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SE! IE MACHINES! BUY THE SINCER The best and most popular machine in tbe world - .'30(),000 sold iu a single year, after being on th market ovor twenty-five years. Beware of Imitations To secure the genuine buy of 1. L. Grinnell, th authorized agent for Wnshtenaw Couoty. Jt i ouly a question of time, nnd not much time eithei when the inajority of the wild oat machines wil not bí built, thtiu the warrant ol cuttlroat dea] era wül bo of little avail. To buy a necond clflea machine on a third elaan warrant for five yeara i poor polícy when euch a imicliiue na the Singer caí be luid at a reasonable price. I keep genuine part for the Singer, best"Oil Needíes, Plaiters for dreas Tnakers- "óc to $1.3L I iucolu's fringing machine, und have a lurge num bor o f second-hand machines. Second-haud Sinter, 120 to $30. Seeond-hand Howe, $12 to $15. Su'ond-huod A merican, Grover & Baker, Wheel Er & Wilout and otneis, $1 to $10. fc#f Sewing Machines repaired anc caretully adjusted. I. L. CRINNELL. NO. 17 SOUTH MAIN STREET, I.Miii Fimt tVutlaual Bank. TDINSEY & SKAHOIT'S BAKÊRY, GKCCKRY -A.ND - ÍLOUR & FKKI) STOKK. We keep constantly on nand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC., FOR WHOLESALE and KKTAIL TUADE. We uhall hIbü keep n aupply of ik:i_íHI plour, . M. SWIFT & CO'8 BEST WHITE WHEAT FLOUR, KVtí KLOUR, BCJCKWWHKAÏ FLOUlt, CORN MKAL, FEED, &c, &o. At wholeüile mrt retail. A general stock of GROCERICS AND PROVISIONS onatantly on haod, whioJi will be 8old on as reaonable termi aa at uny other house in thip city. Cah paid for Butter, Üggs, and Country l'rotji'i- gtmerally. B3T" roixU lii-iivt'i'i' i -o any pjt of the city with ut extra chargp, RIN8EY & SIIABOM. A tin Arbor, Jan. 1, I87i. lfL4 mum mm. Capital, - - $:i.(M)(),0()0. Assats Jan 1, 1876, $6,792,649.98. Loases Paid in 55 Years, $44,760,391.71. urplus over all Liabilities, including Re-Iusuranco Reserve, $4,735,092.86. Vot Surplus ovor Liahilities, including ' Ra-Insuriinoe and Capital Stock, $1,735,092.86. MACK, Airent, A n ii Arbor, D. CRAMEE, Alturncy nul ('otuiselor at l,;n . Will attend to collections and settlement-s of rs. Makes it a speuialty to keep poBted on f 1 buaineas niatttrs. Will borrow o r loan money any time or buy ffood paper. Otfice opposite regory Uuuue, Ann Arbor, Mivh. 100T dm


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