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In Memory Of Dr. Sager

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At a meeting of the Washtenaw County Medical Society held on Friday laat, -the first meeting held since the death of Dr. Sager,- the followiiig resolutions were reported by the Committee cm Necrology and adopted by the aociety : ■ Whkrkas, Death has removed from aniong: usDr. Abram öager, one ol' the founders and most earnest aud devoted supporters of this society, an hoaored citizen wliose CuStingulshed services rendered to tin State in variou-s public capacities for a pertod of forty years - a me muer of the medical faeulty uf the Üiuverrity, and conttftuiag in lts service for a quarter uf a century, and Whhhkas, By his death this society, in common wiih the professioa at large, suffers the loss of au eminent meinber and co-worker celebrated for his scientifie and professional attaiuments as well as his varieil aunuiDunents in alldepartmentsof learning, and for bis ripe judgment and skill in the application of medical science, an unpreteutiuus suliolar, who studied wbile he worked, a falthful jirnctitioner trusted by the suifering, nonorcd by hia professional bretliren who sougbt his counsel, esteemed his conrtefty and kinduess, admirad hia conseientious and couraeous adherence to principie and duty, in all professional relations a physiciau wlio devoted his energles, with rare self sacrifice, to the advancement of a proíession made mure noble and honorable by his life. Resolved, That with the friends of medicine and scieuce we mouru our common loss, and unite in tendering our hearty sympatMes to the family of Dr. Sager. Resolved, That the Secretary be instructed to send to the family a copy of these resolutious, and to fiiruish a eopy to the city papers. W. F. BBEAKEY, ) A.F. KINXE, Cunirnittee. EDWARÜ BA'PWELL,) P. B. Rose, Secretary pro tem.