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WILLIAMS - In this city, on February 24, of consumption, Hannah JANE, second daughter of Jeremiah D. and Jane L. Williams, aged 19 years, 8 months, and 10 days.

DAY - In this city, February 26, Robert G. Day, aged 86 years, formerly of Orange County, New York.

COLMAN- In this city, on Tuesday evening, February 26, Marinda M., wife of Charles D. Colman, aged 53 years and 7 months. The funeral of the deceased will take place at 2 o'clock p. m. to-day, from the residence of Mr. Colman, in the Fifth ward.

De FOREST- In this city, on Sunday, February 24, Angeline, wife of Andrew De Forest, aged 58 years, 5 months, 12 days. Mrs. De Forest was one of the old residents of this city. She leaves three daughters, Mrs J. R. Webster, of this city; Mrs. R. W. Ellis, of California; and Mrs. A. K. Hale, of New York.

BOTSFORD - At the residence of Philip Bach, in this citv, February 26, of consumption, Lottie E., aged 17 years, daughter of Albert Botsford, of Detroit, and niece of Mrs. Bach. Within our Father's mansion blest, The angels welcome a new guest. Look up, ye sad ones, kiss the rod, She sleepeth not beneath the sod, She liveth, youthful, healthful, fair, In Heaven, and you shall meet her there."

RANNEY- In Toledo, Ohio, February 25, of pneumonía, Mrs O. D. Ranney, of Chicago, aged 67 years. Mrs. Ranney vu a sister-in-law of Mrs. J. Austin Scott, of this city. She was visiting in Toledo and was to como from therc here on a visit. Her remains were hrought herc for burial in Forest llill Cemetery, in accordance with a previous request, and the funeral ceremonies took place yesterday forenoon from the residence of Mr. Scott. In former visita Mrs Ranney had made many acquaintances and friends amoiig the ladies of our city.

LATIMER- In this city, February 9, 1878, LtSXBI Latimer, aged 77 years, 10 months. The death of this good man deserves more than a passing notice. He was boni in Bloomfield, Conn. during the lirst year of tbis century, and remainw in bis nativo villagc until past sixty years of age For fourteen ycars past he has resided in Ann Arbor. He was converted in early manhood an conneeted hiniself with the Congregatlou'al Church of wliich he -was a faithful member till the dsys o his death, serving the church at Bloomfield fo inany years as chorister and Superintendent of tbc Sunday School. ÏIc was active in the anti-slavery movcnient and in all the bencvoleut enterprises o hJsgeneratloB. For the paat six years he had been unablc to mingle mach with men, because o the growing infirraities of age and bUndnefiC which at last became almost total. For the pas few weeks it has been manifest to him and tú lii friends that the hour of hls departure was near iind he faced the fact with calmness and cheerful ness. His interest in the affairs of the church and the religious condition of the country suflered n abatemeut. He continuud to lead his family ii prayer at their mor n ing worahip until within a few days of liis death, through ph y Bical wcariness he feil asleep wiih the words of prayer on his lips With 110 great cxaltatiou of experienee, but wit] a perfect ly calm and restful spirit he gcntly iVl aalèèp. Ho bas left to his family, to the church and to tbé wholu eommunity the legacy of a com píete and synmietrieíil life; the exiimple of on who has íalthfully walked with God, and caluily dled trustingin the infinite Bavior. "lïtesscdar tbc dcad that die in the Lord. R.