, 108 Toial $368,154,092 The Jauuary Btatemeut of the public dobt is aa füllows : 8ix per cent. bonde $ 748,667,200 Five per cent. bonds 7W,386,6M Four and a half per cent. bonds 200,000,000 Four per cent. bonds 74,900,000 Total coin bonds .$1,726,933,830 I.awf ui niony de-bt : Navy peutlon fund at 3 per cent $ 14,000,00(1 Maturcd debt : Principal $ 21,512,240 Legal temiera 350,007,308 Certincates of deposit 32,830,000 Fractioual ciirrency 17,764,108 Coin cortiöcates 33,421,900 Total without interest $ 434,026.317 Totul debt , $2,196,372,407 Total intereet 37,430.285 Cash in treasury - coin $ 139,51 8,405 Caeh in treasury - cxirrency 5,498,815 Currency held for rcdeinption of fractional currency 10,000,000 Special deposits held for redemption of ccrtinc&tcs of deporit 32,830,000 Total in troasury .$ 187,847,250 Debt less cash in trRaeury $2,045,955,442 Decrease of debtduring December 71,623 Decrtase since June 30. 1871 14,202,780 Bonds is6ued to Pacific Railroad Compauiety nterest payable in lawful nioney; principal outKtanding 64,623,512 Interest accrucd and not yct paid 1,938.705 Interest paid by the United States 85,957,62a Interest repaid by transportation of mails, etc. 9,006,189 Ba'auci' oí interest paid by Uuitïd States 26,951 439 BtTMNEB Howabd, formeily of Michigan, has reaigned nis potrition of United States District Attoraey in Utab Alexandcr Stephens' Committee ou Weiglits and Meafiures is going to report a bilí making the metrio system obligatory in all governnieutal transactiona. Mr. Stophcua is positivo that the system is going to be adopted, i-ooner or later, by all civilized nations, and thinks that the United States ought to tuko it up promptly Thf. following coraparative statement of the condition of tho United States ïreasiuy Jan. 1, 1877, and Jan. 1, 1878, has been isuicd from the treasury : HALANC1S. 1877. 1878. Currency $ 9,4B3,8C0 $ 5,4a8,844 Special fund for rcdempUoD of fractioual currency 10,000,000 Special deposita leRfil ii-iulers for rcdfïnpi tiou certificates of deposit 31,'Oil.OOO 32,8W,O('0 C..ÍU 98,517,418 1:19,518,415 1 Coin certificates 47,280,000 83,444,900 ■ Coin Icsk oiu cartificates 49,287,418 106,C33,505 OutBtantíing cal led boncls 11,021,990 20,745,300 Otlifr ouifitandiiig coin liabilitiee 8,598,729 5,907,346 OutstancüuK legal-tcn1 d.-rf 366,(155,084 349,943.776 l OutstandiDg fractional cniTOllcy 2(i,S48,206 17,7e4,108 Outstandingsilvercoin. 25,340,167 38,050,820 ' Total debt Jess cïit-h iu treasnry 2,092,921 .241 2,045,955,442 l lteductiou of debt since ; July 1 6,518,103 14,202.780 Market valuc of told.. 107 102.81 ïniports twelve niouths. J ending Nov. 30 411, 784,784 482,150,573 KxporUrtwelve montbs endiliK Nov. 30 575,651,088 622,54-i,28'2 lúcrele of debt for December, 187fi, $3.585,142; 1 I decrease, 1877, $71,62;. THE President has appomted Ulysses S. Grant, Jr., United States District Attorney for the Eastern Dintrict of New York It is underateod, says a Washington dispatch, that in tho Postmatter General' (flice tho opinión hí-ld by the law-officer that coniplimeutary pain is caunot go at pound rates in not entertamcd, but Ihat it ia thero held that a perfila receiving a free paper is an actual subscriber. j The iaw-oflicer, however, without having had the matter milunitted formally to liini, fcxpresses a decidcd opinión that dead-head papers can only go at transient rate. Tiiere are rumor and rumora of coming Congressional investigatioTis. Among thetie i one to declare the eoat of M. O. Butler, of South Carolina, vacant; another to investígate the eutire Presidenlial iiuestion .... The Interior Department iuvesiigation ha discovered a new abuse in the Indian service. On some reservatione tho Indians have made progrese iu agricul ture and raied considerable crops. These product have been sold by the Agent and the money nccountcd for to the departniont, but the IudiaiiB have been paúl wilh brass ehecks instcad of moncy. These checks the traders roctived in p&yment for good puvehased by tho Indiaas, but the trader chargo extravagant prices. Se ven dollars in money buys as many blankots as tlG in brasa checks, and il iu checkB would oiily pmebaro two pounds of sugar. 