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Th tüllüwiiig is the " acoro " made by tha Circuit Court since our last report: People vs. Peter Leonard ; ndmitted to bail íu sum of $200 with Patriok JLeouard as surety People vs. Clark Fralick ; obtaining money under false pretenseB ; aentenced to Ktato Prison for twn yeiu-a. John Meyer va. Win. Brainerd ; case referred to Frank Emerick aa referoe. In tlie matter of the appeal of Igualz Foreshee f rom the decisión of the Judge of Probate, dis;iHwití; tus claim against the estáte of John Millcr, deceased ; 25 days grauted appelee to prepare and settle bilí ot' exceptious. Frederick Krause vs. Daniel Weinett; trial by the court ; judgment for plaintiff tor Ï17Ö75- execution issued therefor. Charles D. Colman vs. Charles Tlmyer ; motion to eet aside report of referee overruled with leave to move for auother trial. Simeón Mains vs. Henry B. Jones ; judgnient for plaintiff for umouut ot verdict aud ccsts- execution issued therefor. John ü. Self vs. Luther E. McGee ; judgment entered for detendant for $120 and costa. 14 days allowed plaintiif in which to move for a new trial. In the matter of the appeal of Joseph and Wm. Eider from the decisión of the coramisaiouers on the estáte of Horace Rosier, disallowing their claim9 against said estáte ; judgmeut for appellants for $691.32 aud costa- execution issued therefor. Joslin & Whitman vs. Myrou H. Bumpus ; judgment tor plaintiffs for $90 and costs - execution issued tberefor. David Babcock, admiuistrator, vs. Oliver H. Twist ; 50 days allowed plaintiff to prepare aud settle bill of exceptions. In the matter of the petition of Henry S. Bousteel for removal of mortgage trom bis lamls ; petition granted. People vs. G. George Gale ; defendant discharged from custody. People vs. Albert Olds ; defendaut discharged from custody. In the matter of the appeal of Orrin S. Bonsteel, from the order of the Judge of Probate setting apart the residue of the estáte of Wm. Frain, deceased, tor the support ot William Fraiu, ordering the administrator to pay the same to Truman B. Goodspoed, guardián ; trial by the Court ; order ot Probate Court afliriiii-ii, with costs to appullee to be taxed and execution ïasued therefor. Orson A. Sober vs. Jame M. Nichols : judgment for plaintiff for $538.50 and execution issued theretor. Upon application Lucius Knight was admitted to practico as au attorney and counselor at law. Benj. F. Morton vs. John G. Crane; trial by the Court ; judgment for detendant for costs - execution issued therefor. Upon appliatiou Christian Golder was admitted to citizenship. Christian Schmidt vs. John M. Hirth, garnishoo of John A. Pfeifle ; trial by the Court ; judgment for plaintiff for $500 aud coats - oxecution issued therefor. CHAXCKRT CASES. Catharine Reyer vs. George W. North and Harlow H. Howo ; decree of t'oreclosure granted. Francés H. Eeynolds vs. Garrison Underhill et al.; ordored that del'eudant show why they should ut be puuisheil for violation of injuiiction. George H. Wardle vs. Mary H. Wardle ; bill of complaiut dismissed without prejudice with leave to complainaut to file iicw bill. Albert Blaess vs. Fredeiika Gerner et al. : report ot Commissioner Emerick cunfinued ; ordered that the Kegister pay to deteudant G. F. Houser the sum ot $3,368.25, beiug the amouut ot' surplus money in bil hands urising out ot the pioceeds of the sale of mortguged premisas. Délos Phillips, administrator of the estáte of W. H. Phiilip, deceased, and Adeline N. Pattee vs. David Cody and Delia Pattee; ordered that bill ot complaiut be dismitsed with costs. The ltegents ot the Umversily vs. Silas H. Douglas, P. B. Kose et al ; after hbaring arguments of counsel it was ordered that BO mucfa of the decree or order of the Court ol Xov. 30, as partially vacates the interlocutory deuree ut Uct. 2ö, m so far as the same was partially vacated, be restored in iuli force aijd etïect. Mouday, Jan. 21, having been set dowu as the day for rehearing the cause on the new testimony, aud defeudauts Rose, Beal aud Smith havlug failed to appear and prosecute such reJiearing, hut müde detault, mui they having faileu to file the uew testimouy taken, it was ordered that the petition for rehearing of said liose, Beal and Smith be dismissed, aud the order grauting such reheuring be vticated, with costs against said petitioners to be taxed.


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