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Frightful Double Tragedy

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A most horrible murder and suicide occurred recently at polnmbus, Ohio. Geo. Weineinan, aged 6t, and his son, Geo. "Weineman, nged 36, had been proprietors of the Columbus steam pipe works for some years. They were inventors and manufacturero of a patent steam pump, which has met with large sale and allowed both to accumulate modest fortunes. Somo montbs ago the oíd man bogan acüng queerly, accusing his son of acting unjustly with him. His son then went into business with another man, whicli srreatly displeased his f ather, who went to law about the ownership of the patent on the steam pump. A dissolution of partnership and a family qnarrel were the results. On the night of tl' e tragedy, as young Weinemau was going home with a friend, a shot was fired from a vaeai t frame building located near his house. Weineman threw up his hands, erying, "MyGod, I am shot," and died instantly. Jnst as he breathed his last, another shot was heard in the frame building, acjompanied by a scream. Upon going into the building the old man Weineman wss f ouud in a dying condition, with an empty double-barreled shot gun lying beside kim. His body presented a horrible appearance. His face was raaugled past all repognitioD, his head blown almost off, only the ragged edges of the skull j ing out; lus brains were f-ealtered over a j apace coveribg fifteen f eet; and one eye was found sticking in a rafter ten feet away. Iu order to keep the remainder of his head from f alling off it was necessary to wrap tho body up to ccnvey the body to his late residence. Au exainination of the son's body showed that iio had been strnck by two round piceos of brass, which had been cut wit'u a chisel from a half-iiich brass rod. One of these ciiunks of metal had passed through Jiis I heart, while the other, with the load of shot, had mutilntecl his chest and neck. The old man bad csidently thought well over his blooly work, as he was seen to enter the old building at 8 o'clóck in the rocruing, and was not seen after. He had pilcd up brieks and placed barréis on tbem, in order to alluw him to take aim out of a f mail wiudow. Both men wero well kuown in 1 usiness, and were first-class, ingenious workmen, with large families. The old man was evidently crazed by business troubles.


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