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a membor of the Editor's family (his daughter) ia a sufficient excuse for any ahortconiings in tbis woek's Altous. Detroit taxpttyers are happy : the Supreine Court has docided against the claim of Farwell & Kobinson tor royalty on pavement. Tilden has won the first heat in the partisau suit brought against him to recover unpaid income tax : JudgeBlatchford holding that the law did not require an assessmeut of iucome tax for 1SG1-62. The Chicago Times gets off this good one : "Zack Uhandler is in Washington, but has lost all recollection of the number and street of the White House." If Hayes only kept a stock of good liquors in his cellar Zack would scent the trail at once. The last heard of U. S. Grant, Jr.. the "briefless barrister" who has been made an aasistant U. S. District Attorney in New York City, he was at St. Louis, bogging a " pass " to Cincinnati. His claim to the "pass" was the same as to the district attorneyship: his name was Grant and his father was once President. - - - - - -■- ' i i M Tuis is one of the last of the Chicago Ocean'x digs at the Administration : " We have heard a good doal ahout the virtues of ' backbone.' Ohio Republicans, from the President down, seem to have euough of backboue - in tact, thoy seem to bo all backbone. What they lack is head." The Oceun would n't know the difference betwetn " head " and "backbone." The BÜver and greenback speech of Senator Voorhois was a fine rhetorical and oratorical effort, full of sophisms and glittering generalities. The evils it traces to the demonetization act were upou the country long before the passage of that act : the result of iuflation, speculation, corruptiou, and the great destruction of property during the war. As no gilver circulated as money for years prior to demonetization, contraction could not havo come from it. Charles W. Clisbee, an eminent politician resident at Cassopolis, is contesting a subscription made to the M. E. Church of that villago. He made it on Sunday, and the justice before whom the suit was commenced held it void. The church has appealed. The church or the officials should have had a little worldly wisdom, and not moved on Clisbee untill about the opening of the next political campaign. Then he would have shelled out without a suit, - hoping for a few votes in caucus. This is the way the Doinoorats of New Hampshire put it in their platform: " We are in favor of a stable currency, the honest paymeut of the public debt, and are opposed to all mensures by which the public credit inay be impaired." Which means, we are opposed to the everlasting tinkering of the currency by Congress, and to the insane attempt to make metáis of unequal valué, and mere paper prouiises, of equal valué by mere legislation. " The cold Marble will uot speak " says the poet ; but considermg what lcLin, the Florida elector, said about the bribe which Mantón offerert him to ciist the electoral vote for Tilden, the fnends of the latter gentleman had better warm him up uittil he answers the grave . charges brought against this silent Marble. - Post and Tribune. If our Detroit cotemporary could mako any claim to being a live newspaper it would have discoverod before its issue of the 22d inst., from which we quote, that the "cold" and "silent Marblo" had some days before planted a very heavy foot on McLin. We quote from a letter from Mr. Marble to the New York World, and published in that journal January 19. He says : "Inever called upou him [McLin] at his house, as he is reponed to have said, 'the night before the count.' Iu tact he was then cioseted at the State House with his coufederates. Aud if he ha said that theu or at any other time, or in auy way, directly or indireotly, or by auy iorm or implication oí lauguage, I told told him that the Democratie party would make him nch, or nomínate him to any office, or that any one would do so with my consent or furtherance, he has uttered a stupid lie. But I um not concerned to deny anything, however falso, that this disappointed man may choose to say of me, or iuveut as my part iu a conversatiou without witnesses- not even though he charge me with prombiug him what President Hayes has performod, or, rather, tried to perform, by nominatiug him to a Federal magistracy iu New Mexico." What moro definite "answer" can the PoU tul Tribune ask for?


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