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ITlaiiie. - A man in Waterville, whö signa himse:f"C. S." wishes to inform President Polk that he will toko íhe war by contract, and agree to thrash the Mexicans into perfect submission, for Uventy millions, or for ten millions with tlie "pickings and sleaüvgs" included. - Jeidhuryporl Courier. The Clergy of Augusta, says the Lib-' erty Standard, since the session of our State Legislatura have been so failhfu] in condemning thé slaveholders' war ogainst Mexico, that the members refuae to a'tend meeting. And understand they have established a meeting at the State House on Sabbath days, where they can havesome one to pray for the ucces3 of this diabolical business. IVew Hampshirc. - "Dad," asked an incipinnt legislator of his indulgent parent, says the Concord N. H. Statesman, who had gratified him with a visit to the galleries of the capital - "say, do you sec any row going on! I don't." "Noi" said the astonished father, "of Cöui-sö not. Whydid you ask?" "Because tlie man in the big desk says theeycs have il!" - and just now he said the nose had it - so I thought there was some fun down there some'ers?" Veruiont- Of the 192 Congregational Ministers in Vermond 14 are Liberty men, l ie a Democrat, and the rest Whigs. Tff assachlisctts.- A yoüng man named Thomas Snow was drowned on Thursday wliile bathing near Brarriaf's Bath. Every person who goes ntodeep water should know that a person may float in the waterany 1 englh of time wiihout tnoving a muscle, by assurning a eer tain posilion. Clíisp your hands behind your bock, and make your nose the bighst point of zenilh of your body, and keep sliil, and you cannot possibly drown excepl in vcry rough walen This is an jnfalüblc resource if nttucked withcramp ín swimming. - Chronoiype. A Smoked Diamond. - Juhn Diamond was yesferduy fined 7 dullars and costs foc ruaning aguinst a lody in the streel nwd-2iollara and costs for smoking tobafcco in hec face. Total $15. Legal ScAstox. - The following will show how they are da'wg up the work in Old Massachusetls. The Hsmpden Washingtonian reports the following as the lesult of a recei.t Court in Springfield. Mosl of thesö viuJaSorsof the law did nol onletid, bot picad guilty to ono count in ilie indictmènt, and paid fine and costs. The fo)loving are the names and amount of fn&s and costSi H. N. Burnhamof the Kremlin, $28,63 C. R. White, oi" iheE.xcf.dnge, 24,82 JVe Moulton of the Annory Ilousöi 00,87 E; Fi Móseley of tlie Clinton, 23,55 JS; Kinberly, ós Co. Grocers, 44,18 jjhn F. Anable, of the N. E. House, 26,47 Ashley iiaydorl of the F'rrttikhn House, 44,84 Henry McKinnèyofthc Mechanie's Hotel, 31,55 S. S. Jenhings, of tho R. R. House; 32,24 Al.vSi E.Chapin, of the Massásoit, 38,01 John Birrnsj Grrocer of the llib'ernia i-as nót put üpori trial - having laken some of his üivn medicine, tfastit (he day öf trial, Iflborihg iinder the dreadfül disëase of dclir iurn trtmens. The following hád thèir trials whlch iesulted as Ib'llows : - jereniy Waniner - keeper of the United States Hotel - convicted on óne account - fine and costs amounted to $73,82. Garred Barry, Grocer of the Hibernia - convictod on one count - fine and costs $51.95. Pcnnsylvaiiia.- The public printing in Ponnsylvuniü for the yedr 1810, says the Harrisburgh Unión, exclusive of hlanks Ibrbe public works and the executive departments, cost the Conimonwealth $82,268,77. The blanks on the public works and in the executive departrnealsp.robably cosí $10,000 more, which made a sum for printing exceeding $92,Ö00. The same work is now done in a very superior nianner, for a sum notexceding j$20,000, thus saving to tbc State in that item over $70,000 per annum. The Danville Intclligencer says, thal 796 tons ofrailroad iron were made at the Rolling Mili of the Montour Iron Company during themonth of May. The National Reformers were to Convene in Pittsburgh, July 4, to make a county nomination for officers. ITIarylaild. - The Baltimore Sun vouches for the truth of one among the strangest phenomona probably ever before heard of, or to be heard of again in all coming time. It is stated that achild has been born in that city having its hearton the outside of the chest. Itstill lives, and all the action of that wonderful organ is plainly visible - each pulsation may be distmctly abserved, being perfectly visible to the naked eye. The physician in altendance, Dr. Win. Riley, vouches for the truth of what is above stated.Virginia.- The loss of property, by the' late heavy rains, has been immense in some parts of the Union. In Hámpshire county, Va., notonly have the whblé' c'rops of grain and corrí been entirely dèstroyed, but the soiï has been totally swept away by the resistless impetuosity of the floods, leaving in tlicir train heaps of stones. Many of fhe inhabitants werëcompelled to leave their dwëllings not unfrequently in the night, and take réfuge in the open wood. PVorí h Carolina.