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The Town Elections--officers Elect

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We are without f uil returns trom the several towns of the uounty, but suoh as we huve we givtí our rum luis : ANN ARBOli. In this Republican strouhold the battte wii3 iini_;ht ui iMiutws, where (it is saitl with Democratie iiiil) Shurtlefl', who seemed to have a jici m.itifiit claim to the supervisorship, wus shelved and & new man nonuuated. But 109 votes were polled. The foliowiutf are the ottieers eleet: Supervisor, Isaac N. S. Foster. Clerk, Lorenzo Davis. Treasurer, Fred B. Braun. J ustiee, Isitac Bisbee. Superintendent of Schools, Emile Buur. School Inspector, El ij ah E. Kellogg. í ' .iiiuiiíiMoiior i Highwuys, Klominir Buseubark. Constables, Chancey Oroutt, Charles S. Ürosmiiii, Warren A. Millard. BRIDGEWATEK. The whole Democratie ticket elected, as tollowa : Supervisor, Daniel W. Loliuron. Clark, David W. Talmer. Treusurer, Heury R Palmer. JusticeH, Mttlcohu McDougall ; Willium Hunkit to lili vncancvSupt. ol Schools, George Calhoun School Inspector, Henry R. Palmer. Highwtiy Comnñssiouer, G-eorge Walter. Constables, Lloyd Conklin, Charles Woods, James Qutck, Heury Rever. DEXTEH. two years a split in the Democratie ranks h;is u. ven the Republicana the Supervisor in thtB stroug Deoiocratic town, but this year the brutich was healed and the Kepublicaus all " scooped " by inajorities ranging f rom 3(i to 80. The oMcers elect are : Supervisor, Kredenck li. Snyder, 3G maj. Cterk, John McGomness, SU maj. Treasurer, Willium Kyaii, 62 maj. J ustice, Patnok Habbit, (1 maj. Superiateudent ol Schools, Richard McQuillan, 53 rn ij. School Inspector, Michael Kyan, 63 maj. Highway Cuinmissioner, James Keid, 46 maj. Drala Cuinmissioner, James H. Lyman, 62 maj. % Constables, Richard Phelan, James Ivory, John V . Lavey, Johu Bell. LIMA. The Demócrata oí this town made a cleau sweep. The Rupublicans headed their ticket with a new man, Frederick Widemeyer, but Whitaker iucreosed nis laut year's majority oí 1 to 8. The otticers elect ave : Supervisor, Charles Whitaker. Cltrk, WilllAm Covert. Treuamer, Kugene B. Freer. Justice, (vruior McMillau. Superintendent of Schools, Marcus S. Cook. Schuol Inspector, Leouard Rodmitn. Highway Coinmissionur, Chttrles Karcher.Jr. Draiu Commissioner, Caleb Browu. Constables, vieorge Stucktord, Gcorge Lmdower. LODL Eutire Democratie ticket elected excopt Philip Blum, candidate tor Supervisor, who was beateu 29 by Egbert P. Harper, who headed a " Citizeus' Ticket." The new otiicers are : Supervisor, Egbert P. Harper. tlt-rk, Leopold Btaefts. Trciisurur, atmud D. Hogers, Jiiflticr. Jwrnnffl Sue, Sttpt ol Schtxtls, Hruhinon II. Taylor, Scnool Inspector, Augustíne Sage Highway Commissioner, J;utl) Jcddle. Dnün Commissioner, Ifrearick Laubcnfpiycra Constables, (Jeorge Huber, Wttltsr Colc, Predrick Sager, John S. Schaible. MANCHESTER. The three-cornered fight iu this town called out 521 voters, and the " National Greenbackers" waxed the other two parties,- their vote, iu tact, largely exceeding the couibiaed vote tor both the Democratie and