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- Uuable, unwiliing, or both : the students of tlio Law Department, to pay ÏGÓO for a bust of Judgc Campbell, a duplieate of the one to lie placed in the State House at Lausing. -The " Chronicle Association " is to elect a new corps of Editora to-mom.w foroiioon : or half a corps wo suppose. - Charles GiktchelJ, M, D , who has, by arrangement with the Medical Committee, been Lecturer on ïheory and Vractice of Medicine in the Homeopathie Medical College, was appointed to that chair at the session of the Regents on Monday, at a salary of $2,000 a year. - V. M. Spauldiag will horeaftur ho officially designated au " Instructor in BioJogy and 3otany." - A Free Press Washington "Special" says: ■rot Morris, ot the State Umversity, is visitïg fiiends in Washingtou. He will return to Bultiinore on Monday (last). His lectures at ohn Hopkms University have attracted wide attention in lialtimore, and his class numbers over one hundred and sixty. - The Alpha Nu Society has a new list of officers: President, J. H. Edwards ; VicoPresident, Q. D. Wright ; Senior Critic, A. J Norton; Junior Critic. J. E. i'ilcher : Sep.rn 1 tury, G. H. Fletcher ; Trensurer, W. C. MUIer ; 1 Librarían, C. G. Hunt. - The Clironicle is both humorous and saroastic over that "monster monopoly," the Students' LecLuro Association. - There are 33,000 volumes in iu the Uui. versity library, aud ICO volumes are drawn each day, or on the average day. Harvard has 228,000 volumes aud 200 are cousulted daily; Yale 1 H,000 and 145 daily draws ; Cornwell 3J,000 and 200 daily draws. The litrary here is kept open 60 liours a week, or 12 hours more thau at Harvard -the uext highest. Wo condense from the Ühronicle - Senior Batbour git euough of that Pontiac High School woik iu one single short week, and is back to lus studies again. 'Twas his eyes tioubled him : or so report says. - A studeut carne to our office a few days ao wantmg the Cinslnnati platform of '76 (iiepubhcan) and Hayes' letter of acceptauce. Could u't be found iu the library he said. Would n't the regular purchase of au "Anuual Cyclopedia" or "Year-liook" (or even of some goed political alinanac) be a good investmeut -even at the loss of some dead book iu a daader language, or some heavy book in a modern langunge 'i .1. L. Winte, T. C. Church, aud G. H. Wilson have been commissioned to procure a photographer for the senior medies. Their faces are aching to be taken. - If you want to see a strange sight, go up to the Physiological Laboratory and ask Dr. Stowell to show you his dog "Alexis." "Alexis' has a silver tube extending from the outside of his bidy to the luside of his stomach. The tube is closed by a cork aud by removing this cork the oontents'of the stoinach can be drawn away aud examiued at auy time. The duf? i tat and sleek and seems to appreciate his notoriety. - Rev. George Duffield, ot Lnnsing, has heen appointed Regent of the University lor the full term ot eight yeara,- Regent-eleet C' Hier having declined to qualily. -The Regents on Tuesday gave Aest. Prof. A. H. Pattengill leave of ahsence uutil the oiose of the uext coüege year, and appointed Prof, Elisha Jones to his place. Prof. I'attangill goes to Leipaic next mouth. for study. -Prof. Adama will give the discourse in University Hall next Suiiday, at 3 o'clock p. m. - Hereafter the minual commenoement is to take place " on the Thursday next fallowing the last Wednesday m June of each year. Miss Elizabeth M. Farrand has been appointed ussistant librarían at salary of $100. She has been on duty in the library for some time and has made heiself both usefnl and papular.


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