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A Hartfobd (Ct.) dispatch, of Jan. 15, reporta a serums railroad accident on the Connecticut Western railroad, just beyond Tariffville, about ten milos from Hartford, at 10 o'elock that evening. An excursión train rcturning froin tlio Moody and Sankey mooting at Hartford fell through a treatle bridge into the F&rmington river. Two eDgines, one baggage aud tliree passenger cara went down. The bodies of aeven men and 8ix womon had been ncovered, and others were supposed to be in the wreek Gen. Georgo B. McClellan was inaugurated Governor of New Jirsey, Jan. 15, at Trenton. About 15,000 persons assisted, the proceasiou being quite imposiug. When Geu. McClclhm had taken the oath of office of Governor, and delivered his inaugural, whick was fieqnently applauded, he returned to the Executive Chamber, when the Veteran Aesociation of Tbiladelphia prefentcd an addresn. slgned by 2,036 meuibera. The same party aiso presented Dim with a Bilver medal, made from & half-dollar picked up on the field of Antietam. A Boston dispatch saye : " Davis Brothere k Co., leather dealers, No. 78 High street, failed yesterday. Their liabiüties are $300,000, half of which is eecured. A large proportion of unsocured indelitedness is in favor of Boston parties. The embarrasamont of William C. Childs, leather dealers, No. 21 South street, caused the failure of Davis Brothers & Co. Charles Richardson A Co., dealers in paints and oilp, No. 85 Oliver street, have also failed. Their liabilities are reportad to be $100,000." .... By an explosión in Potts' colliery, near Ashland, Pa., four men - Henry Jcnes, Hugh WilBon, Walter Cosgrovc. and a man named Guyer - wero killed. George Scheber was ecvorèly, and two others sliehilv. ininred. The death of Mr. Samuel Bowles, editor of the Spring fieltl (Mass.) liepublioan, oeeurred Jan. 16. Mr. Bowles was born in Springfield, on the 9th of Febrnary, 1-826. His father published a weekly paper calli d the Rvpuhlican in that place for manv years. In 1844 the daily Jiepublican was ostablished, and young Bonlee, , only 18 years of age, became its editor. He has remained in that position ever sincc. Ho has been an activo editorial workor, and a man of influence in the politics of his State. An order has been issued by the New York Supremo Court postponing for sixty days tho sale of the Erio railway. Simultaneonsly, another snit has been comniencod by a number of stockholders, who wish to onst Mr. Jewett. the receiver, upon allcgations of improvidence and mismanagement A grand banquet was given to Secretary Bristow at Boston last week. At Lynn, Mass., Mayor Bubier, who furnishes steam-power to forty or fifty shoe factories, stopped his enginos, and the faciories had to suspend operations, Bubier claiming that the origines required repairs. On the other hand, it was said that the most of thepe faetones did uot join in the ctusade against tte Crispins, and Bubier's action in stopping their motive-power was regarded as a strategie movement to compel them to suspend. lie was hooted by largo crowds in the streetï, and induced to start his engincs again A Boston dispatch says : " From 6,000 to 10,000 unemployed laboring men met on the Common to-dav, and, after listening to speech - i es by their leaders, paraded tho streets and ! waited upon the Mayor at the City nall and ' demandad ivork. The wor3 notan ill-natured i or vindictive set, and exhibited very little of a i riotons spirit - a fact dne in o small degree to i the largo number of pólice on dnty. The ! speeches were declamatory i ather than I diarv, and the turn-out made siich a favorable impresión thai doubtless all will bo done that is possible in the way of furais-hing employmentby thi City Government. At the close a vote of thanks was passed to Mayor Pierce." Waterhouse Bros. , woolen manufacturers, or Passaic, N. J., have failed. Liabilities thought to be $100,000; nominal aseets, $60,000. Depression of business and shrinkage of Talues are assigned as the cause?. THE WKST. A Virginia City dispatch eays: "Oningto the recent imbroglio betweeu the Alia and Justice mine.