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No Labor-saving Devices For Her

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i nen you uon c want a ciotueswringer to-day ?" said the m;m. " No, I don't," replied the wornan. " Tunea are too hard to think abont it. llore it is the rniddle o' winter, and me with my Biimmer hat yet. I think I see rnyselí bnying a oloth es-wringer and goin' bareheaded till next snmmer. Not muoli." " But I can sell you one on weekly payments," put in the man. " Give it to you at the whoies:de piice, and let you pay fcl a week on it, and before you knew it you'd have it all paid i'or, and be getting the use of it all the time. Ain't that fair enough ?"' "I'm rot findiüg any fault with your terras, Raid thc womnn. "But do I want to hide all that rnouey where it can't be seen? A eluthes-wriüfrer wouldn't look wt.41 propped up in a front wiiidow, would it ? Sis dollars is right smart o' money, and I coiild get a hat with it that would jnst naore'n make tho plasterer's wife wish she'd stayed in the oíd country." "But," urged the man, persuasively, " think of the hard work it would eave you, and besides it's dirt-eheap at the price. No twiatin' your fingers out of joint if you have one o' them. Shall we cali it a trade?" " Not if I know myselfj!" returnod the woman. "Why, sir, with SG I could almost gct a cloak that would make nearly every woman on the f quare catch cold peeping through the door crack, nnd I llave my mind ou a piece of alpaca that could be sent home to me for about that figure, tliat would take the peace out of every family within seven doors eaah way. I don't Bp;nd much money these hard times, but when I do I want to get a little satisfaction out of it. So you can inovo on with your squeezin' machine, au' Eell it to Borne woman who hain't got no pride abowt lier," and she slammed


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