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--"'rBVEEY FKIDAY MORKING fí' . A torv of the brick hlock corner of Main . , me tötf" "l an(i Huiou streelB, iJTNARBOIt, - - MICHIGAN. nu Huron street, opposite the Gregory ,...jice ou House. pjSTT B. POND, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER. ■ no a vear, or SI. 50 in advance. jfrni9, "" J _J ates of A.rvTCRTisnsrG. -i::==Tv' 2 w. i 3 w. 6 w. 3 in. im.1 year ■lpiCE. ' , ' tV %l 25 $1 50 $2 50 $3 50 $5 00 $8 00 1 !qre' i w 2 00 2 50 a 50 6 00 8 00 12 00 '" 2 00 2 50 3 50 5 00 7 50 10 50 15 00 . 3 60 4 00 4 50 6 00 10 00 15 00 25 00 1 ,, i 00 5 00 6 00 8 00 12 00 20 00 30 00 ' f 5 00 7 00 8 00 10 00 15 00 24 00 38 00 ■ "Sí 7 00 10 00 12 00 15 00 20 00 30 00 65 00 ' í ,mn lO 15 0" '8 "" M Wl 35 00 C,0 00 100 00 I "raimes or !e8S considered a square. wiiu Directory, $1.00 line per year. . or special noticee 12 cents a line for the Ion, and 8 cents for each Bubsequent inivertisers have the privilege of charging 1 dwrtisements quarterly. Additional chant '11 be chargod for. I Jwrti6ement8 unaccompanied by written or 1 directions will be published three months, i :,,iTiei accordingly. ':,: 1 advertisinft, flrst insertion, 70 cents per .35 ceuts per folio for each subsequent inser'-'.cnapostpoMement isadded toan advertise. ; ■'[. vliole will be charged the Bame as the flrst jjrlio' JOB PRIZSTTITSTGr.' Ijleta posters, Handbills, Circulara, Cards, TckflB, Labels, E,;iuk Biil-Heads and other ' "-Le of Plain aud Facoy Job Printiug executed "'jromptnesp, and in the oest possible style. ÜCsSËSS_DmECTOBY. ífÜvALD MACLK.IN, M. I., Pnysician and 1 1 sureeon Office and residence, 71 Hurón street, í Arbor. Ofllce hours f rom 8 to 9 a. m. and f rom v. ín. rnts7sOPHIA VOLLANU, M. D., PhysiVI cian and Surgeon. Office at íesidence, 44 Aun WUI attend to all professional calis prompti dy or night. rírn. JACKSON, Dentist. Office corner of Y Main aud Washington streets, over Bach & . i store, Aun Arbor, Mlcb. Anesthetics admináared if required. ÍÑkS & WORDEN, 20 South Main street, 'V Anu Arbor, Mich., wholesaie and retail dealBin Drj' Goods, Carpets and Groceries. ífACK & SCHJ1ID, dealers in Dry Goods, 'flroceries, Crockery, etc., No. 54 South Main BICH & ABEL, dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, etc., No. 20 South Main Street, Ann jrtor, Mich ifrüTwAGNEK, dealer in Beady-Made ClothVV iug, Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Trunks, CirpetBags, etc, 21 South Main street. pgt!HXKIÏËKLE, Teacher of the Piano-forte. ( L Puinis attaiu the desired skill in piano-play bT a eystematic course of instruction. For'P'J' at residence, No. 12 W. Liberty Btreet, m vrbor." Prompt attention paid to piano-tuning. iy is. EliY, Organist at the Presbyterian , Church, wiU give instruction upon the i' or Organ, or in vocal culture and harmony. en at pupils' renidence. TerniB, $15 per . of 20 lessons. Pianos tuned and repaired. Ci!l ■ adaress 15 Bowery street. 