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He wore sheepskin mittens, had his trousers iii his biots, and he covereJ his horses with oíd piceos of rag carpet, and entered a hardware store aud askcd to look at a eheet-iron stove. He was 6howu several patterns, one after the other, but none seomed exuctly to suit liis ideas. " I have shown you every stjle of parlor stove on s:ile by any house in Detroit," said the dealer as tíiey stood before the last one. " Yes, I s'pose so, but none o' them quite filis the bilí," was the dubious answer. ' ' Why not ? Aren't they big enough, ttill enough, handsoine enough, or what is the troublc?" " Waal, 111 teil you ?" slowly replied the would-be customer. " Tlie ole womau, she takos á story paper, and her head is chuck f nll of such name s as Evangeline, Emilcna, Mand, Arabella, and Riverbrll. The gals they rcad Shakapeare, anti they are all the time talking about Hamlet, Claudius, Petruchio, Borneo, and so on. I'm kinder postin' np on nstronoray myself, and I'm all the timethinkin' about Venus, Mars, Satum, and Júpiter. Now, you haven' got a stove in the lot with a niore romantic name than 'Ajax,' aud just imagine folks like us sittin' around a stove with a plug name like that I" He tihonght lie'd look further, and as he unhitched his team he called out : " Whoa, now, Lady Estella; stand around there, Othello !" - Detroit Free Press. APkussian military journal says that Franco can put on a war footing 1,738,000 men and 209,400 horses.


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