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H. A. TreiÉfi & Co. (Sr.ccuiHora to B. W. KLLI8 & CO.) AM A11B0R, MIOH. A FIRST CLASS Drug Store. DRUGS AND DYE STUFFS, Patent Medicines, TOILET & PERFÜMERY ARTICLE8 Prescriptions Compoundeö at All Hours. Cor, Main and Hyropc,5 DÖBBINSTARCH mM j (H9W_DASHÉj u" ','■''' r" A GB.EAT DISCOVERT, By the u?e of which every family may rítp tk Lineo tbat polifih peculiar to fine lamulry 7ort. ktíur timo and labor in ironins? more tbti oost. Sold Uy Rrocers, or will be sent, poatage pafL ou receipt of '25 cente. DOBBXNS, BHO. ÓL CO., 13 N. Ftmrth St., Fhlladelphb, ■ - ..;■'■'. Art ■ j y ■ _ jla MJU.Ï.Ï na is the fincst Linimenl in int im:% re ■.'■ v:''.l positlvdy cvre ti almosl ev.'ry cattFrico $1.00 pzr lolllc, JGHÏÏSQ1Ï,' EOLLCWAT & CO, S l'JSCIA I. A (1 F.STS, PAiladetpM THE MILIVAIKKK MEDICAL & SÜR&ICAL iSTITi, EstabHshed 1837 and Chartercd bv the State Ifiüw fortheimprovodtreatment oi all Private ana Camifl DíBCñsea mentiODt'd in this Jutt publihra, Wï, "THE 8ILENT FR1END!" . mM Ml. A contidcntial.dviserfortlie?iJUiiI &LMF middle agcd of both sc-xw ;on i.l 1HM'.-.Jin es ol a Prívalo Nature, triiinüKa VjÉ '■■' Early Abuses or Inrection, MimuVaknc8i,and Lom ut Mauhood, ail the b'-1 otcure; with valunble advice tq the MamI w contemplatiiie MarriafïP; incluihnfttt trealiie on iww Dlseascs, and Chrdnic Atfections of the Thrott-UiP and Skin, Catarrh. Cáncer. Rupturc, PiiestFiituU-tn1;" um Habit &c. It contains 2G01arjïc pages and nuDwnwio cravinea, nisileil undcr rc& on reccipt of1 cl. , A CLINICAL LECTOHE on the above iimm.vá the pnnciplci of medical practiccin their trwunent, No 435 Wator t.. JtlLWAÜKït fpÜli i This is prohahhj the sfr purcst and best preparation :nown. One trial toül eo"" j 7 Vcc, SI. 00 per bottle. J0imST0N,H0LL0WAY&C01 Special Asraís, Phtíadt'pM, i I DYSPEPSlTl1 Pennanently cured iu svcry Instaace by the EAGLE DYSPEPSIA TROCHES. Thcy will immcdintely correct t rtomach, check vomiliii); ad bcartooncure sickness or pain in the stom ■ costiveness, liver complaint, hc ' etc. Being picasant, safe eii1 MJjH are a sire cure lor Infauts suflenng iw weaic stomach. Price, Thirty-FivcCents per BoxEARLYBIRD WORM POWDEB. At all times safe, reliable, strijS table and tastelcss. used by old and ! "'" with perfect safety. even when worn not present. Itequires but one w" effect a cure. Price, IS Cents per Paetage. Sold by all Drupcists. or sent by M1 on recelpt of Price. NEBEKER C CO.. W lSt&ul El!:"-.. Rj., Tï.ïMUphJ rEICI?, 35 CENTS. jo&as&n, nblloway & Co" Spsolal Asenta, i'hüad''


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