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FACTg SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES Vshton's Salt SOLD AT NEW YORK, ACKs 1876 - - 96,17c 1877 - - 6O.O0C Decreasc, 37 per cent HIGGIN'S SALT SOLD AT NEW YOKK, SACKS. 1876 - 5,950 1877 - 32,800 Inerease, üöO per cent. TUe i o 1 1 o w i ii ir Uxtract, f rom I nu mil 'Jrilli ui.-N. re reapceth; sui. mui, -.i : ' "uli Aflora long and vari! ekpetlencelnáelliKL iliili'ient briiinls i' Liverpool Fine Salt, weutn viiiffil that Dairy use there never buiig brand ort'ered for sale tiual tu Higgin' Mtnlal brand. In purity and., celled by none, whlle lu grain aml tatuci,. tainly has oever been equaled. V )i our uuijiKililh'l opinión of Lts superi for uil uoée in the dairy. XODD S CQ J.P.4G.C.BÖBKJÖ Impnrters and dealen USft Wen Vurk, Dee, i:i, IS77, Our beat dairymen here think the "Eureb'' ahead of anytbin tbey ever used, and fonun& after aubmittiug to variuus dairymen ainl tívfavorable opinions, cannot see where it eau Vv LiTi'd. I don't iliitik the saltean ponfbfyhfe tered fordalry use. CHAS. HABLR (■rand Gorge, N. V., Xov. l'j, 1877. We have had but one kind oí thy Salt, and üi: is the " Eureka." We liku it very lnub,iai and expect a large trade for it auother season f, don't know as we uld Migc-si any impnmaai in the Salt - it seems to be about perfect. !■;. i)i:i..AN imi.i.saii.. i ooperetown, N. Y. The Higgin'a Salt has ifiven genera! ia We woold like to continue the agency (Sigwd, Deposit, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1S78. FORDiPBUt We thiuk the sales of Higgin's " Eureka" Bnjj in Boston will exceed the sale of Ashton's. Ia ean order lOOMCkfl from Liverpool atonce, (Slgned) BIUGUfi & DAV1 Boaion, Feb. 11. 1878. 1 take Kreut pleasure in rtjtoiiiuu'iidinff lodwikrand dairymi'ii SÏggia't '■ Kurcka " Salt, beliniie it to posooAfl all the qafllitiea necessar for the iiiü . ufacture of a trii-tly tiue article of butter. Uu, handled seveval thousaml packagee ih Dairy and Fan. y Creamery Butler sltel ;ili Higgin'a Salt, uid not lound a singlt iistiuiwhen it failed to give satlafaction (Signel) New York, Feb. 13, 178. I. 8, During the last yt-ar, I solif a car-load of Higgio'; lrie Medal Salt, and in qo case vas thi r.iiupiaiut, but ou the coutrary dairyinen mH roiue in and cali lor the lll,'gins. saying thej.Mc ferred it to Ashton's. "Kurcka splendid. (Sigmed) BTSPIIEN D. FBEEB. ("rilaivl, N V.. Feb. IS, I8J8. Wo are nmv gupplying (fouic iiine 'T mi Citunierica wltii the "Eureka" Brand oí Uigtfa'i and we, as welt aa tbc propriclore,re more lian satislied that iT is purcvl iiiui l-t s.i QQVli I the inarkct. It needa no roLUiigand ii ogbefcn I using, asthe Biggln'i Priae Medal nd aiuju' I bnnd have lnj qjotie, aiid it is i-min-k tm i pan-acales ánd o&or impurilies. Elgin, 111., Jan. 19, 1878. -MAN-N , SHKBWIX Itwwith plcfiMirr that ui recommem] Higgine & Cos Pnjte Mpdal Sall tor tlw maijiiiaiture oí' Itutier and Cheeseand considerit ato( way ahead of the irt xöfk Dairy, or Asitoei sialt, as il gives a botter Havor lo Batiez mi Cheft and adib to tbs kjMpipg quftliüúB ui' the saiut. V. A. BOIK8 I ■■ Mareng, M.1{.miv i V, 111., Dcc. 7, 1S77jlaviiig used sereral Qiflrèni Itramisof ssltii the msDufaetun of Bitter and ( hi ese, un ni that Biggin'a ú superior i" any Dther braod 'Ah'c nsiil. Uave aèo ( j.i in mir 1'uclorj-. J. 1'. ROCEBOEQJUUH. ■ ...