8. A. Gawix, Chief Clerk of tlie ludían Bureau, has beeu removed by Secrotary Schurz on account of corrupt practico The report Bubmitted to Secretary Schnrz by Joseph K. McGammon, Rf tho Department of Juatiee, C.ipt. Tho- II. Bradley, Uoited States anny, and George M. Lockwood, Chief Clerk of tlie Interior Departnient, the Board of Inquiry couvened by him in June last to invetigat tho Indian servico; is a very elabórate and luminous document. The report condemns "tho absence of regulation, systcm; and method" in the bureau's admimntration : also tho snppression of charges against agents and contractors; the carrying on of semi-official correspondenco by sübordinates withont authority: i the careless disposal of record?; the relinquishment of authority by respouniblo officurs; tho loss 01 disappearance of important papers, and the factions opposition by the clerks and otherü to the Board of Indian Commissioners. If also refers in terms of distrust to tho "unfitness of the Caúef Clerk, the Corresponding Cleik, the Annuity Clerk, and others; tho incompetency displayed in the accounts división; the iuefficieuoy of the land división; the habitual lack of circumspection in the fínance división; the uselessuess of tho ciilization división, and the demoralizatiou of tht bureau throughout." The in ventora are moving to havo the cost of patents reduced from .$1-00 to 65. It is proposed to abolih the models and exaniinations, granting patents to al) who apply, as in Englanfl, and loaving the right to au invention to be contested in the courts Tho Kuproaio Court has unanimously decided against tho famous McGarrahan cIhíiij, which has been the subject of endlesíi controveray. FOUTICAI.. President Hayfs bas been interviewed by a Washington Vost representativo, and is tlius rejiorted: "Without referring Hpccifically to tlio New ïork appointmcutii, but evidentlv having them in mind, he ol.aervid that he had not ben moved by the action of the Becate eíther to abale bis !esiio of carrj-ing out the policy general'y known as civit-gervtoé reform, or to despair of final succosa in the nelection of brétnuneniaJlties to that end. Ho would neither deny nor alliriii tho Ktateïimnts that had Imoïi made in tlio pross rcilaiivc to his dfKigu of greeting Congress neut week with a special mesiige on tint sntrjeot, but it was tiuo that ho intended to exhau-t his constitntional powers in the promotion of Fuch reforms. The moet remarkable tliing 1 v said was Ihat no plea er remontitrance bátfed apon i' partisan coDB'.derations would have uiv wiight wiih him, no matter by whom il nh%ht l)e made, and that ho attacliod import moe to those representations ciily which ere put upon thf: groun lof the general public wilfare. He intimated that thero had bs.en of lato a Ofisfl&tión of ]iarty ap]jeal to bini, wliich Was a relief, bicaue las love for the namo of Iiepublican and his rtíverence for the oarly tradiaoni of his party were so etrong that it was not easy or pleasant to him to resit apIeals Ihade for thoir sake, particularly wheu tiU'h appeald canui from men whom ne had alwayx delighted to honor. But tho rcniponsümif.ifis of hjs position placed duty abQvp pernoual 'celings, and, in his effort to keep the faith of ii inaugural with tho whole poople, ho hou!d ïot hesitato to procoed contmry to tho advice f individtialu, howeverdearto him they miglit se peronally, hencver it seimed to him or liiit ;onntitutional advisoiv, or rat her to the collecÏT6 jmlgment of liin administración, that Uoh idvico was contrary to the letter and fp rit of Lhe rromiíes he had mado to the country. Tho wholo tenor of the conversation was to 'tho effect that Mr. Hayis regards the ituation with KilmnesR, and has heen at no timo loss infloxiblo in his iurpoBes than uow." TiiE MaryHnd Court of Appeals decides that a negro cannot he admitted to practico in tho court of that State Gen. B. F. Butler prodicts that the Silver bilí will bo a law within ixty days, veto or n veto. . . .Senator Morton's lost repoiton tho Chinero qucution has bet-n found in the incomplete statO iu which ho left it, and will soon he pnblished. It advocates a poliey of jmtice and protection toward the Celustials. It is statod that, in viow of the rotiromont of Senator Stanley Matthews f rom the Senate, the administratiou has decidid to tender him a prominent poBition under the Government. A Washington dispatch says : "Preaiden Ilayes ill not send iu any new nomiuations for the New York Custom Ilouoe, at least for sonie timo to come. Tbis courso he believes to be for the best interetsts of the country anc tho party." THE TÜRKO-RUSSIAN WAR. A very few wordö compríso the documen conccrning which tho entire civilized worlt is intcnsely anxkms at this time. En gland'a noto to Rusaia is short and to th point - simply informing the Czar that th l'orte i roady to opon peaco negotiation and that, f rom tho Emperor a witídom and hi frpquent exoressions of love for peaoe Her Mojesty'H Government infers that ho wi lend a favorablo ear to the