1620yl ttaIIE J. ROKERS, Portrait Painter. PorK traits painted to order either f rom life or phoprapïs. Instiucüons given in Drawing and Pintmg by the eystem ueed in Academies of DejjgQ. Studio, No. 7, cor. División and Ann streets. "1. D. HARTLEY, M. D., AND MES. SOPHIA HAETLEY, M. D., GEEMAN AND ENGLISH PHYSICIANS AND SURCEONS. Office and residence, No. 18 Thompson, corner of rhonipson and William street, Anu Ar'oor, Micb. Ure. Dr. Harttey will limit her practice to the treatnien't of dieeases peculiar to Ladies and Children. "ÜisS MANTIE M. MILNEE, TEACHER OF THE PIANO. ' -trüction given at the residence of the ptipü if For terms inquire at residence, No. 48 South State itrect. 1614 EUGENE K. FKUEAU-FF, ATTORNEY AT LAW, .IHD JUSTICE OF THE PEAOE. All business promptly attended to. Office No. 8 ïact Wst-liington street. "Rinsey & Seabolt;s block. NOAH W. CHEEVEK, ITTORNEY AT LAW. Office east side of Court House Square, Ann ] Albor, Mich. JOHN L. BUELE1GH, Mtorney and Counselor at Law, No. 24 Bank Block, second fioor, ANN AKBOK, - - MICHIGAN. HENKY K. HILL, ATTORNEY AT LAW, And Dealer in Real Estáte. ' Offire. N" 3 On"ra Hr.ue B'ock. ANN ARBOR. EVERYBODY 8AYS THAT REVENAUCH IS THE Boss Photographer of Ann Arbor. 28 East Huron Street, upstairs. C. H. WINSLOW DEALER Ui PICTURES, FRAMES ASB BRACKETS, VIOLINS AND GUITARS. All kinds of Eepairing promptly attended to. No. 30 East Huron Street. J. H. NICKELS, FRESH & SALT MEATS, Hams, SauHag;e8, Lard, etc, STATE STREET, OPPOSITE NORTHWEST CORNER OF UNIVEBSITY CAMPUS. Orders promptly fllled. Farmers having meats lo sell should give him a cali. 1568-yl THE ANN AEBOB SAVINGS BANK Ann Arhor, Michigan. Beceiyes deposita of One Dollar and upwards and illowa Five per cent. interest on all deposita reffiaiuing three moriths or longer. INTEREST COMPOUNDED SEMI-ANUALLY. ilso, buys and sells U. 8. Bonds, Gold, Silverand Interest Coupons, and New York, Detroit and ChigoEichange. Aleo sells Siht Draftsn Great Britaio, Irelani Germany, or any other part of the European Continent. TÍÜ8 Bank is organized xmder the General Ban gLawof thisStite. The Btockholders are indi tdlally liable to the amount of their Btoek, and the whole capital is security for depoeitors, weli, iitli BankB of issue the capital is invested for the tcurity of bill-hoiaers. This fact makes this In8totution a very safe deposit of moneys. Married Women can depoBit subject to their own fafts only. Money to Loan on Approved Secnritles. Dihectors- K. A. Beal, C. Mack, W. D. IlnrriBn, W. Deubel, W. W. Wines, D. Hiecock, W. B. Sojlth. orncERS : 1 Mack, Pres't. W. W. Wines, Vicc-Pres't C. E. Hiscock, Cashier. EBERBACH & SON, taíüsts mi Pliarmacísts, 12 South Main St., ? on hand a large añil wcll selected stock o DRUGS, MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, DYE STÜFFS iHHSTS1 & WAÏ FLOWER MATERIAL Toilet Articles, Trusges, l'tc. PURE WINES AND LIQUORS Special atention païd to the furnisliiDisr of Ph pftüR, ChémisU, Sí.hoo's, etc., with PJiilosopbica OUemical Apparatua, Bohemian Chemicj 7 s-fvarö, Porcelain Ware, Pure Keagenta, etc. .,. 'Voidans' iirfHí.riptioDH carefully prepared a -re ' " 1546


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