Repubhcan tickets. The jubilant struin ot our greenback correspondent is pardonable. He wntes : Fhikxd Pond : Inclosed tiud tickets explaiuin t do result oï our electioit yesteiduy. Whíit do you think of our rag-baby - less tlian six weekb old. He is able to run alone, h;ia cut hls wisdom tuiith and whipped both the otd tolks.. Sic semper tyrannU." HOliATIO BVECH We thiuic that when that rag-baby has a little oldcr grown his present wet Duroea will discover that ttiey have suckled a wolf that will tear and i'iii-1 theni. We gwe the majonties over both the o'htr tickets : Suju-rvisor, Horatio Burch, l'Jü. Clerk, Munsuii (iowlyear, 1U1. TieHsurer, Orri A. Wait, 17. Judtice, Franklin Hall, 162. Supt, of Schools, Gtjurge 1. McMahou, 14tí. School Inspector, lrwin Clark, l-ití. Highway OommUsioncr, Marvin Cooly, 157. Drain Commisslouer, CyruM T. Stevens, 169. Constables, rUnjamin i. LovHoy, Frank Shcrwood, liarney P. Wade, Francia M. KnHsh. NORTHFIELD. Hul eme ticket was run in tlas town. Ad opposition ooe wuj nominated tlte head of which refused to et any tickets priuted ur have anythiug to do witli, and so the Dein ocratic canil idiite had a " walk over." The elect are : Supervisor, Patrick S. Purtell. Clellt, William Walsh. Tretisurer, Juhn McLoughliu. Justices, Christlan F. Kapp ; Johu Hannan, to tilt vacaiicy. Superintendent of Schools, Eugene (iibney. School Inspector, Klvin Cl. Stiles. Üommis8iouer oí High vvays, Patrick U'Oonor. Drain Commissioner, Thomas (.i. Waliace. ('unstn)jleH, Patrick McCabe, Patrick McMahan, Michael Hays, Wu-lcy Fultou. PITTSFIELD. The Kepublican8 played a " lone hand " and the tollowing ofíicers are the resuit : Supervisor, Morton F. Case. Olerk, William K. Childs. Treasurer, Bradley H Webb. .luxticts, Elwin VV. Ford tor tull term. Fredrick L). Rathtou lor 2 years, James D. Allison tor one yer. Superintendent of Schools, Wilbor E. H. Sober. School Inspector, Peter Cook. Hiyliwiiy Comimssion, Frederick Hutzel. Drain Commissioner, Charles E. Pickett. Constables, Henry Milter, Frank liathiou. ALIÑE. The Demócrata ot Saline - owing to personal dissensious - carne out at the littlo end of the hom, the Republicana gaining the Supervisor and by this gain keeping control of the Board of Supervisors. Successful camlidates and inajorities so far as f urnished uu : Supervisor, Everett B. Clark, Kop., 14. Clerk, Caleli M. Kiug, Rep., 34. Treasurer, Matthew Seeger, Hep., 4. Justice, Jortin Forhes, Deui., 9. Supt. of Schools, George H. Mitchell, Hen, School Inspector, Edwin De l'uv, Dem. Highway Commmioner, John üordon, Dein. 53 Drain Commissioner, Hamiltou Cole, Dein. Constables, lvlwin W. Wallaoe, Nathan Bordine, John Klager, Fnuik Whiting, all Demócrata. SCIO. In this town there was a three-coiuered iight, - the greitnbackers or " Nationals " puttiug a ticket iu the field, hetuled bySamiiül W. Holmes. The Kopublican ticket was headed by Stephen (i. Johnsou. The eutire Democratie ticket was elected, as follows : Supervisor, l'atrick Mc(iuinuess. Clerk, Volney H. Potter. Treasurer, Jacob Jedele, Jr. Justice, (eorge C. Page, Sr. Superintendent of Schools, Juhu Lee. School Inspector, Jamos Dilvís. Highway Commissioner, David Almendiuger, Drain Commissioner, James 1. Smith. ConstabUiS, Charles W. Guest, Christopher Behan, Christiau Bruiner, James Hill. Volney II. Potter ran on both tho Domucratic aml greenback tickets. SYLVAN. Thret; tickuts were run in this town, wit h a mixed result. 