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Straw vases are the newest flowerholders. Nevek confide a secret to your relatives ; blood will teil. Tete Germana are making large additions to their war navy. The money that passes currentiu ballrooms - " Ladies chauge." A Geoboi.v paper reporta that there is a manifest increase of insanity in ttat State. The death of the Pope causod over a million pairs of black gloves to be sold in Paris. Eveby Saturday, fivo or six steamers leave New York for Europe, laden with breadstuffs. The use of the word loóse for lose is an abomtnation indeed, and is of exasperating freqiiency. The depreoiated Turkish paper money is valued at $2.60 against $1 gold; that of.Russia, at $1.60; of Austri?, $1.19; and of Italy, 81.11. Fob sending their children out to beg, a New York pair havo been sent to the penitentiary - the man for six months, the woman for three months. A Boston barbar employs fomale assistants, and tlie orowds outside his shop are so large that the pólice have to clear them away oocasionally. A French philanthropist has bequeatbed a reward amounting to $80,000, to be awarded by tho Fronoh Academy of Sciences to the discover of a curo for cholera. Massachtjsetts makes tea chests and sends them to China at a less cost than John Chinaman himself can mantifíicture them, and Maiae makes the orange boxes for Florida. Sns Edwaud Peel, ex-Chief Secretary for Ireland, said in the course of a recent debate on the Waste Lands bill that a fiíth of the country is still in a state of swamp. Kentucky puimhes vagrancy with involuntary servitude, and a negro offender was sold on the block at auction for six moaths to the highest bidder, in Hickman, the other day. Last year there were published ia EnglaDd'3,049 new books and 2,046 new editions, and 481 American publications were importod. As usual, theology Iead8, with 485 books bronght out - fiction, with 446, being second. The Smithsonian Institution has received f rom an aboriginal mound iu Florida a piece of gold rudely beaten into the form of a woodpecker's head - the flrst specimen in gold found among the remains of our prehistorie tribes. Twentt keven States ïiow receive from the United States Fish Commissioner fish eggs for hatchiug in their respective waters. About 4,000,000,000 eggs of C ilifornia salmón wero distributtid by the Commissioner last Oetober. A man was scared to death in Berryville, Mo. He was passing a graveyard at midnigbt, when two men sprpng from behind a monument and shouted at him. He ran home and went to bid, but was so nervous that he coul.1 not sleep, and before morning he died in convulsiona. In England and Wales there is one clergyman to 718 of the population; iii the United States there is ono to eaeh 879; in Russia there is a priest to each 323 of tbe population; in Franee there is one priest, monk or minister to 235 laymen; in Italy there is one to 143 of the people, and in Spain one to 5L AccoBDrNG to a new law in j ent, divorces can henceforth ouly be granted by reason of adultery, fraudulent contract, willful desertion for threo years, seven years' absence and not heard from, habitual iutemperance, intolerable cruelty, and imprisonineut for infamous crime in tho State prison. Cottojí-seed op manufacture is becoming a marked industry in the South. There are now soven large milis in New Orleans, and others at Baton Rouge, Shrevéport, Natchez, Vicksburg, Dallas, Memphis, Nashville, and even in St. Louis and Chicago. A ton of seed produces twenty gallons of oil, worth $3.50, while the refuso cake, worth $20 per ton, is valuable as feed for domestic animáis and for fertilizing land. The marriage of Míes lïothschild to a Ohiistian recalls the awfui snub her aunt, tbc wife of B iron Lionel de Botlisohild, gave to Mrs. Spencer Walpole, the rigid Episcopalian lady, who declined to stay to lunch because Cardinal Wisemim was there, and she could not think of breaking bread with a Popish priest. "You see, itiy dear," said the Jewish Baronesa, "I'mnota Christian, and so cannot be expected to enter into such feelings." Ax arrested " moonshiner" says there aro abont 200 illicit distilleries in Putnam county, Tenn., five beiug in a circuit of one-half müe. Every bushei of oom used produces an averag'O of two and a half gallons of whisky, and the price of corn in that locality seldotn reacties 50 cents a bushel, making the price of whisky less than 20 cents a gallon. It is generally sold at from $1 to $3 per gallon. The average prioes of domestic fleece wool in the United States from 1824 to 1861 were : Por fine, 53.3 cents; for medium, 42,4 cents, and for coarse, 34.5 cents. Average pnces for fonr years, 1861 to 1866 (during the war), were : For fine, 75.6 cents ; for medium, 71 cents; and for coarso, 70.7 cents. Average prices for eleven years, from 1866 to 1876 inclusive, were : For fine, 55 cents ; for medium, 53 cents, and for coarse, 48.2 cents. In September, 1864, 1.15 was paid for fine and me.lium grades.


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