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A Poor Investment

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The following aneedote was told by Mr. Legare, of South Carolina, when he iros Secretar of the Treasury : Mr Legare owned a likely lad by the name of Scipio. Whether by reading abolition traots or by hearing in sonie other way of the great advantages of liberty, Scip took it into his cocoa-nut that he would like to be free. Accordl ingly he made proposals to Mr. L. for the purchaee of himself . As he acknowledged that he was very comfortable and had no fault to find with the overseer, Mr. L. endeavored to dissuade him from the idea, but in vain. "No use, Massa Legare," said Scip. " What '11 you take for me ?" "Well, Scip,-" said Mr. L., "you are --.Al. rffcn AAn . ii -rrrtit tl411 CfC fl.lill can mise $1,000, yon shall have your papera." ,., , öcip admitted that tina was liberal ; and, as he had no inconsiderable sum already laid by, he soon managed, with the assiBtanoe of friends, to raise the whole araount. One morning he carne capering into Mr. L.'s study with cash in hand, claiming his proinise. " Better stay where you are, Scip, and let me take care of this money for you," said Mr. L. But his advice -was not heeded, and he raluctantly took the money, and gave Mr. Scipio Africaniis a bilí of sale of himself. Aa it was, Scip left -with a tear in his eye, although there was abroad grin on his face. It was not long before he found employment on a railroad. Things went prettv well with hiin for a timo, until one clay tliere was a colusión between an expresa train and train of gravel cars. Wagons, engines, white folks, and. darkies were tossed into the air generally, and some twenty of the latter were killed, while many more were maimed for life. Scip, however, found himself high and dry on a sand-bank, and free from an.y in jury. But his nerves had reoeived a terrible shock, and he was so mortall, afraid of another imilar accident that he left his employment, and obtained o aituation on board a river steamboat. But here, again, his lnc.k was not ot' lomg duration. Just as the boat was leaving tb e wharf an explosión took place, which sent forty or üfty colored ladies and gentlemen to the places where good 01 bad darkies go. But our friend Scip merely went partly over the river, anu dropped into the s'tream in company with the smoke-stack. He paddled himseli ashore, and, without waiting to changt his clothes, traveled, with wings lenl him by fear, straight to the home of hit old master. "Look a-heah, Massa Legare," he exI claimed as soon as he could oatch his ' breath, "jns'"you give me dat monr y back and take me. Dis yeah nigger property well 'nougli for rich men like you, but d - poor 'vestment for dis chile. 'Tain't safe; darsn't riek 'em no longer."


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