-, a number of hired fighting men I have been sent down to the levcl on which counection between the mines ia iLonicutarily expected to be made." A Salt Lake dispatch says: "In November a man named Ehoden was killed by the no'ïk Indians at Koss Fork, Idaho. The I dians have been threatening troublo since. The murderer was captured Jan. 9, byCapt. Bainbridge, commanöing Fort Hall, siuce which the Indiaas were more hoatile thau before. Col. John E. Sniith, of the Fourteenth Infantry, was sent to Furt Hall some time go to induce the Mirrender of the murderer, but was { cessful. Maj. Hart, with thvee companies of Hm Fifth Oavalry, arrived at Iioss Fork. and, togeüier with three companies of the ! teenth Infantrv, snrronnded the eucampment of the B&nnccks oh Siiftkc river, and doinanded ' their stirreuder, which tbev acceded to quietly. Fifty-five bucks, fomo arms, and 250 horses were takeD." Ex-Qov. Waabburn, of Wisconsin, has just made a tender to the State of his beantifnl I residence property at Edgewood, two miles I from Madison, and valued at $100,0"0, as tl:e site for au industrial tchool fcr girlo ... A decisión has been rendered by the Illinois Supremc Court, in the long lit.igated matter involving the title to Cbrist Episcopal Church, Chicago, of which Itev. Dr. Cheney (now a Kcformed Episcopal Bishop) was rector, and wbich was clainied by Biitliop Whitehouse, on account of Mr. Cheney's heresy. The decisión fully auÉtalAB Mr. Cheuey. A mise of unusnal richness in gold is reported to have been recently opeued a short distanco from Pueblo, Col The followiug notice appeared in front of Patterson fe Co. 's bank at Sterling, IU., recently : ' Have done our best, but are obliged to suspend." The flrm U composed of 8. a. Patterson, W. Ii. Patterson and J. M. Patterson. Mark P.. Parmer's private banking house at Yankton, D. T., has closed its doors. Liabilities $GO,000, which Mr. Parmer claims enn be fully met by the assets A Virginia City (Ney.) dispatch says that the tlireatened hostilities at Atlanta and Justice müies were stopped by the Miners' Union, which viRited both mines iu a body ond ordcred the miners to qnit work on the disputed ground, and disarmed and removed the hired fighters. A Bill has been introduced in the Minnesota Legiclature prohibiting card-playing and diccthrowing in saloons The Humiston House, at Idaho, Col., has been totally destroyed by fire. Ex-State Senator Ochmno Bibd, of Fort Wayne, Ind., died recently, aged 65. He had reeided in that city forty-threo years, and was one of the leading Democratie politicians of Indiana. He was largely identifled with the construction and management of the Wabash and Erio canal, and had been hoavily engaged in railway contractinc. He had fi"lled mauy important offices, including ten years' service in the Legislature. THE SOUTH. An Atlanta dispatch tays : Tho jury in the trial of the second indictment against ex-Gov. Bullock voted unanimously "Not guilty" on the first ballot. The trial lasted six days. This disposes of all the cases against the Governor except misdemeauor, to which this verdict is an admitted bar. Hon. Wilson Pbimm, for thirtoen years i adgo of the St. Louis Criminal Court, died recently, at his home in Carondelet, from old age and general debility. He had attdned 68 years. St. Louis was his birthplace Col. Lem Meade, a prominent citizen of Northern Alabama, living sixteen miles cast of Ilmitnville, was shot and killed lately by men suppoRcd to be his tenant s, with "whom ha had trouble, and whose arrest he had caused The moonshiners in Wayne county. Ky., have repelled a Government force of thirty men eenonsly wounding an ofticer, killing a horse, and running the posse out of sight. They are very strongly organized, and announcc thoir purposo to resist arrest. The Deputy United States Marehal, Goodwin and fivo assistants have returued to Huntsville, North Alabama, from a revenue raid tbere. The Baisdens, the well-kuown dospcradoes, who have been running a distillery iu open dcfiance of tho law for two years, wero captured, and their apparatus destroyed. In Franklin county. adjoming, the ofticefs dostroyed a diRtillery ownoi by Green Holland and Wiiliam Stantield. Holland and flve othor distillers wero captured. Tlio same parties destroyed six largo distilleries in Lawreuce county. Sixprisoners wero secured. GENERAL. In the case of Kdward Tatro, the Highgate (Vt.) murderer, tho bupreme Court overruled the cxceptioni', and sentenced him to be hanged on the first Friday of April, 1880 Commodoro George N. Rollius died recently at Baltimore, Md., of paralysis, aged 79 years. He was in command of the loop-of-war Cyane, which bombarded Greytown, Nicaragua, in 1854. At the commencement of the late civil war he entered the Confedérate servico ... A correspondent writing from the Black Hills region says that capital, the one thing needful to thoroughly