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TutSDAY, March 26.- Sexate.- The Senatc paseed, without amendment, the House bill cxtending the tliue for the paynient of Ihe tax ou whisky in bond... Mr. Merrimon roada a long speech on the Pacific Railroad Funding biil The Judiciary Co;mxiittee reportcd a bill for the üXHsecUate repeal of the Baakrupt ■;i aliöwing all pending proceedings to goon to their conclusión, o il' the law reniained in force. ....Ou motïon üf Mr. Hiaine, the correnpondenco bctweeu thr1 American and British Governments in rrgard to the appointment of M. Delfosse on the Halifax Coiiir.ïiï-Mon WAB referred to Üie Foreigo IlMationp Coamiittee. SIr. B'aine made a speech, in which he again declared that th' award was an unjuet oue, and ought not to be paid. Hotjse. - Fernando Wood, on bthalf of the Waje and Mt'aiis (iommittee, reportod the Tariff bill to the House. It waB referred to ihe comoiitten of tho whole. A r?olutfon was adoptcti inaking the bill the special order for Apnl if and f rom day to day uut il disponed of. ... Mr. Atbin-s, Chai nu an oí' the Appropriations Committee. reporte d the Legiajative, Êxfcalive and Judicial Appropriation bill The Iloue ordered tho printiüg of 300,01 0 copies of the report of the CommiseioLcr of Agrlculture, and 25,000 copies of the report of the Foreatry i.'ommission. Wednjesdaï, March 27.- Senate.- Mr. Kernan introduccda bill granting pengiocs to Tndians who werc in the service of the United States in the war of 1812 as pcoiUh, guides or warriora Mr. ''onk;ing introduced a bill appropriating $500, COU for the im pro vemen t of the tlarlnm river, between Iïanrtall'6 ialand and the Iludson river. ...Mr. Nill, of Oeorgift. addreesed the Senate in oppoftition to the Paciih: Iïaiiroad Sinking Fund bïil reported by liciary Committee The Consular and Diplomatic Appropriation bill was passed. ïiou.SK.- The bill to prevent the introduction of contagioua discaeos in the United Statea waa pasaed' It provideB for the establishment and eniorcer-ent of quarantiao by the Marine Hospital Service wherever they juay deena xt necesBary, to prevent the introduction of yellow icver or other con di.teaies into the porta of the country.... The House took up the ATa9sachut!etti contestedelecüon caBe, I)ean against Field, and, after debate, ü volé wai taken upon the minority reRoIution deolaring Field entitled to the ecat. Rosult - Yeas, 120; nayp, 119. The Speaker, on announcing the vote, caat Iris vote lu the negative, thus tyiug th vote and defcatiug the reeolution. Butler voted with tho Demócrata in the negativo, and the f olio wicg Demócrata with the Republicana in the aínruiaUrtriOge, Uerbcrt, Jone of A labama, Potter, lïta, Stenger, Walsh, Williams of Delawarc. and Cutler. Thcbsday, Marcli 28.- Senate.- Mr. Teller, from the Committee on Railroarl, reportcd, with an i amendmtnt, the Senatfl bill to incorpórate the National Pacific Railroad and Tclegraph Compauy, the object of wbich is to conKtruct and opérate a railroad and telegraph line from Ciieyenne to the Pací ñu owan, via Dr-ad wood, Fort Fettertnan and , Mout Mr. Katon introduced a bill to allow American registry to foreign-built ' teiB A bill was pasaed gracting a ' eion of $50 per month to fien. Janif s Shields, of Mifiaouri Mr. Baüey, of Tennessee, addreesed the Senato in tup ort of the Pacific Railroad Sinkiug Finid bill The Señale, in executive eeesion, conflrmed alargonnmbrr tf a p po int men ts, amongtlirm that of Gleuni W. Scoiield to bc Kcgister of the Trtaeury. Tho nomination of it ynolds, of Alabama, for First Auditor of the Treasurv was rejected. House.- The Massachuaetts (Third DlRtrict) conte8te4-eiection case was ftnally diposed of by tho MXoption A a reeolution uuscating Field (Repuhücan), ani dclaring Dean, tho Dcmrcratie contestant, entitlod tu the Btut. The vote stood 124 to 123. B F. Butler, c, Maesachuaettp, voted in the afirmativo with th'; Demócrata, and the iollowing D cratj votfd ;n ihn negativo wiin the Bepttbll i l : Cutler, ÏIr.rtr:1o, HeTbert, Henry, Potter, B -■, BteDger, Walsh. and Williamti of JMaware Mr. ! Han m depiied to rail up the report of the Í iiiiclte on Civü-Service Reform iu rf gard to the I case of Doorkf-eper Polk, but vas oppoKed by Mr. M who wlohed to take up an appropriation blll and, the q'iestion bfdng put, tfa ifPoiied- eat, 10" : niya, 123- to procecd tn the conslderation of the Polk oase. The aln-u.attvr votes w( prlncipaJly csat I)y RepublicanH, ai:d the i aíive by DemocratB. Fjüday, March 29.--3rNATE.Notin sesión, i HOUBE.- In the U jubc tfatt day Wu tïevoted to tho ptiv.ite ralndar, and the proceedltiti were of no in'i'i ■■■■■t to Urn generaj ppbiig Mr. Stcphcns introdaoed h bill to promotc the (íneral use of the ' net ie systenj. MüN]av( April 1. . StNATE lh: .Mitoh(:l!,from lbo Oonjuiittet1 oi V.uí:"i'ii(ii!. ríporwd a bíl! totxtvnd fot p.'gUt fr pg tbc I Xorthf ni Pacific rBi'roiul. Placed on tho calendar., Mr. Wiodom dlgsented frcui Ihe repoit, and introduced anrtlirr hill. Kof K'i oíí to thc Oommittoo on Railroade Tho bilí to regúlate the aílvertísing of mail lettings was paeeed Meesrs. Berk and Chrintiancy addrc&Bcd thc Sonate iu support of the Pacific Railroad FundiuK bill The Senute, in oxccutive seasJon, confirmed a mimber of appoiutments, and rejected the noiuiuation of Alex. Reed to bo Postmaeter at Toledo, Ohio. Ioitke.- Bills were iutroducod aud referred : By Mr. Stephons, for the linancial relief of the country, and to facilítate the return to sprcie paymentn without injuricmsly aflfpcting thc commercial busines8 of the jieople; by Mr. Mouey, to regúlate col tracts for carrying the maila; by Mr. Brlght, to prevf-nt the rediiction of the iiatiounl currenoy by fraudulently withdrawing legal-teuder notes froin oirculatlou; by Mr, Fnller, declarirg the waters of ttie Hot Springs of Arkaueas forever free to the pcople; by Mr. Williams, of Michigan, granting juristliction to tho Court of Claims upon thc claims of officern and soldiers of the late war; by Mr. Harriwon, to provide for a moro offlcient civil eervice in the United States Mr. Hartzcll intioduced a joint rcsolutlou proponing ao aniendment to the conetitution forbiddiiig tho asaumption or paynient of claims for loeseB growing out of tho destruction of property within the limita of the Staten engagcd iu tbo rebethon. Refrrred Mr. JJrrham reportad Vak from tho Committee on Appropriatioij the bill providing for temporary clorku in the Trea8ury Departuaeut, and for dettrring tr-fKpisnerR on public lands, recommending nonconcurrence in nearly a!I tho Scnatc amenduicniH.


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