Sultan' requesi A London dispatch pays England's offerec mediation has beenrefusod poiut-blank, thoug not offensively. The lliiHSian anöwer is to th effect that, Wmle the Czar wishes poaco and i raad; to concludo the war on ueh terms a llüKsia would consider acceptable, vet no step can be taken till Turkey U willing to givo pre liminary guaranteea of her desiro for actua ptace, and not merely for delay. Anotheh dashing raid through the Balka monntaiuB has been accompliehed by a KuBsia f orce, tho strength of which ia not now knowi ThO object of thO move apparently is to threa en the position taken by Sjüeiman l'aha, anc to haaten the completo withdrawal of tho Tur] ish army bt yond the Balkaun. London dispatches of the 4th inst. say " th Britisn Cabinet has decidod to ini'orm Euss that no repárate negotiation between the be ligerents will bo sanctioned by Great Britain auil that a statement of the conditions of peac required by RusBia will be regarded as uece sary before auy proposal from Turkey for trucc can bo made. 'Whilo tho tono of the ' note will be couvteous, it cannot fail to cause ' illfeeliuge." With the fall of Plevua tho second line of ' Jefenso upon whioh Tiirkey has depended may be 6aid to have been taken. The latost Information ia that the RuKnians have already : crossed the Eüxpol Balkan, and Buleiman Pasha is in retreat. It is reported that the . third lino of defense, the Balkan range, will bo abandoned without a struggle, and that wbatever deeisive fighting occuru hereafter wiU be on the plains of Koumelia. The TurkB have evacuated Sophia The Journal de Si. l'etersburg says Rust ia could not, in the interest of peace itself, do otherwise thau rcfuso all intervention, and make it elearly underftood that peace must be discu68ed between the belligerents. As important vietory was gained by Gourko's comniand over the Tui ka, near Sophia. The Jatter lost 1,000 iu killed, while unsuccessfully attempting to surround a brigade of eavalry and live infantry battalions. As an offet to this, tho Turks announco the destruotion of a Knsíian forcé, near Erzeromn, which had been engagcd iu detrpying ttlegraph linei-. The Iïuss'.ans lost ouly tweuty-five men in ooonpying Sophia, but a portiüu of thuir forces buífered tfcrribiy in advancing through the mountains. Abont 1,000 of them were severely frozen, and more thau fiftv died. GKNKKAI, FOKEIGN NEWS. Ex-Queek Isabella, of Spain, has published a letter in tho Figaro protcsting against the expulsión of Don Carlos from France on wiiiu 'v uu nnigui ijuiinjntiuj RrUilM Hit; jresent King of Spain. She dcniv tbat sho b a party to any tnich conspiracy, or tliat any ixistí, and declare that the intímate friendihin vhidi exists between herself and Carlos 1M nothiug to do witli polilios. Btaklez, the African explorar, has arived at Cairo, Egypfc, where he waa nagniiiccntly entertaiued by the Khodive rhe Attoertisgr liears, on relialile authority, that fHcical informa-tion !iaa been recuived "in Ht. Peteráburg tho Chineso havo massnered 15,600 men, nomen, and ohildren in the Kashjarian towu of Manas: committing most frightful atrocities A tomfic explwion of giintowder recently oceurred at Montevidoo, á. A., CBnltinp in the kilütig niitX mortal wonndiDg of ■(nio eixtj or sevonty ofíiccra and fiokliere. The iincapinnfis in France at tho prospect :hnt F.nglaud would Htize upon Egypt was ao jreat as to lead to a diplomatic correspondence on tho subject. A note of inquiry was recently addresstd by the Fronch Ooveriiniont, i md, tal response the Britisb Minister óf Forrign Affaira gave the most positivo asrarance Lhat Kngliind had no intention of j iug her.-clf to the land of tho Pnaraohs i Gren. Grant arrived in Egypt on the 5th in: t. Ho was naluttd by Turkish vcHtielu in the port, the bands pluying American natïonal oirs. During tho visit the Khedive's barge and the Dther vessels mauntd the yards, dinplayod American flag and xalnted witli great enthusiasm. The Khedivo oLfered tho ure of his palaco in Cairo to Gen. Grant d uring his Ptay there, and a steamcr to navigate the Nilo was placed at hi service . . . . A Kome dinpatch states that tho Pope continúes to improvo in health, and liis physician is now of the opinión that his Holinesu will soon reoover tbo nse of his leg....A dipatch from Constantiiioplo statea that, if Hui-sia rtjects mediation, Turkoy will await tlie meeting of the Bntish Parliament bofore making direct overtures to Eusbia. . . .Five thounand more troops have sailed from Egypt for rutkey. A f urther reinforcement is preparing.


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