develop the hidden trtanresof the country, has found its way thither to an extont that wonld scarcely be thought possible within the two yearB that hae clapsed siuce the inoeption of the Bla;k Hills excitement, Oot. Waoneb writes to the CommissioDer of iQtdhml Beveuue from Greenville, S. C, that the breeehloading rifles sent by tho Comniiasioner of Infernal Rovenue f or uso by officers of the rovenue in thcir raids on tlio illicit whisky distiliora have been of great aBÍHtanco. In a recent raid mado by his offiecra undor the Collector, in which they captured an eightygallon ti!l and arretèd the owners, they woro assailed by nine moonshinors with ehotguna and rifles. TUoy responded with thoir bieeúhloaders, and charged up a hill upon their asaailants, driving them back, cbaniug theni until they wero disporscd. WASHINGTON. The Attorney General, in tho matter of the conteat between tho Pacific railroads over prorating, decides that additional legislation will bo necesaary to enforco tho )aw which requiren the Union ï'acific to prorato with tho Kanuas Paciiic. Tue long dispute over the oflico of Collector of New Orleana ha been terminated. The President has Bent to the Seuato the name of Georgo Williamson, at present Minister-Kesident at Guatemala City, Central Amorica. An organization has betn formed among the membera of tho House of Representativos at Washington, composed of menibers of both political partiea, the object of which ia indicatcd by tho following reaolution paeaed at ita fli-at meeting : JRexolved, That tho purpope of the organization now abuut to be made ehull be conñuod to the rcmonctizatiou of tho uüvcr dollar aud tba repoal oí the RoËumptiou act. FOLITICAL,. The New Hampshiro Democratie State Convention mot Jan. 16, Col. Henry O. Kent presiding. The Committee on Resolutions reported a number of "planks" which may be 8iunmed up as f oll iws : First, we cordially aftirm tho National Democratie platform of ] 1876 ; second, that we deuounce tipou the ( pubücau party stern rotritmtion for the great crime by which. tho people were defrauded of their right to be governed by the rulersof their : choico : third, that we congratúlate all good izens upou the happy results which have enHued through the adoption of Democratie principies by the national administration in refereuce to Southern States ; fourth, tliat we aro in favor of a stablo curroney, honcst paymont of the public debt, and are opposed to all measures by which public credit may be impaired ; fiftb, we reaasert our uuqualifled opposition to all echemes for doploting the public treasury or bostowing the remnant of public liir.ds in aid of private coi-porationa or monopolies ; tiixth, that we declare onr abiding faith in the principios of the Democratie party; seventh, that we demand thorough revisión and reform of the Federal tariff ; eighth, that we tender our thunks to the Democrats and Conservativos in the Forty-füurLh Congross for their refusal to appropriatemoney for the avmy whilo used in illcgal and despotic oppression of citizens in any portion of the repuolic ; iiinth, that the public mterests douiand a thorough revisión of the laws relating to taxation ; and, teuth, that we demand more complete protection for tho saviiigs of industrial claBses hy strictur supervisión and control of savings bank, insuranco companies, and other institutions in which the people's mouey may be iuvested. Frank A. McKean was nominated for Governor, and Hadle-y B. Fowler was nominatcd for Railroad Commissioner. Ik Memphis, Tenn., John H. Fiippen, Citizens' candidato, has been re-elected Maj or by i about 1,000 majority over John Johnson, the Democratie nomiueo, and J. W. Anderson, Workingmeu's candidate Gen. John 8. Williams bas been electod by tho Democratie majority of the Kentueky Legislatura as United States Senator to succeed Thomas C. MoCreery, whose term expiros March 3, 1879. In Maryland the Democratie caucus nominated James B. Groóme to succeed John R. Deunis, whose term expires March 3, 1879. Ex-Srr.AKEit Galusha A. Gnow is announced as a probable Republican candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania. THE TUKKO-KUÍ-SIAN WAK. The Turks have bombarded tho town of Theodosia, southeast of the Ciimea. They burned ten houses, killed one pereou, and wounded twelve. They have also bombarded Anapa, on the Black soa, in Circadsia, but did little damage to Die town. One person was killed there A battlo ia reporttd between the BuBSlans nnder Gourko and Radetsky and tho Turks under