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DRUGST E A. Tremaine i-Co. (SuccMdora to B. W. EI.LIS & CO.) ANN ARBOR, MICH. A FIRST CLASS Drug Store. DRÜ&S AND BYE STÜEFS, Patent Medicines, TOILET & PERFUNIERY ARTICLES Proscriptions Compoundeil at A.11 Hours. Cor. Main and Huranc UMM D0BBI1' STAECÏlüLÜ' (höwdashüT: m - Hf? f i ■ i ■'' A GREAT BISCOVERY, i By llie nfo of which evory iamlly niay gite ihtó I Iinen that poliab peculiar to fine laumlry wort, ir. ioK time and labor in ironinK more t):au ;: coat. Soid by (troccru, or wlll rent, ,-ostjge [ti on receipt of 25 cents. DOBBinrS, BRO. &. CO., 13 N. Fonrth St , Philadelphia, Tkii is the piest Liniment ín üetxrlJ, Icï k'íí'2 potilively cure in ahnost cv:rj case. Trica $1.00 per loitle. JOHNSON, EOLLOWAY h CO, S fECIA T, A O EXTS, Thiladeljphii THE M1XW AUKEIT MEDICAL & SÜRGICAL INSTITÜTE. Establithtd 186" and Chartered bv the State Lfpili foriheimproved treatment otell Private and Circo Disoases mentigued in thia Just pubi;ihea -rsrsi,- "THE SILENT FRIEND!" fi MISffL A contidenliil Advicr for the roongoi -4ÖHrinidd!' gedut" bothMxciiOiitllDig'; ff H'"iy „ ol PrivaW Nature, nD( ■"■ WÊ Early Abuses or Inlcetion, m Wi aknes, nd Loi ol Msnhood, and the .!■""L olcure with vskiablo advicc lo the Mirried no """ cont.mplaling .Marriare iiicludins troatiM on raaf Siseases, and Chronic Affcclior of the Throit. UP and Skin, Catairh, Cáncer, Rupture, Piles, Fiitu.t,iKW' urn Habittc. Itcontain29)larf!epase'i"l mimeMM grft vinca, niftiled under cal on recoipt ot Jnct. , A CLINIC AL LECTUHE on tfc atmw dijau". ' the principie of medical practice in their tnmaj[, Price lOcti. AdJress, Atlcnding Phv(i. ian. No 438 'Water lt.. ' MILWAUKEÊWi 27ifs ia prohabhj the stn purest and bcsi preparation knoum. One trial will n"-" Frica, $1.00 per boitle. JOHNSTON, H0LL0WAT & Cft Special Agffils, fhila'flii! DISPEPSIA 1 Pcrmancntly cured Is STOry instance by the EAGLE DISPEPSIA TROCHES, They will immediatcly correct "" stomach, check vomitina aiul licartbura. cure sickness or pain in the sttaf"' coetlvetiess, liver complaint. hendacne. etc. Being pleasant, safe aiul haro are asure cure for Infants sullering i""" weak stomach. Priee, Thirty-Five Cents per Box. EARLY BIRD WORM POWDEB. At all times safe, relmble. strictly vfStable and tastcless. uscil ly ol J and yoa" wiih perfect saffety, even when worresaK not present. Kequires but one ao. '" effect a cure. Price, 15 Cents per Paclage. Sold by all Drngrists, or sent by Mail, on receipt of Price. NEBBKEÏi {' CO., Pj-o'"'PBICE, 38 OBNT8. Jolinston, Holloway & c Bpocial Agents, yJiiJaJ''


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