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- Atljourued session of the Board ot Kageuts next YVednesday evening. - ■ At a late ineetiug ot the Chronicle Association VV. H Butts, ot this city, and Ularence Unggs, of Ottawa, III., were elected editors, vice the two who fled at the sight of a woman editor. - Mrs. Adelaide Lawitt, of this city, who graduated irom the Department of Medicine and Surgery last week, has been appointed phyaician of the Woman's Hospital, Detroit. - Secretary Bennett, of the Board of Regents, evidently made a mistake la calling the roll during the dead-lock. He should have called : Regent Rynd, Regent Beal (Climie, Maltz, and Duffield being only pegs for Beul to move at pleasure), and aaved hisfwind. - The Free Press, the Post and Tribune, the Evening News, and a nuniber of prominent jouruals of the interior have united in coudemnmg the attempt of the four Beal-Regeuts to discharge the decree against Rose and Beal and to appoint Dr. Rose to au assistant professorsliip. We have not space for the commente on the situation, nor desire to lumber up our columns with further discussion of the subject at this time. Mature reflectlou has only strengtheued our convictions that these Regents attempted, so f ar as the decree is coucerned, an act without warrant or authority, an act which the courts of the State will not permit them to accümplish, - either nou or at a future time. And as the Legislature cauuot reverse a decroe of a court we do not see what that body can do for Beal, though we concede it may, to gratif y him, puuish the Uuiversity by witliholding appropnatious. This is the question the triends of the Uuiversity will have to meet.


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