Sileiman Pasha, at a point between Tatar-Bazardjik and Pbüippopolis. Tlie iighliug latted two days. Suleiman Pasha afterward tuok up positions near Pnilippopolis, and ordered the mhab;tant to leave that towu, which wns subeequeutly ordered to be bnrned. The Rustian Government has ordered fortytwo more torpedo boats at Stettin, to bo complcted by tho middle of April. . . . A special from Belgrade rays Bervia intend to claim the following peace couditione : Tho indepeudeuce of the principality, tho coBsion of old Servia, and üidemnity for Turkish devastatious in the last war. Tuk actual number of Turks captured at Schipka pass was 25,000, ineluding four oflicers of the rank of Pasha and 280 of loiver grades. Eighty-one guus wcre taken. Tho Kussians lost 5,4G4 in killed and wounded. Two SQ.UADBONB of Cossacks haviug arrivid at Tirnova-Semeuli to escort tho Turkish poaco delegates to Kezanlik, the Turkish commander at the f ormer place believed an attack wasintended, and biew up the railway bridgo The London Tintes Pera correspondent says: " Queen Victoria telegraphed the Sul:an he was alroady acquaiuted with tbe actiou of the British Government, and that sho had herself urged the Czar to make prompt and honorable peace." A Itussian official dixpatch auj nouuces that Gen. Skobeleff enteredPhi!ip]o)olíg and extinguishfd the flames in the I rian dwellings flred by re:reaüug Turks.... I ; A Shurnla dispatch sayH that the Turks have evaciiated Kazan, south of Osmati Bazar. The Russians hereby secure the head of another Balkan pass. All the war materinl, eto., has 1 been removed from üsman Bazar to Eski Djuma. . . .Tho Turkish delegates met the Grand Duke Nicholas at Tirnova-Semeuli, and Ëreüminary notes were exchanged. The Grand nike then anuounced that he had decided to troat only at Adrianople, which should be immediately evacuated. The delegates having i assentí'd, orders were telographed to Djemil Pasha to evacúate Adrianople. Upon this de cision being communicatcd to tho foruign Consuls, they telegraphed their Ambassadors for instructions, and wero ordered to remain and protect their coiintrymen. The Agence Jiusse repels the idea that Russia intends to refuee European participation in the treaty of peace A Turkish irado has i been issued, ordering the enronment of all free males. The London Times' Bucharest coiTeBpondent telegrapb.8 from Giui'gevo as follows: "Tho i jnortality among the Tm-kish prifloners at Frateslrti is fearful. The station of Frateshü is becoming a terror to travelers between Bucharest and the Damihe. Even if there is not hing worse than ordinary typhus, the mortality evidenced by the numerous graves in the : plain Biirrounding tue prlxmen' camp justifics I the apprehensions of travelers. I saw Rusi siau soidiers diging Imge graves, and near them tifty Turku-h oorpsee klng in confuaed heaps as they wcre emplied from dead-ctirts. Their ragged, half-clothed forma, and the frost-bites visible on their naked Umba, gave evidence of the hardhips they had suffered on their dreadful march from Nikoixtlis,' It is reportad from Constantmople that, in consequence of decisions taken at tlie Great Couni cil of tho 17th, Izzed Bey was sent to the Russian headquarttrs with f resh instructions to the Turkish l'k'iiipotentiurics, giving them full j powers tí) sign, whereas they, at first, wero ïustructed to refer conditionx to the Porte. It is aid that this resolvo was taktn in consequence r the pacillc tone of England at the opening of the Brit Mi Parliament, and alo beeanee Russia bas given Udtice that she will insist oti an immtdiate acceptanco or rejeotion of tlie terms. . . .Mukhlar Pasha, notwithstanding the I defeats which ne MilTertd in Annenia, has been appoinled to the chief comniand of the Turkish furces at Constantinople. The Governor of Salónica telegraphod the ! Porte that 300 ick and wounded from Sulei' mau Pasha's army had arrived at Drama. . . . A Pera correspondent understauds that Suleiman Pasha liad with him at Drama 108 battalions i and 115 íuhs Queen Victoria bas reoentl; ■ addressed a pert-onal letter to the Czar, and I the quoKtion was anked in tbf; House of Commons as to the tenor of this letter, but the in: formation was refused by the Chancellor of j the Exchequer. GENKRAL FORKIGN NEWS. A betort comes írom Dublin that Hergt. i Charles McCarthy, one of (he recontly-reloased Fenian prisoners, died suddenly. in a hotel to which ho had gone with the other threo pris; oners to breakfast with Charles Stewart Parnoll, tho