'i'ho oñicera elect ure : Supervisor, Timothy McKone, Dein. and (jreenbacker. Clerk. Frederick Vogel, Hep. Treaaurer. Orrin Thatcher, Dtiin. Supt. of Schools, Williatn E Depew, Hep. Schooi Inspector, Daniel E. Fuller, Dem. Highway Coinraissioner, Walea VV. Higgs, Dem. Drain Commissioner, Cliristiun Weber, Dem. Constables, Jumes Hudler, Dem , Perry U. Depew, Rep., Georpe Foster, (ireenback, and Hichard H. Depew, Ureenback and Hep., s HARÓN, The Demouittcy ot SharOQ thresheit out the (looriug on Moiulay bv majorities as itidicuteü ; Stlporviftor, John J. Kobisou. '2J. Clerk, Alberi H. Perry, 21. Treasurer, James L. Wade, 18. Justices, David Q. 1(090,20; Jt;tt'urson Ii. Leram, to lili vactincy, SI. Sui. of, Mutih wj. Flynii, H. Bonooi Inspector, Asbley l'jtrks, Jj. iï. EHghway Coniiauslouer, Cha. W. Itaymond, 19. Draiti CoiauiiwitODer, U;irvy Bhtukiiiau, t". Qoostables, Ja mea L. Wado, Lambrt Cool, Bonnctt K Trm-y, Charles I.ennii, e:ich 17 naajority. SUPEKIOR. Tli whole lí jjhlI) ir ui ticket fit; mil except Treaaurer. The candidatos lor that office tied and the Dom cr,it "draw iu." The ofticerü are: Supervisor, Preeman 1'. Gal pin. Clerk, James A. Wilbur. Tteasarer. Georgfe Ruthruff, iXrm. JusÜces, Truman B. Goodspeod; James A. Camp1licli to uil vacaocy. Sopt of Schoow, GeonpQ McDougaJ, Jr. School fnunefllnf i ba CYippon. Hijfhwuy Oommisstonerj AndrewJ. Lettth, Constables, Eüram A. Gooditpoeoj OH y er Nfurkham, Jacbfa Mtyer, James Rice. WEBSTKR. The tull liepublican ticket was electod in this towu by mujorities rangiug trom 4Ü to 71 the lutter ñures beiog H il I's inttjority over John Coyl, the Ooraocratic canUiiJate for Supervisor. Ofticers elect ; Supervisor, Lorenzo U. Hall. Clerk, William H. W oston. Treuure8, Andrew J. Sawyer, Jr. Justices, William K. Wuldron ; James B. Anus, Jr.i to lill V'iCancy. Supenutendont of Schools, Olean A.. Vaughu. School lunpector, Alonzo Olsaver. Highway ( 'unniu.sHioiii-r, Isaac Terry. Dram Commisitioner, Uoorgo Rosier. Constables, (íeore VV. Phelps, Heury Siiiiins, Williom Martin, (ieorö B. Rosiur. YPSILANTI. In tho absence of deñnte returna we venture to schedule the list ot' ofticors elect - all Ropublictins - as foliows : Supervisor, W. Irviug Yeckley. Clerk, Albert B. Giaves. Treasurer, Chnstian .ƒ. Kelley. Just'.oes, Bonjnniin Ü. Loom is ; Jacob Emoric, to till VKoancy. ÜuponntoiHleut oí Schools, Edwin C. Waruer. School Inspector, William H. Lay, Highwuy ('oinmissioner, Drain Commissioner, Peter Dickersou. Constables, ü--: Uf Posiftt, Georo Clouffh', llnuii Eaton, ArchibuUl Fruzer. YPSILANTI CITY. Ninde, RepubÜcau, was elected Mavor by 118 raajority. The Kepubücans also elected oue Supervisor, two Aldernten, and one Constable, aud the Demócrata, one Supervisor, two JusticeS, three Aldeuuen, and a Constable.


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