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Moes trimming is used for heading fringes. Cororiet bonnets are more popular thnu ever. One of the novelties is tlie brocaded ribbon. New flchns are of crepe lisse, and have long square fronts. Ivory-linted or ecru antique damasked table tinen is sought for. The latest seal-skin jackets are in tlie shape of the English cut-away coate. The Carrick capes are growing in favor, and are seen on nearly all the new suits. Very low-necked dresses ent in a V at. tlie back, are in fashion for bail dresses. Short dresses are slowly but surely gaining grouDc}. The kilt plaited skir is the favorite. Velvet saeques are more fashionabl this winter tban they have been for nuniber of years. A pretty new fraise hns pendant flow OW and is fastened in front with long loops and ends of ribbon. Hearf-pins, with the enamelliDg in very bright colors, and represcntin Chinese pictures, are in great demanci Sensible women have adopted th short, round skirt for walking. Trainee dresses are only worn in the house. Traveling pocket cases for ladies con tain tongs for crimping the hair; also a apparatus for heating the tongs. Dress sleeves are made tighter tha ever before and without trimming, th wide linen and lace cuffs taking it place. Woolen stockings oomo in the Ion Eaglish shape, in drab colors, and ar lar hiindsomer in finish this winter than ever bef ore. Square cards, with the name of th writer engravecí on the left-hand corner with envelopes to corresond, aro th most stylish.


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