Home-Rule member of Pailianient for Meath. . . .Garibaldi has writíen a letter to tho ; new King of Italy, imploring him to continue the policy of bis fatjier The average daily ' mortality from cholera at Mecca to the Sist of ! December was sixty. At Jeddah tho average . daib mortaliivwas thirty-eight Sir William Stirïing Maxwell, the distiugtiis:ied author, is dcad. The British l'ailiameut assemblcd Jan. 17. i The Queen's speech contained a brief liistory of England's connection with theEastern d ffi! culty t hiis far, and stated that up to tbis time initliorof the belligerents have nfringed tho conditions unon which the British policy of neutrality is foundod. The possiliility, howe.ver, of a different pha se of tho sitnatioii, reqttiring the armed intervontion of England, was piainly adverted to, and coa&deuco expressed that Parliament would promptly furnish ïneaus t carry uch measures into cxecution The funeral of the late King Victor Emmaouel ook place at Rome, Italy, Jau. 17, and wan ei y imprestúve. The body of the late monrcii was placed on tho funeral car at 9 o'ciock n thi) morning, and the procession started rom the Qwrlu&l abont 10. Itwasheaded by f teen military detachmenta with threo banda nd clergy beáring tapers. The car u-ed at ie funeral of Eng Charles Albert of Sarinia, Victor Emmaimel's father, was uned on liiu occasion. It was Burmouutod by an iron rown, the ancient diadem of the Lombard Ciugs, which was brought from Monza for tho occasion. A London diipatch says the Arctic steani yacht Pandora has been bought by James Gordon Benuett. It is utated that the veSBel is to e U8od for another Arctio expedition... .The weekly stateiueut of tho Imperial Bank of Germany shows an incroase in specie of 7,200,)U0 mark Alexaudre Beuo Dcthou, reí ubican member of the French Chamher of Deputies, is dead The budget of theEussian empire shows an exact balance between tho revenue and expeuditure, both amounting to 600,398,425 (alver roubles. The Geographical Society banquet at PariK, in honor of Htnry M. Stanley, was a magnificent affair. Two hundred and seventy guests were present, iuclnding leading mombors of tbo tiociety, Jamen Gordon Bunnett, and a ropresentaiive of Pres deut Macllahon. Vice Admiral Do La Hondero le Nonry presided. In reply to a toat, Stanley proposed that the river Congo bear the name of Livingstono. Tho Minister of Public Inetruction entered the room, and handed to Stanley the decoration of the Academical Palm. The President announced that tho Geographical Society had awarded a gold medal to Stanley, who was overwhelmed with congralulatious Henri Begn&tüt and Autoine Becquerel, distinguinhed French phybiciaus are dead .... A telegram from the Haguo states tuut uiarrmge is conteuiplateü between the Priace of Orange and tüe Prin;ess lieatrico, of England. A Dublin dispateh of Jan. 20 says : ' ' The funeral of the Fenian McCarthy took place today. It is estimated that 60,000 perrons followed the remains to the cemetery. There werc forty bands in the procession, which was the largest since the burial of Daniel O'Connell. The othor Fenian convicts recently released were among the principal mourners." . . . . Cleopatra's Ntedle ha crossed the Bay of Jiiscay, and been safely couveyed into the Tb&mee river. The Freuch Chamber of Deputiep, liko the Cougress of the United States, is the nole judge of tho quali.ications of its ownmembers, and the Itepublican mnjority has, of late, excreised vtry freely its power by unseatiug Deputies of the liiht whoue eloctiou is claimed to have been attended with irregularities. An attempt was recontly mado by the minority to imjwse a check upon what is asserted lo be an abuse of nanierïcal supremacy by moving the adoption of a rule requiring tiiat hereafter a two-thirds vote shall be necessary to invalidutu an electiou. Tho nioasure was violentlv opposed by Gambetta, who moved the previutis quostion in order to put an end to the debate, and it was ordered by a vote of 312 to 186 The Northumberlaud (Eng.) miners have decided to appoint a connnittco to scttlo the dispute with tho niasters, 4,375 voting in favor of tliia course and 2,UÍIG for a continuauce of the tiike The Argeutine republic and Chili have deterrnined to bubmit tlicir dispute about tbe Patagonian frontier to arbitration The ltoyal Ueographical Society bas renolved to give a banquet at London, in honor of Henry 11. Stanley, and to invite íiini to read a paper on bis explonitions.


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