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-So far as our observatiou extended the saloons were generally closed on election day, -the keepers were certainly busy at the bbveral polls and at their close rnanifested considerable jubilation over the defeat of Bower. Democratie randiJate for Recorder. -Last year Frueauff beat Granger by a majunty of 87, and this year ' dranger beat Mr. Manon by 110 majoiity. - ïhe secret of Granger's succesa: a warm partisan of Dr. Rose sud to us on Monday eveuiug (thoughtlessly, we presume), "the Methodists gave Granger a large vote to-day," and then in response to our " we don't kuow about that," added, " O, yab they did, because he has taken suoh a decidud stand in the RoseUouglas matter." Query : Is Granger attorney for the University, lor the tour Regenta, or lor Rose P - Judgiug from the quantity of peanut shucks which literally covered the sidewalk in front of Mayor Smith's residence on ïuesday mormng " the boys " must have been treated i a princely fashion. - lix-Alderman Jerry Teek says that a few vaars ago he was the only Democratie uiember of the Council, and that he is now oue-tunth the Democratie party ot the Third ward, -ten lieing the uumber ot straight Democratie votes lied in that ward on Monday. - Last year the Comrnon Couucil stood 8 l'epublicaus and 0 Demócrata. The new Couiiüil stands 10 Republicana and 4 Demócrata : which raay be taken aa indoisemunt o! tbe Hayes administration. -The followiug is the Repulilican üity Uomnutteea tor the eusueing year : Messra H. R. HUI, A. M. Doty, Chiiatian Schneider, J. ü. Bi"ks, and W. E. Walker. - On the flret ballot for Mayor in the Repubhean City Conventiou on Saturdajr. last 'uilge Lawrence led the contestauts, hut John positively withdrew his name. -The tollowing are the ofneera of the Scio National or Grreenback Club : l'resident, John foarkin ; Vice-President, William Warner ; Soretatty, C. C. Tuomey ; Treasurer, W. I. Keal : half Demócrata and half Republicans. -The Board of County Canvassers will 'neet next Tuosjay to canvass the returns of yotes on the constitutional amendinenta. -Justice McMahon, defoated by B. F. üranünr ou Muiidey last, lays his haud upon his breast ana saya, " You see here tho (hst corpse of the K jso-üjugltts cas e."


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