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DRUOS. H. Á. Treiaine & Co. (8uccMBOrg to B. W. ELLIS & CO.) ANN ARBOR, MICH. A FIRST CLASS Drug Store. DRUGS AND DYE STUFFS, Patent Medicines, TOILET & PERFUMERY ARTICLE8 Fresoriptions Compoundod at All Hours. Cor. Main and Huron0 1564 D0EBIÑS7TtARCBT10LíSH' (HOW_pASH!NÈ) A GREAT DXSCOVE&T, By the ufc of wbïch every fainily may give tLeii Linón that polish peculiar to flne lawidry work, ht. íuíí time and labor in ironing more than its entire cot. Sold by grocers, or wilï bc vent, postag? paid on receipt of '2ö cente. DOBBXNS, BEO. é CO., 13 N. Fourth St , PhJladelphia. 7Si íí Me nesi Ziniment in the imrld, tnd will positively cure in almosl txtnj case. Prc'ee 2. 0 0 per bottle. JOHNSON, HOLLOWAY & CO, BVECIA L A GENTS, THE niLWACBEir MEDICAL & SÜR&ICAL IKSTITÜTE. Ertablished 18C7 and Chartcred by the State Lrejilfttnte lor the mprovedirt'atmcnc oí all Private and ChrdöiO Diseaaes mentioaed in this card. Just publihfd, Wïïï_ "THE SILENT FRIEND!" jrjJfmgML AconfldcniiftlAdviierfortheyounginl X:_J'W'Wy n,..J.JV aerU mI tw.ih ezo;oa ill Diimng ar C!l ot ft ïï'v'ate Nature, arigioftfrom mml Early Abuses or Intection, Scmintl Veak&css, and Loss of Manhood, and the best me&oi of cure; with vftluftblc advicc to the Marricd ar.d thote contt-mplating Marrinpc includinj: a treatise on Female Difloases, and Chronic Aflcctions of the Throat.Luns and ykin.Catarrli, Cáncer. Rupture, Piles, FistuU.tlie Opium Habit Ac. It contftint 260 lare pages a ml r. umcrouj eagravinjí. niaüod under ceal on receint otSOcls. A CLINICAL LECTTTRE on the above diwuci.uid the principie oí' medical practice in their trpatmen: Price 10 cti. Address, AttcndinR Fhyfician, Wo 435 "Water st.. MILWAUKEÏLWi Thit ia jtrohabhi the strongest, purest and brsf prcpara'ion of Iron knoicii. Ouc trial tvill convtoctPricc, $1.00 per bottle. JOHNSTON, HOLLOWAY & CO, Special Agcnts, PhitailctpliiaI DYSPEPSIA Perzaancntly cured iu Overy instance by the EAGLE DYSPEPSIA TROCHES, They will immediately correct a sour stoniach, check vomiting and heanburo; cure sickness or pain in the stomaol), costiveness, liver coiaplaint, headache, etc. Being pleasant, safe and harmless, are asure cure for Infanta suflering from weak stomach. Price, Thirty-Five Cents per Box. EARLYBIRD WORM POWDEB. At all times safe, reliable. strictly vegetable and tasteless. used by old and young with perfect safety.evrn vhen worms are not present. Kequires but one dose lo effect a cure. Price, 15 Cents per Package. Sold by all Dru&rgists. or sent by Mail, on receipt of Price. XEBJEKEIi & CO., Frop's. 12th ani Blnvrth Sis., PMaleljM, fa. _ PKICE, 36 CENTS. Jolmston, Iloiloway fc c'x Spociol Agjut, yhtlsd',


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