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Since our last report deeds huve been put on record in the Register's office stiowing sales as follows : Samuel Cushinan to Win. M. Campbell, 12 acres off sectiou .'n, S liaron. $625. Frederick Boos to Philip Swemfurth, 80 acres off sectiou 18, Sylvau. $3,100. Froderick Boos to John O'Coimor, 40 acres off sectiou 9, Sylvan. $500. George W. McCormick to Henry B. Hooper, 100 acres off sectious 4 and 9, Salem. $6,000. Henry Benuett to Chas. W. Blackraer, 1-2 acre off'sectiou 35, York. 4Ü0. Wesley Hicka to Sarah C Fiacher, part of lot 12 in R. S. Smith's additi ju to Auu Arbor. Í1.600. Cathariue Keady to Jas. and 1'. H. Evans, part of lots 1 and 2, iu block 2 uorth and range 1 1 east, Ann Arbor. $1,000. Saxton Macomber to ü. W. Macomber, 39 1-2 acres off sectiou 20, Salem. $2,400. Meivin Newton to Adolph Gegler, 80 acres off sectlou 35, Salem, f2,000. Wm. F. Lawrence to Arthur S. l'olhemus, lot on West Hurón street, Aun Albor. $735.25, Wm. Cross to Eloise 1'. Willard, 1-2 acre ou Suinmit street, Ypsilanti. $600. George Clayton to Henry M. Dougherty, 40 acres off section 30, Augusta. $400. Saxton Macomber to'fhos. H. B. Macomber, 00 acres off section 2fi, Salem. $2,400. Harriot M. Dinuck to Ezra D. Lay, lot on Ellis street, Ypsilauti. $1,700. Thos. Lamborn to John F. Wiitliu,', 100 acies off sectiou .'6, Ypsilanti. ÍS.000. Nelson Osborne to August Grayer, part of northeast quarter of sectiou 1, Scio. $3,075. Frank Collins to Don C. Batcholder, lots 55, 5C, 5", and 58 in H. W. Larzeiere's additiou to Ypsilanti. $5ü l. Albert Case to Aaron Case, 10 acres off section 2, Manchester. $1,500. John Mclutyre to Wm. H. Mclntyra, lot 11 in block 7 south range 11 east, Auu Arbor. $1,000. A. A. Davis to Willis Warner, part of northwest quarter of section 28, Sylvan. $1,000. Jacob J. Stang to Jchiol J. Stang, 12U acrca off soctiou 26, Superior. $7,000. Heirs of Carey Stark to Ehzabeth Armbruster, 155 acres off seetiou 12, $5,800. D..M il-.l McCall to VV. W. Bawdish, 109 1-2 acres off section 6, Lyndon. $3,800. Ferdiuaud Breimayor to Stephen Schueidor. part of southeast quarter of suctiou 27, Freeüom. $1,700. Isaac T. Horton to Ueorge W. Taylor, 1-2 acre off sectiou 35, York. $300. Patrick Wall to Ebeuezer Steel, 10 acres off section 10, Northfield. $1,380. Caroline Taylor to Pamelia C. Taylor, part of lots 16 and 17 in block 3 of ƒ. W. Cowau's additiou to Manchester. $500. Isaac N. Conklin to Ypsilanti Gas Company, 1 acrn on Huron streot adjoining ïailroad, Ypsilanti. $1,284. Archibaid Y. Wright to Anna C. Carr, purt of lot 271 in Norris and Cross' additiou to Ypsilanti. l,050George A. Ingrahatn to J. D. Corey, 50 acres off sectiou 15, Sharon. $650. Half regular rutes : tbat is what the Board of Supervisors of Leuawee County propose to pay physioians for attending tbe poor.