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School Statistics For 1877

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The annual reporta of the varioui school districts in the State tor the year onding Sopt. 3, 1877, have been received by the superintendent of public instruction, aud properly classiiiied, their errors and imperfections corrected, and the results tabulated. The comparativo t'ootings for the two years 1876 and 1877 show au iucrease of attendanue over the ïncroase in nuiuber of scholars, which is a most favorable feature. There is a iratiíying reduction of district school tax froui laat yoar, and a reductiou of almost six per cent in the bondcd indebtedness. These figures are the ouly complete ones yet publi&hed. Nuuiber of towns and cities in the State 1,004, being 00 more than the previous year ; nuuiber of townships and cities trom wbich reporta were received, 1,030. Number of school districts 5,917, being 113 more. Number of children between 5 and '20 years of age 409,444, being 9,636 more, and showing a probable increase of the total population of the Ktate (on a basis of estímate which has herototoie proved 8urpriingly correct) of 29,000. Nuuiber of children who attended schools during the year 357,1. 9, buing 12,043 more; percentage of attendance .76. Average time of schools kept 7 and 4 10 inonths, au increase of 1-10 of a tnonth ; average number of inonths for graded and high schools 9 and 7-10 inonths. Number of ungraded schools 5,052, being 119 more; number of graded schools 290, being 8 less. Number of visits to the schools by directora 15,939, being 890 moru ; number of visits by township superiutendents 11,915, being 1,157 more. Nuiubor of male teachers 3,781, beiug lí.'j:) moro ; of t'oinivio teaohers 8,920, beiug UO lean; total 1U.0Ü1. Jíuinber of montan tauglit by males 17,20ó, being 1,003 inoro; number of months tnught by female 43,886, being 81 more ; total number ot' montlis taught 81,181. Average wage of mulé teachers per muntli $42.54, being $') 96 loss ; averago wages ot teníalas pur moni li '27.40, beiug 83 cents loss. Total wtigos ot' malo teachers $735,872. 9 ; total wagos ot fuñíale teachers $1,205,464.97 ; total wages of male and témale teachers #1,941,337.08. Number of frame school hoiises 4,683, being 106 more; number of brick school hou-ics 780, being 35 more ; numbor of log school-houBOS 534, being " more; number of átono school-housos SI, being 1 more; total number of sehool-liouses 6,078, bbing 147 more; niunber of sittings in school-houses -1.5 1 ,707, being ."),()!) more. Kstimated valué of school-housos añil sites ,9,l.J0,680, being 197,414 less. Numbor of volumes in district librarieB 157,99(5, being 16,518 moni ; number of volumes in township libraries 64,099, being 8,224 more ; number of volumes in both district and townslii libraries '221,230, being 23,877 more. Number of private and select schools 181, beiug 925 more. Number of meetings of township inspectora 1,723, being 41 more; amount paid or due for inspector' services $(5,009.61 ; amount paid or due township superiutendents for services $17,532.39. Number of ohildren on which primary 9chool raoney was apportioned 458,536, being 10,508 more. Amount of primary school money apportioned for the year $211,05.").56. Amount received from district tax $2,217,960 99, being $13,158.56 less. Amount rect'ived from two-mill tax $49-', 146.94, being $20,742 38 less. Tuition money from non resident pupil $34,590.06, being $S7(i 90 loss. Amount received from other sources $187,061.77. Amount due the districts $229,420 96. Amount on hand at beginning of the year $601,938.79. Total resources for the year $3,792,121.59, being $275,680.99 less. Amount expended for teachers' wagea for the year $1,934,960.80. Amount expended for buildings and repairs $317,842.13, being $133,584 36 less. Amount paid on honded indebtedness $385,613.51, beiiifi $15,833 31 more. A ni .mu expended for otliei pnvposes $533,339 62. Total expyndituip for tlie yenr l!,792.121 59, being $334,161 9( more. Amouut on hand at the close of the year $611,409.72. Bonded indebtednesx of the districts $1,484,524.67, being $4,0.V.I 78 leas. Total indebtedness of tüe districls $1,(09,67S.16.


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