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The Syndicate Contract Revoked

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At a recent Cabinet meeting Secretary Sherman informed the Cabi net lie hnd notified the syndicate that the contract with them f or placing the 4per-cent. bonds would be considered annulled on the 24tii inst. , that beiug the end of the ten days' notice by the terms of contract. The skeleton of an advertisernent sent to the newspapets wae read, offering to the public the 4-percent. bonds for gohl at par, anc? notifying the public that gold could be obt.ained for purchase at any bank at the market rates. A circular will be Bent to banks and bankers oüeiing them a discount of one-half of 1 per cent. for disposíng oí these bonds, and annouucing that the Government will sll gold sufficient for puiposes of exchange in placiug them upon the market. A resident of Hanover, N. H. , hm sued a young townsman for $300 for room-rent, fuel and light duriug the defendant's cfurtsliip of tho plaintiffs daugh ter - a period of oye-F four ' years.


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