- A negro named Lewis,sentënced to bè hung at Camden, N. C, on the 29lh ultimo, wasslrangled on the 30th. The editor of the North State Whig characterizes k as a inost horrible spectacle. Soutli Carolina.- A negro boy of Mr. Clark, advertised during tlie week ns having absconded, was discovered by Captain Spinney on board tbe Pal multo, after she had got out to sea. Captain SpinnCy having spoken the Shiip Sulton, for this port, when near Sandy Hook, transferred the runaway to that vessel. - Charleston NeíL-s. KciHÍUCky. - The Frankfort Ky. Commonwealth says - Judge Kinkhead ef the lOlh district luis performed a very hnndsome, and, we are very happy to hear, a very acceptablc act, by thc appointment of Mrs Trimble, the necomplished and estimable lndy of thc late John Trimble, as clerk of the circuit court, in the place of her deceased husband. The Ladics Bible Society of Lcxington presented a Bible to each of C. M. Clay's Cjjyalry company. OHÏO. - Affcclhtg, vcry. - Thè Texas war is proMfic in scènes. The Logan Guzeíté describes one. A dnmsel feil upon the neck of ablushing Buckeye two or three daysago, in thc streets of Urbana, and showcred tears upon him. "Don't cry, Betsy," said her brother - "John hasn't voluntöered yet." "No, - but - hc - says - he's goin' to." Cruel John ! He only wanted to bring her to terms. Illinois. - The Star, publiehed in Kane county,statcs that twenty four horses wcre stolen in that county in a few days, and nearly the saine numbei' of horse thieves have been trapped, tried, convicted and sent to the States prison. The Star says : "Soinetime since one of these speculating gentry was trapped ; and, to escape the vengeance he justly merited, lie inforrned liis captors that thcre were some onc hundred and fiftv horses coücealcd in the northern portion of the State. It appears that this hold is the regular place of rondezvous and concea!ment of the band tintil opportunity öflers to transport their booty to the southern and ea.vtern markets.'' The sensus of this State, taken the present eèasón, shows that it is nearly alongsidc of' Massachusetts in population. The aggregatc number is Göl,999, of which number 348,796 are white males, and 308,798 white females, and 4,002 colorcd persons. Missouri.- A company of two hundred and thirly India ns, of both .sexesand all ages, from tlie northwestern part of the Slate of New York, comprising portions of the Séneca, Slockbridge, Cayuga, Tuscnrorn, Or.eida, Delaware, and Onondaga tribes, lately arrived at S. Louis, on their way tó their new homes in the Far Wesí bëyohd the western boundary of Missouri. A few days since, n young nnri, appareritly of wliite parentage, was arrested at the instance of a Mr. Motinijoy, of Alissouri, whoclaimed liim as n slave. The young mnn's ówn story is, that he islhë illegilimate son of white parents, his motlier being1 on unniarried woman, and that he wavS placed whilc an ilifant in the care of some blaclcs, tlie properiy of Mr. Vaughan of Virginia; At on earlv ago, Mr. V. adopte him as üh apprëntice, promising him to rear him, and at the age of manhood to give him his froedom, &c. In n few years, íiowever, Mr. V. died, and the lad feil ünder the guardinnship of tliö present dlaJniant, who held him as a slave, and refused to recognize him as ari npprentice. The boy was brought to Missouri, and thence taken to Illinois, whero he was cmployed as n race-rider. Eventually he eloped, and fdr several years lias been roaming tlirough the West, probably in none of the best of company. A short time since he came to this city, ntld, ns stated, was arrested. He is nöw ín prison, and efforts we learn have been instituted to fathom the mysteries of his story. - St. Louis Rep. A queer case is being argued before the Supreme Court of Missouri. A man in that State lost three negroos, by their running away, and sent a man after them. After a long search the man relurned wilhout having found them; but was requested by his employer lo give out publicly that he had found them and sent them "down the river," so that other slaves might be deterrcd from running away. The man accordingly so gave out, and upon this testimony ngainst himself the other lias brought suit for tho value of the negroes. Two slaves belongingto gentlemen residingin Andrew county in this State, endeavored to escape to Iowaon thc 3d inst. They were pursued, and resisting the effortsof their captors, w ere killed. TheStivannah Empire' says they had with them a written pas3 and directions how lo reach lowa, vMrióh had been fur.iishcd to them by citizens of that county, here