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- The muil has disappeured rapklh fora day or two. - Thenow Council held its first meeting last e veiling. -1,500 persons were ied by the ladies at the Reform Club rooms on Moiiday last. - Unitarian Churoh, April 7, subject of evening lecture, ' Unitarianism in New JSugland (Boston Unitarianisrn)." - Dr. Douglas has ñled an appeal bond, and unless he chauges his mind the iaboratory suit will go to the Supreme Court. -Philip Baoh is now in New York, and as Phil. means business look out for rare attraetions at Bach & Abel's in a few days. - Contractor Sweot set his men to wolk yesterday on Mam streot, - scraping off the umd and usiug it to fill up the square with. - Duriug the recent vacation l'rot. B. E. Nichols, of the High School, gave instruction iu book-keeping ín the Normal School at Ypsilanti : - The report of the First National Bank of Ypsilanti, for March 15, showed a depoait account of $178, 257. OG, with loans and discounts of Í167.917.92. - Edward A. Hyde, confinad iu jail charyed with an attempt to murder S. P Jewett, has heen detected in makiug keys with which to effect an escape. - C. Mack has gone to New York to purchase Spring goods, and Mack & Schmid will aoou offer to their customers, aud the public, a large aud choice stock. - The anuual meeting of the Fire Department, for the election of officers, will be hold at Firemen's Hall to-morrow (Saturday) afternoon at 2 o'ciock. -At the regular meetnig of the Aun Arbor Scientific Association to be hald to-morrow eveuing new officers will be eleoted aud a paper will be read by Víctor C. Vaughn on " How we poison ourselves." - The animal exhibitiou ot the Manchester Union School took place last Friday eveuing, and was m every way a success. The net proceeds were about $64, wlnch will le applied to the purchase of apparatus, ets. -Work was resumed on the new Court House on Monday last. The columus, caps.&c, of north frout pórtico have beeu put in place and make a fine show. Yeste:day the inasons commenced laying the pressed brick. W. B. Conely, of Detroit, has just completed a portrait oí Biv. Dr. Cocker, of this city, wtiich is excellent both as a likeness and a work of art. The position is good, the features and expressiou truthlul, and color well luid on. Mr. Conely hits cert;unly done himself credit. - The Manchester Enterprise: " We are pleased to learn that the School Board have secured the services of Prof. J. R. Miller, for another year. He has given entire satisfaction as a teacher and superintendent, and we congratúlate the Board and the unios district on their good fortune." - Charlie and Jim Colé - sous of James M. Cole - aged about 1 j auil 1 yeara, went boating; ou the pond on Wednesday. Their boat got into the curreut au i weut over the dam. The younger boy jumped froni the boat before tlieplunge, caught tke single foot-bridge plank, and hunj; in the water, m iktng chin-music like a good fellow, until relieved. The older bov miased the plank and went into the water and over the dam, but fortunately escaped ilijury. M- ■ - ' -The Anu Albor Medical and Surgicul Society held lts regular meeting last Tuesday eveuing, and alter sume pielimmtiry business v;s entertaiued by a paper froin Dr. Dunster on "Development of Monsters." The Dr. handled his subject vvith even more than his usual skill, displayiug thoroogh and accurate knowledge ot all its details, and presenting theni in so vt'ry interastiilg : nimmer that 110 one thought to stop him when the 30 minutes, the time nüotted to a pnper. vvus exhausted, 8O he went on tor au hour fonjef uid the timo seeined short to all present. The Dr. poiuted out the errors ia the popu lar belief regarding the conceptiou und lurtiutiou of monsters, coimucing all that they re uau.sod merely by anested development and ai-e not the progeuy of the Devil. Human monsters never (as is often written and commouly believed) have any relation to the lower animáis, but both párente are always human. These uufortuuately favored beings are formed acoording to Iaw8 as fixed and uuchaugeable as the laws of gravity. A few of these laws the Dr. inontioned and verified uot only from the large uuiüber of specimens he had on exhibition, but from every well authenticüted case on record by drawings whioh were passed around : doublé monsters are always of one sex, either both male or both female, but are most commonly female; the union is always' of like parts to like parts, bone to bone, vcssel to vessel, nerve to nerve, and the viscera are always transpoaed on one half or sule of thesa conipound beiugs. One feature tha Dr. said he could not account for was the marked difference in temperament displayed in doublé monsters. After a short discussion on the papar and some other business, it was decided that at the next meeting five deleates should be elected to attent] the animal meeting of the American Medical Association to behelü at liuffalo ; and a paper would be presented by Dr. Maclean on " Surgery as it was and is,"


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