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A Mighty Clock

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[From the lïeacliun (Pa.) Eagle.] In Mengel's building is dot tion in all probability the most ! fnl clock in the world. It was built by j Stephen D. Engle, a watebmaker, at [azlekm. He is about 45 years of nge, nd was about twelvo years iu perfeoting ho clock. Mr. Rcid paid Eugle 85,000 or it. Eugle never saw the Strasburg lock. In fact, he bas nevcr traveled more than 200 miles from homo at any ime. This elock stands eleven feet ïigh. At its base it is about four feet wide, and at the top about two. It is bout three feet deep at the base, gradully less toward tlie top. lts colors are ark brown and gold. The Strasburg lock is thirty feet high, yet its meehansm is not sointricate, nor bas it as many igurea as the Hazleton clock. The Strasburg clock's ligures are abont hree feet high, and the American clock about nine inches. Three minutes beore the hour a pipe organ iuside the lock plnys an anthem. It has ñve .unes. Bells are then rung, and when he hour is struek doublé doors in an cove open and a figure of Jesús appears. )ouble doors to the left then open, and he apostles appeaï slowly, one by one, n procession. As tliey appear and pass lesus they turn toward him, Jesus jows, the apostlc turns again and proceeds through the doublé doors in an j cove on the right. As Peter approaches, i 3atan looks out of a window above and tempte him. Five times the devil appears, and, when Peter passes, denyiug '■ Ohrist, the cock flaps its wiugs and ; crows. When Judas appears, Satan ' comes down from bis window and follows Judas out in the procession, and ! then goes back up in bis place to watch i Judas, appearing on both sides. As the j procession bas passed, Judas and the three Marys disappear, and the doors are elosed. The scène can be repeated several times in an hour, if neeessary, and the natural motion of the clock produces it four times per hour, whereas the Strasburg procession is made but once a day, at 12 o'clock. Below the piazza is the main dial, about thirteen inches in in diameter. To its right is a figure of Time, with an hour-glass. Above this is a window, at which appear figures representing a youth, manhood and oíd age. To the left of the dial is a skeleton representing Death. When the hour hand approaches the first quarter Time reverses bis hour-glass and strikes one on a bell with lus Fcythe, when another bell inside responds; then Cbildhood appears instantly. Whec the hour hand approaches the second quarter, or half honr, tliere are heard the strokes of two bells. Then Youth appears and the organ plays a liymn. Af ter this Time strikes two and reverses his hour-glass, when two bells respond inside. One minute after this a chime of bells is heard, when a folding-door opens in the upper porch and at tlu right of the court, when the Savior comes walking out. Then the apostles appear in procession. The clock also tells of the moon's changes, the tides, the seasons, days, and day of the month and year, and the signs of the zodiac; and on top a soldier in armor is constantly on guard, walking back and forward. As the hours advance, Manhood, Oíd Age and Death take part in the panorama.


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