ï.v.i, III., Dec. 17, 177. ■'il, 'u iu ciTtiiy that the all usod in l facture of the Butter rbich drew Ihe Snrt pi uu Crraniery limier at üie Korthwestern meo's AsBOciatioo Fair, at Chicago, Ui open to thé cbliipetltioii of the irorld, iras 'ïfli Prixe Medal .uIl.' " U. E. W0O1 Hamley, "TliLs is t certify that the Sall iised i" '■!' : bcture of üuiter whlbh Jivm tlie Iiii 1" ou Dairy liuttcr ut th: N'urlhwestMU ntiiji Assouiation Fair, at Chicago, Deceurbei the CODipetition (.f world, wa ' Hij Medal s„it." BOOÏB BB0& Sttlciu, Wis. Hlggin's Prizc MedaJ Balt husglreD in, fnctiuu tlnui any salt uvur soki by us. I pleased wiili ii. Tlit "Eureka" i liigUf ""■ meiided, being alruady for use. DAUHAua A I IIIÏI.m: Detrojl), ilkh., San. 1", 1877. We have feeeí ved your eaaale of Higgi rek" Salt.aml i r.i'lrr it splèndid. Wel" und JÚggin'8 Piüe Medal duriug km -u"'""' and fall, and t:an say we have ao t;tnlt to Iftlfw it. Hik ih-w brand, the " Ktnvka, " ihint w1 be belU'r, becauso it will save ua the tnnible of s"1 iug. Sereafter aeod us the " Eureka." VftB" usfil tlio Higgiu's Sall in uinc creameriWiM'" has given jíikkI satisiactiíjn. BBAHAN, HORK a VVABSEE.' Elyjbra, Ohio, Jan. 12. In regard t Higgin's "Eureka" Salt, ■ it Ia all tbat is claimed ior it, and is apireciais' ' ,ill ii. When i'ully lotrodticed lo c W"1 the Iemand will largel; Ineraand, HKCOli, BEROAM A ' "■ Toledo, ülii., Jan. II, 1S78. usihI nndsold yourEiggin's 1' Salt, Tfé take pleasure in recoiumending it ;l' ■c-i salt we have ever handled. Wethin rcka"cannot be excclled. IRA M. I'.W 'ISai1'1Mtlwaukee, Jan. 22, 1878. We have used the Higgiu's Trie Medal Saic fme yt'ar, and we are cóhvinced it is the Im-i Kil hereis ior Butter or Cheese, and consiJtir it 'ur ih.'a.l of the A-shton Salt, or New York i).iil)s"' We have a Dairy of titiy : -. Marengo, Dtc 7,1877. MILLS BB" 3Tou aak hou i likr Hlggin'8 " l'an-k.i" L iisw.t, ii is ju-i the thing, and suiti uur tint'llIirs erfectly. I consider it tutter than Aaht'" - ii. 'i ngoódáa brmêrly. Tbc "Eureka rnin pan-scalea; .Vsliion's is not. Iexpectto arge qua ntitiee Of the Higgin'e the coming si"1' t is jnsi r i onough, and sifted uoi ir butler. II. BBD8B. Klyiia, Ohio, Jan. 1, 1-... The Qiggin'a "Eureka" Prize Medal Sall i"" plendld saUafaction to our rjaiiymen, aml WL' sr' Hing it also lor table use, tor which it is eq1 " ny Balt we kru.w of. No one n ïinil aoyö"" iih it. EINSEY .i 8EA.BOI.T' Ann Arbor, MIch., Jan. 15, Ists, U.K.&F.B.Thurber&Co. I2VCIiOJ={.a?E3RS, ITew Voris878w4 7or sale by Kinsey & Seal1'1 ANN ARBOR.


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