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Since our last report tlie Circuit Court, Jmlge Huiitington presidmg, has made dispositioii of oases as Iollow9 : CRIMINAL. I'eople vb. Cornelius Oreen and Eliner Haviland ; burglary ; arraigned, plead guilty, and senteuced to State Pnson for tive years each. People vs. Thos. Bains ; larceny; arraigned, plead guilty, and sentenced to county jail for sixty da-ys. People vs. Win. French attempted araon ; verdict " guilty," with recommendation to mercy ; sentenced to State Prison for orn year. People vs. Isaac Horton ; selliug liquor to habitual druukard ; nolle pros, entered by Prosecuting Attorney. People vs. Wm. Hendersou ; arson ; verdict " not guilty." People vs. Peter Leonard ; verdict " uot guilty." People vs. G. George Gates ; embezzlement verdict " not guilty." People vs. John S. Earl ; lareeny ; verdict " not guilty." People vs. Margaret Flynn ; larceny ; case continued. People vs. Wm. A. Lovejoy ; embezzlement; case continued. People vs. Wm. Morrison ; assault and battery : defendaut admitted to bail in the sum of $100, with John Smith as surety. People vs. Charles Karcher : assault and battery ; defendaut admitted to bail in the sum of $200, with L. Gruuer as surety. JUEY TRIALS. Margaret Cole vs. James Hutchinson ; verdict for plaintiff for $20 ; 30 days granted defeudant to enter motion for new trial. Edward Ryan vs. John C. Lutz ; verdict for plaiutiff for $15 ; final judgment entered for verdict. Adrtisou Fletcher vs. David Babcock ; verdict for plaintiff for $594.00 ; final judgment entered for verdict. Peter Schwerhout vs. M. C. R. R. Co.; verdict " no cause of action ;" judgment entered against plaintiff for costs. CHANCKRY CASES. George S. Brush vs. Andrew and Emma Ten Brook ; decree of foreclosuie granted for 4,343.30. Arthur S. Polhemus vs. Delevan E. Doane and John Bluni ; decree of foreclosure grantei for 1,37.83. Silas H. Douglas vs. James McMahon ; deerne of foreclosure granted for $5,172.02. Carlisle P. McKiustry w. Laura J. McKiustry ; decree of divorce granted. Christian Mack and Fredenck Schmid vs. Margaret Conway ; decree oí foreclosure granted for $465.21. George Wardle vs. Mary A. Wardle ; decree of divorce granted. Sarah Crouibie vs. Peter Crombie ; application for divorce ; decree denied without further showlng. Jane Smith vs. Altha Merrithew and Conrad Newman ; decree of foreclosure granted against Merrithew ; liill dismissed as to Newmati. Audrew Miller vs. Jeremiah ü'Brien ; decree granted for $208.23. Michael Laubengayer vs. Eugene Oesterlin ; writ ot assistance granted. In the matter of the petition of Lucy MNowland, a minor, for license to sell her real estáte ; license granted. MISCELLANEOUS. Upon application John Jacob Mayer was admitted to citizenshïp. Upon apphcation John R. Jayue was adinitted to eitizenship. John Q. Self vs. Luther E. McGee ; new trial deitied ; 30 days granted tu prepare and file hill of exceptious. Mary O. Gladwiu ts. Theodore Taylor et al.; ordered that case he discontinued ts to deieiidant Albert utherland. Benjamin V. iMort.on vs. Juhn (}. Orane ; time exteaded tu tirst d;iy oi next term to settle special iiinlin oí íauts, aml that proceedinfffl be st.tyed dunn the meantitne. Güuie Starr, adtmuistrator of the estáte of George títoehr, deoeased, vs. Johu Paul; judgment entered on defanlt. Louise Fostcr vs Win. A. Benedict; jud;meut on (ieiault tor $812.50. lu the matter of the nppeal of Abraham and Janette JVIUlage from thu decisión oí the Judjje of Probate, admittm to probate the last will and testament of Wm. Dtllon, deceased ; motion to set aside judgment of non-suit ; oiotion allowed.


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